25 May 2015

BeautyCon London

Ever since I've known that BeautyCon was going to come to London this year, I really wanted to go but 1. didn't know anyone who wanted to come along, 2. didn't really want to spend money on tickets as I just wasn't sure whether there would be too many people to actually meet the person you like, etc. etc. But a day before BeautyCon, I found someone who had a spare ticket which they kindly gave to me, I was literally so happy! So after 4 hours of sleep I hopped on the train to Kensington Olympia. Having been there before for a Fashion Trade Show, I thought BeautyCon was going to be in the same huge hall, but it actually was in a way smaller one. I had also expected a massive queue outside (I had the VidCon vlogs in the back of my mind where everything just looked crazy) but it all went really quickly and it didn't take longer than 1 minute to get into the hall. 

There were a few exhibitors such as Benefit, NYX or Liz Earle, which either gave away freebies or their products for a discounted price. I also spotted Tarte which had amazing offers, but were sadly sold out of lots of them, I wish the had been more prepared for that :( Besides the make up brands, there were also lots of Photo Booths and free popcorn. 

The person I was most excited about meeting was definitely Fleur. I just love watching her videos, she seems like she knows what she's talking about and comes across as such a lovely, down to earth person and definitely did not disappoint! She is even lovelier in real life, was happy to take multiple pictures and even have a short conversation. I also met Tess Christine, Suzie and Alix who were just as lovely! It felt so nice to meet such inspirational and down to earth YouTubers in real life! I wish Louise had been able to come to do her Q&A because I was really excited for that, but obviously her health is priority :)

I had such a good day at BeautyCon and would love to go again next year! It would be great if they got more exhibitors to distribute the queues because they were just crazy. 

Conny xx

24 May 2015

Another day in London

As I haven't ticked off all the points from my 'To do in London' list the other day, I decided to go up to the capital again this week. One of the main things I wanted to do was go to Borough Market as I have never been there but have heard so many amazing things about it. I absolutely loved strolling through the food hall, wishing I lived in London so I could actually buy fresh food (the fruit and vegetable section looked SO good!) After having something Italian for lunch, I then went to the Monument. It was a lovely, warm day by the way so I soon regretted the leather jacket & jeans! After getting lost somewhere among hundreds of business men on their lunch break, I decided to take the tube and give up on trying to walk to my next stop. After a short wait, I walked up 311 steps to have a view over London (mainly Tower Bridge & the Shard). I'm not gonna lie, the walk to the terrace was harder than I expected; as the stairs go round in a circle, I soon started to feel a little dizzy and was kind of terrified to fall down, but I made it to the top without any tragic incidents :) 

After walking back down, I decided to go to Leadenhall Market which is absolutely beautiful. Again, lots of business men & women on their lunch break so I felt kind of out of place, but it was definitely worth it! As per usual, I then ended up in the Covent Garden area where I had a little stroll, went to Wasabi (which I'm now obsessed with!) and caught my train home. 

Now I definitely feel like I need a break from all the walking around London and rushing from tube to tube, but I can't wait to go back to London again soon, although it is always very stressful, I just absolutely love it there.

Conny xx

22 May 2015

#KindIsSimple campaign

Original image by timeout.com
To make this clear in the beginning, this is obviously not a post sponsored or in any other way supported by Simple, I am just a PR student that appreciates a good campaign :)
Yesterday I headed up to London (again) and went to the Covent Garden area mainly because I wanted to find some Vintage clothing stores & Book shops, and while looking for them, I crossed the Covent Garden market hall and got approached by a lady who works for Simple. I had seen their pop up store form afar already and got intrigued because for my Uni project I also planned a campaign that had a pop up store in Covent Garden! Also, they had lots of cute succulents which (being the mainstream blogger/pinterest user) I definitely wanted to have a look at and Instagram it (the picture wasn't good though, hence it didn't end up on Instagram haha) Anyway, the girl informed me about their campaign where customers take a photo of anything in the pop up store and share it across any social media platform with a couple of hashtags & a tagged friend, and as a reward you got some micellar make up wipes and a full size bottle of their micellar water. I don't usually use face wipes as their supposed to be bad for your skin, but let's be honest, after a night out they are a saviour. 

I decided to take a photo of some magnetic boards with adjectives on them that described a friend (I chose my roomie obviously) and posted it on Twitter. I think the campaign is such a lovely idea, because you wouldn't normally tell someone what you like about them out of nowhere, but it's such an easy way to make someone smile! (The whole thing kind of reminds me of the Tweet to pay campaign Marc Jacobs did) 

On the note of making someone smile, everyone in London was so nice yesterday, it must have been the sun! I got given 2 free bottles of waters, sweets (obviously from companies not random strangers), the goodies I mentioned above and it was just such a lovely place to be! 

I'm not sure if I have any PR/Comms students/professionals following me, but if I do I'd love to hear about a campaign that you liked, I always think it's great to get some inspiration from others! What do you think about this campaign? 
Conny xx

14 May 2015

The most beautiful place in London

After I saw the weather forecast for London, I spontaneously booked myself a train ticket to the capital for the next day. I currently have absolutely nothing to do anyway, so it was nice to get away and do something for a day. After a seemingly incredibly long train journey (gotta buy the cheap tickets eh) I got off at Victoria and headed to Holland Park.

I have never been there before but after researching places that I have never been to I knew that it must be the perfect area for a stroll in the sun, and it definitely was. I got off at Notting Hill and walked down Holland Park Ave (I think that's what it was called) and passed the most incredible mansions ever and got jealous of all the people carrying home their Waitrose errands. It took me a little while to find the actual park, but in such a gorgeous area I didn't really mind walking around for a bit, and when I finally arrived the location definitely didn't disappoint. I had always thought that Holland Park would be a Park like all the others which is why I was never tempted to go there, but it is so much more beautiful than any park I've ever been to!

I passed the gates and walked up a pretty way surrounded by tress with all kinds of beautiful blossoms, further into the park I found a part of the Kyoto Gardens which were absolutely stunning and even met a gorgeous peacock. In Holland Park you genuinely wouldn't think that you were in London anymore as I couldn't see any tall buildings, which in f.e. Hyde Park you do. I spent so much time there that I didn't even have time to do all the things I planned to do, but I really want to go back up to London again within the next 2 weeks before I go home, got nothing else to do anyway!

If you want to see more parts of London I went to please check out my new video

If you have never been to Holland Park, I definitely recommend you go there, I am genuinely so glad that I found it! And if there's a location that you love please tell me in the comments, I am always keen to explore new parts of London! 

Conny xx

12 May 2015

My first year at Uni

That's it. All my assignments are handed in. I am done with my first year of Uni. It still sounds completely ridiculous to me, this time last year I had what felt 170 breakdowns a day because I thought I wouldn't pass my A-Levels and therefore not be able to get into Uni, but I did it and one year later I am so, so glad that I didn't give up on the last day of my exams and miraculously passed.
I can still vividly see the 17/09/14, the day I moved to Southampton, in front of me, how I got up at 4am to fly to Heathrow and then take a coach down to the Coast, loaded with 3 suitcases in which I sort of tried to pack my life.

Just as everyone else's, my Uni journey started with Freshers Week. At that time I had a cold and just generally didn't really feel like partying which kind of affected bonding with the others a little, I guess. It was a week filled with meeting loads of people, getting asked by every single one of them what your name is & what course you are studying. And a week later you wouldn't even say hello to most of these people anymore, anyway.

Quite frankly, I didn't enjoy Freshers as much as everyone else probably did, I'm just not that kind of person that likes going out every single night, so I honestly was quite relieved in a way when Uni started. Last week I had one last meeting where we saw the posters we did during Welcome week; it just won't get into my head that this is already about 8 months ago, it genuinely feels like yesterday that I sat in various classrooms getting told about our first assignments and being scared about not being able to do as well as I would like to. I remember sitting in that one seminar waiting to be put into groups and ending up being in the group I secretly hoped to be in with people that I am fortunate enough to call my friends now.

Living in Halls seemed exciting and fun at first, but after a couple of months when we started viewing houses, I just could not wait to move out. My flat are mostly international people, some of which don't show very much interest in speaking English with anyone which makes it very hard to make friends. And although the most words I exchange with the majority of my flatmates are 'Hi, you alright?' I had the absolute best room neighbour I could have possible asked for. Whether we are just in our rooms doing stupid stuff our going for drinks at night, we just always have fun and I am so happy to have had someone next door that was like this.

After having been a rather bad student at school that did not care about anything, I have completely changed my attitude when I went to Uni. I could finally do something I genuinely love and only have to do coursework which is just so much better than doing exams that I would probably just fail or do very badly in.

All in all, as in everything there were up's and down's, moments in which I just couldn't be bothered to be here or do anything, but I am so so happy to be studying here and am very grateful for everyone I have gotten to know in the past 8 months.

Now I am off for 5 months summer holidays (please someone give me something to do!) and am very exciting to go into the second year of my uni course.

Probably one of the longest posts I have ever written, but I personally really enjoy reading about other people's experiences, so I thought I'd just do the same :) xx

8 May 2015

Blue Print Kimono

Last week West Quay in Southampton hosted its Student Lock in again which basically is an event for students where some shops offer higher discounts than usual. At first I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go because the queue I saw last time just looked endless, but this time we only had to wait for like 3 minutes which was great. I was really excited about going to New Look because I had seen their new range online before and it was all Moroccan inspired Kimonos and flowy clothing which is just so perfect for summer (although I won't even go on holiday) and I picked up a gorgeous blue Kimono that I just can't wait to wear with white tops and shorts (provided that I finally stop stuffing my face with unhealthy food and get up and do some sports). 

We also went to Miss Selfridge where I picked up a pair of Jeans. I absolutely hate buying Jeans just because they're such an investment and I really hate spending much money on them, but I have bought a pair from Miss Selfridge about 3 years ago and absolutely loved it, however it keeps getting more and more holes and I have got it fixed about 3 times now and at some point it was just time to get a new pair really. 

The top I am wearing in this outfit is from New Look, but I bought it last year so I guess that's not available anymore, but there's plenty of white tops around everywhere at the moment, so I guess you won't have a problem finding a cute one :)

Have you already stocked up your summer wardrobe?

Conny xx

23 April 2015

A weekend in Budapest

One of the greatest aspects of Vienna is that you can get to so many nice places in such little time, so besides heading to Bratislava over easter, my family and I also headed to Budapest for a weekend. To be honest I didn't know much about Budapest at all, I basically only knew that they had a gorgeous parliament by the danube. I love that Budapest has so many gorgeous buildings by the danube, it's something that we don't have in Vienna at all as our landmarks tend to be in the city centre.

When we arrived on the Friday, we checked into our hotel on the Margitsziget and then took a Taxi (they are so cheap there compared to England!) to the centre, although we never really knew what the actual centre of Budapest was. After taking a few snaps of the sunset and some pretty historical buildings, we started looking for a restaurant and found a really nice place that even had a piano player inside. The temperatures were pretty warm as well, so we could enjoy a mild spring evening with some great food at Budapest Bisztr√≥ which I can definitely recommend if you're ever there. 

On the second day we went on a hop on hop off bus because they're a great way to see all the sights in little time and get off at the ones you like the most. We stopped on the hill and had a look at the castle and the surrounding area where we stopped for lunch. I had the most amazing mix of vegetables and a chicken salad. Afterwards we walked down the hill and hopped back on the bus and headed to the City Park. By the end of the day we were all knackered so we treated ourselves to some delicious Pizzas and desserts. 

Our last day started with a boat tour on the danube that gave us a great sight on all the beautiful buildings. After one hour on a boat we had some lunch and then headed back to Margitsziget which is a lovely island. We took a little walk to digest our food, took some pictures under a gorgeous tree and ten got ready to leave Budapest.

Beside the fact that I probably ate my own bodyweight in Pizza and delicious lemonades, because food in Budapest is just too good, I absolutely loved the city and would recommend everyone to head there for a short weekend break! 

Let me know if you've been to Budapest before or what your favourite city for a mini break is!

Conny xx