1 March 2015

cosy sunday night

lush shampoo bar cinnamon
the body shop body butter, lush hot toddy
No clogs allowed soap&glory
Benefit it's potent
Fleur De Force Glam Guide

Since coming to Uni and having my bathroom only one footstep away from my bed and having most of my skincare items pretty much in eyesight, I have started making myself a little Sunday night routine. During the week I can honestly never be bothered to put on a face mask or use more than one moisturiser, I do sometimes exfoliate but that's as fancy as it'll get. So when it comes to Sunday I want to pamper my skin and get ready for a week at Uni. 

The first product I use is my solid cinnamon shampoo bar from Lush. I don't use this very often simply because I don't want to use it up quickly, but when I use it I absolutely love it. I really like the subtle spicy scent and the way it just lathers up really quickly and with little product. When I get out the shower I always use a few pumps of my Kérastase hair oil which is my favourite hair oil that I've ever had. I received this mini version in a monthly subscription box and have fallen in love with it. It leaves my hair really soft and shiny and I'm honestly dreading the moment I run out of it!

To go with the spiciness of my shampoo bar, I use the Hot Toddy* shower gel which I got when I went to the Lush event in Portsmouth back in Autumn. Although we're coming closer to spring now, I love the cosy, wintery scent on the Sunday night when I just want to be cuddled up under my blanket. What I also love about this shower gel is that the scent actual stays on my skin and doesn't fade after I get out of the shower. To moisturise my body I use the Vanilla scented body butter from The Body Shop* which I got in the Glossybox a while ago. 

I currently use a coconut exfoliator from My little Box which Estelle kindly gave me as she didn't like it & knew that I loved coconut. When I rinsed that off, I follow up with my self heating facial mask from Soap & Glory No clogs allowed, the minty scent feels really refreshing and leaves my skin completely cleansed. 

As my face usually feels kind of tight after using this mask, I follow up with a moisturiser by L'Occitane which I also got from Estelle. I love the thickness of it, it makes my skin so so soft! And finally, I pop some of the Benefit* It's potent eye cream under my eyes to get rid of those dark circles. 

To finish off my Sunday night I usually make myself a cup of tea (I have really been liking the Apple crunch one from Twining's recently!), turn my fairy lights on and sit in bed with a book, currently Fleur de Force's Glam Guide which I have really been enjoying.

If you have any products that you like pampering yourself with, let me know in the comments below as I always love discovering new items! :) 

Conny x

26 February 2015


Image credits: Top: 1/2 Bottom: 1/2/3

Ever since watching the Burberry AW15 catwalk on Monday, I have been lusting after fringe detailed clothing and checked out various online shops for their high street versions of Burberry's gorgeous collection. While Burberry's items are obviously not for the SS15 season, the ones that I found from high street retailers are, so there are definitely differences colour wise. 

There are many items by Burberry that I genuinely do not like (such as their distinctive check pattern), I am just obsessed with their AW garments. I love the look of suede which is why I just adore the bag and the cape.

I don't think that I have ever owned anything fringe like, but after seeing all those gorgeous pieces I feel like I really want to experiment with this trend more in either the upcoming SS or AW season. 

What do you think about Burberrys collection? Will you be wearing the fringe trend? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Conny x

20 February 2015

The Glam Guide - is it worth buying?

fleur de force glam guide fleur de force glam guide illustration
Throughout the past year or so, many YouTubers have come out with their own books and while most of them didn’t really appeal to me as they either just weren’t targeted at me or didn’t interest me, FleurDeForce's book was something that I new I would want to pick up from the beginning. Fleur seems to me as the kind of person that actually knows what she is talking about in her videos and she puts a lot of effort and love into her content. In her Vlogs she always talked about the stages her book is currently in, what chapter she is currently working on and how she structers her writing process.

One thing I initially loved about ’The Glam Guide’ is its appearance, the matte and glossy finish just looks so chic. As in most other books, it starts off with a brief introduction where Fleur explains how she got into making videos and what she wants to cover in this book.

The first chapter is about beauty and teaches you knowledge from brushes, over the colour wheel (which I found really interesting!) to the difference between toners, make up removers and cleansers; a mystery that has finally been solved for me! A little bit further back there is a chapter dedicated to YouTube and Blogging, where Fleur talks about her camera set up, something that I found really interesting as I didn’t know that most YouTubers actually use 3 softboxes to create the perfect set up.

Besides the content, I was just impressed with the stunning Illustrations by Sally Faye Cotterill. I have been obsessed with Illustrations lately and admire everyone who is able to make them, definitely something I want to learn at some point in my life!

Overall I am really pleased with this book and although areas like creating a smokey eye don’t really interest me a lot, I found the majority of the book very relevant and it tought me a lot! (Plus there’s some super cute pictures of Piglet in there!) I definitely think that this book is worth buying if you want to gain some general knowledge in the health/fashion/beauty/blogging areas! If you do want to purchase the book I advise you to buy it in ASDA as it’s about £7 cheaper than in Waterstones, I wish I had known that before I bought it :)

Conny x

14 February 2015

A brand new layout!

Hi everyone!

My previous blog design has been annoying me for a while now, there was nothing special about it, it was just a mediocre banner on the top but nothing too fancy elsewhere. So last night I attempted to create a new logo but as I am neither a graphic designer nor a web designer, this didn't go down very well so I went over to etsy and looked for some affordable blogger templates. I then found a Brighton based designer called Kotryna Bass and fell in love with her simple but still stunning designs, so I ordered one. 

I have been debating whether to buy a template for months now, but never really felt like spending the usual £40 for it, so when I saw that her's are only £15, I spontaneously decided to get one. I always felt like that designing your own layout is part of blogging and I still support that opinion, but only to an extent. More and more bloggers seem to add pre-made or custom templates to their blogs so I felt that it was okay if I did so too. At one point in my life I definitely want to learn more about graphics and image editing etc. so I could eventually do my own layout, but for the time being I just have to accept that I simply cannot realise what I have in my mind.

Anyway, I hope you all love the new layout as much as I do, it's so sleek and simple and I just adore it! I did have to adjust some things myself, so if you do find a bug, please let me know so I can try and fix it! I have also updated the 'About me' page if you fancy to take a look :)

Have a lovely day xx

12 February 2015

My little Frenchie Box

'My little Box' - time is probably my favourite time of the month, as I've probably mentioned before, it makes me feel like it's Christmas all over again! Before receiving this months box, I had already seen the content in Alix's vlog, but by the time it actually arrived, I had forgotten half of it so it wasn't that much of a big deal. I am not sure how the title 'my little frenchie box' actually relates to the content, but I am glad that it wasn't a Valentines day themed box as that's what I originally expected. 

The first thing that I spotted was the magazine that always comes with the box, it's filled with product informations, tips for your stay in Paris and an Interview with Lois Lillian, a YouTuber with an amazing style! I find it great, that the My little Paris team puts a spotlight on smaller YouTubers, too.

This months box includes a lightweight primer that is supposed to brighten your complexion and it comes in the most gorgeous packaging ever! I don't usually use a primer because I dread the moment where I am going to run out of my Benefit one, so I tend to just reach for it on nights out or special occasions, but now that I have two options I might reach for my new one more often.

The little pot of messages is filled with 28 encouraging quotes, it takes everything in me not to open them all at once, but I will give my best to only open them when I feel like I actually need a pick me up. The little notes come on blue, white and red paper so I guess that's where the 'Frenchie' theme comes in. 

The item that I think I'll get the least use out of is the phone case, I tend to always have my phone in my pocket of my jacket, but it might be a cute pocket for receipts or little cards that I pick up on the go; I'm sure I am going to find a purpose for it. 

Before ordering the box you can fill out an optional questionnaire about your skin type, complexion etc. which was definitely useful for the L'oreal Brow Artist Plumper that came in light. My eyebrows are very sparse and light, so whenever a product comes in a dark shade (which unpersonalised boxes usually do) I probably won't be able to use it. I used to own the Benefit Gimme Brow eyebrow filler, but since I ran out of it I didn't feel like spending such a huge amount of money on a tiny product again, so I'm very happy about the L'oreal gel and can't wait to use it!

Another product that I might not get a lot of use out of is the Crayon Kohl Terrybly by Terry. I have heard about Terry before but I honestly have never researched any of their products in particular, so I am excited to try it, but I find pencil eyeliners kind of hard to apply and they usually smudge on my eyelids very easily. Also, I do not like the packaging at all I think the silver cover and the engravings on the actual pencil make it look kind of tacky. (It was a nightmare to photograph as well haha!)

The last product in this months box was a set of DHC oil blotting paper. It is made out of natural fibres and claims to be more effective than synthetic blotting paper. I have never tried any products similar to this one before, so I won't have anything to compare it to, but I'm very excited to see whether it actually works as it would be great to take with you when you don't have the chance to redo your make up.

The worth of this months box is about 65€, so you definitely get a great choice of products for the amount that you actually pay. Once again, although there are 2 products that I will probably not get much use out of, I am absolutely happy with the content of the box and can't wait to try everything!

Let me know what you think of the products, or if you have tried any of them! :) xx

31 January 2015

Blogger Lunch @ Turtle Bay

Last week Alice messaged me asking whether I wanted to have lunch with a few other bloggers at Turtle Bay, and obviously I was up for that.  Turtle Bay is a lovely restaurant/bar in Southampton with a Caribbean vibe and Caribbean inspired meals, I personally went for a chicken wrap which was delicious! I usually only go to Turtle Bay for cocktails, but today I spotted that they also offer a variety of smoothies, so I went for the Banana & Peanut Butter one. 

The last blogger meet up I went to was back in October so it was lovely to catch up & meet some new people. It's always lovely to meet people who you can talk about beauty and fashion with and it gave me a nice break from Uni work. We even got given a cute little goodie bag filled with Body Shop samples, some sweets and tea. 

Check out everyones blogs: Alice, Faye, Catherine, Brogan, Jessica, Amy, Samantha, Tanya, Jessica, Natasha 

I had such a lovely afternoon and am really looking forward to the next meet up! :) x

18 January 2015

My little energy box

As someone who absolutely adores surprises, a monthly subscription box is kind of an essential. Back in Austria I used to receive one every month and it always made me feel a little bit like Christmas. So when my roomie Estelle introduced me to My little box, I knew that it was made for me - cute illustrations, gorgeous pictures in a little magazine and a few adorable surprises. So after finding out more about the box and envying Estelle's goodies, I signed up. The box costs about £11 plus p&p which for what you get is a reasonable price. After you sign up, you can fill out a little questionnaire so that the content of the box suits your hair colour, skin type and interests.

Yesterday I received my first box which is called My little energy box which is (as the name suggests) fitness and health themed. It comes with a cute sports bag, a useful calendar with adorable illustrations,  a red nail polish by Nails Inc., a very lightweight day cream and a refreshing water for the face, that you can just spritz onto your face to freshen it up. This lightly scented water was my favourite out of the whole box, I have often heard people talk about a similar one by La Roche Posay, but never in my life would I spend £7 for a bottle of water.

I am very happy with this box, in fact it is my favourite out of all the ones I have ever received, the products seem so carefully chosen and I love the idea of themed boxes.

Have a good day xx