18 January 2015

My little energy box

As someone who absolutely adores surprises, a monthly subscription box is kind of an essential. Back in Austria I used to receive one every month and it always made me feel a little bit like Christmas. So when my roomie Estelle introduced me to My little box, I knew that it was made for me - cute illustrations, gorgeous pictures in a little magazine and a few adorable surprises. So after finding out more about the box and envying Estelle's goodies, I signed up. The box costs about £11 plus p&p which for what you get is a reasonable price. After you sign up, you can fill out a little questionnaire so that the content of the box suits your hair colour, skin type and interests.

Yesterday I received my first box which is called My little energy box which is (as the name suggests) fitness and health themed. It comes with a cute sports bag, a useful calendar with adorable illustrations,  a red nail polish by Nails Inc., a very lightweight day cream and a refreshing water for the face, that you can just spritz onto your face to freshen it up. This lightly scented water was my favourite out of the whole box, I have often heard people talk about a similar one by La Roche Posay, but never in my life would I spend £7 for a bottle of water.

I am very happy with this box, in fact it is my favourite out of all the ones I have ever received, the products seem so carefully chosen and I love the idea of themed boxes.

Have a good day xx

17 January 2015

Mon séjour à Paris

Bonjour! If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know that I have been to Paris recently. I have been to Paris before and due to the recent exceptional situation I honestly was not too excited to go back, but also didn't want to waste the money I spent on the trip. Luckily I have a friend who currently lives in Paris to reassure me that everything had calmed down and people aren't afraid to leave their houses anymore. 

Having arrived in Paris, you could definitely feel that something bad had happened a few days prior to our arrival; police officers and members of the army supervised all big public places and it felt like police sirens were the soundtrack of the city. However, while I was there nothing drastic happened. 

One of the things that shocked me the most about Paris were the horrendously high prices; on the first day I ate a baguette which cost me 10€ and wasn't even that exceptional, so the amount of money I spent on food (and involuntarily in the pharmacy) in these 4 days didn't allow me to go shopping at all (I only bought a mug, yay!)

Even though I did not buy anything which is really untypical for a shopaholic like me, I really enjoyed my stay, we went up to the Sacre Coeur in Montmatre and had a gorgeous view over the entire city, got a picture painted of ourselves and discovered cute little boutiques in le Marais. Plus I got to make use of my poor French skills! 

À bientôt! xx

9 January 2015

A day in the mountains

While I was in Austria there was literally nothing I kept asking for than going snowboarding for a day, but with the initial 16°C that welcomed me, this obviously was not going to be possible. So naturally, when it cooled down to -5°C a few days later I was over the moon about the fact that I can go into the mountains (or hills rather) for a day. I haven't been Snowboarding in years and I missed the painful feeling of going up a lift, the gorgeous view when you made it to the top of the mountain and the ridiculous amounts of snow in your jacket after taking a shortcut through the deep snow so bad! And although the place we went was not half as exciting as a proper skiing place with countless pistes and secret ways, I really enjoyed being there for a day :)

I know I often say that I really dislike Austria, but I must admit that I absolutely love the mountains and snow and I'm very happy that I grew up in a country where I had the possibility to see them every year and I hope that one day, after Uni I'll be able to go back to a proper skiing area for a week like I always used to :) Oh by the way, please excuse my ridiculous jacket, I bought that in like 2008 haha!

8 January 2015

In 2015 I would like to ...

Hi everyone!

Initially I was not going to do a '2015 goals' or 'what I want to achieve in 2015' post, because they sort of drown in the crowd, but after reading a couple of them myself & finding other peoples goals and plans very interesting and inspiring I sat down and took note of the things I would like to achieve. I have never really stuck to any New Years resolutions before, but maybe by telling you guys about them I will feel a bit more motivated to stick to them as I obviously want to report success and not failure in the end of the year :)

... get fitter
Yes, I am well aware that this one is part of almost everyones New Years resolutions list and it has been part of mine since 2011. From the age of 10 to 14 I attended a sports school and took horse riding lessons which meant that I did an average of 10 hours of sports every week and was a relatively fit person, but after changing school at 14, I slowly stopped doing sports until I didn't exercise anymore at all and this is definitely something I want to change. Just 5 minutes ago I was jumping and dancing around my Uni room, because I miss moving, especially dancing so so much.

... eat more consciously
Again, one that you probably have read about before. Since being at Uni I obviously have to cook for myself and although I pretty much never have any ready meals, I want to start eating more consciously which means no meals that purely consist of carbs at night (ironic because I just had Dominos) and grill food instead of frying it (I just got myself a grill pan, so that's already helpful!) I know that it won't always be possible to eat healthy at Uni as I don't have the time to cook great meals, but I want to stick to this resolution as much as I can.

... get an internship in PR
As I study Fashion with Public Relations, it is probably quite helpful to get some practical experience along the way, which is why I really want to find an internship for the summer. I am not sure whether I am going to find one in Southampton as I suppose that most agencies are based in London, but even if I have to go back to Vienna to work for a while, I happily would if it was to gain experience.

... be happier
I know this is easier said than done and sounds like an odd resolution, but I often catch myself thinking way to negative about everything and I want to change this attitude in 2015. I think I can consider myself quite lucky to be able to study in the country I have always wanted to live in, so I suppose life is not that bad after all :)

... improve my content
This goes for my blog especially, but also for my YouTube channel. Not in a million years I will consider myself a blogger or YouTuber, but I want to give my best to bring out the best content I possibly can, and although I know that because of Uni I probably will not be able to upload 3 times a week, the things that I will upload should be worth reading/watching. I absolutely love blogging and filming so I really want to do it on a more regular basis than I did in the first semester.

... learn to draw
I am aware that as I lack the necessary talent to be an artist, but all I want is be able to draw cute little things (Dachshunds to be specific). This resolution came to my mind when I thought about a new header for my blog but couldn't realise it because I didn't have the (very basic) artistic skills to do it. I have recently ordered a little book that teaches you how to draw cute looking little doodles which pretty much is all I want to achieve anyway.

I am going to write a physical version of this post (because printing is to mainstream) to keep these resolutions in my mind all the time. If you have any plans or wishes for 2015 you would like to share, please do so in the comments below! :) xx

4 January 2015

Dachshund, pancakes & some make up

Heeeey! Over the past week or so, the Internet has been filled up with What I got for Christmas posts & alhtough everyone is probably fed up with them already, I did want to share my presents with you too! My main present was the Paris trip I am going on in a week, but I still got a few little bits as well as gift cards & money. 

To get in the mood for Paris, I got a box of cute little Eiffel Tower sugars & a blueberry and white chocolate pancake mix which I can't wait to make! I'm not too sure what to use the sugars for as I never really add extra sugar anywhere, but they look pretty cute just standing in my room :) 

As I haven't really bought any make up in a very long time, I kind of wanted to spend money on some again, so I went and bought myself an Essie nail polish in the colour a list & a Bobbi Brown lipstick in the colour red carpet and I love how both names fit to each other, it's so satisfying! The lipstick is a matte one, that does dry out my lips, but I prefer this feeling to the feeling of smudging my lipstick and getting it on my teeth, also it makes it stay on way longer! The only downside for me is the shape, I prefer pointed lipsticks as I personally find them much easier to apply. 

Since I have been at Uni my diet has mostly consisted of pasta, chicken and Dominoes, so I was very happy about the illustrated cooking book I got! It's filled with many simple ideas for dishes and shows you all the basics; e.g. how to cut onions etc. I am also obsessed with the fact that it's illustrated, so I don't have to read big chunks of texts, which usually always put me off. 

Last but not least, my roomie Estelle surprised my with a cute little Dachshund eraser. I have been obsessed with Dachshunds ever since Fleur De Force got her puppy Piglet a while back and know I seriously cannot stop thinking about these cute little dogs and I can't wait until I get my own place and a job one day so I can afford to have my own. Anyway, I definitely won't be using this as an eraser, it's going to be my little Dachshund to look at until I can have one that's actually alive. 

If you have written a Christmas presents post, let me know in the comments as I love reading them & they're a great way to distract from my 1500 word essay that I could have written whilst doing this blog post! xxx

31 December 2014

On a rollercoaster that only goes up

2014 has been a year full of highs and lows, but I guess that's just the same for everyone. I chose that title, because looking back at this year, the first half was terrible compared to how good the second half has been.

The year started off with my applications to 5 different Unis in England, 2 of which I got rejected from and 3 that gave me conditional offers. To get into any of them though, I had to reach certain grades in my A-Levels which were probably the most horrific experience of my entire life. I hated having to learn texts and formulas that I will never use in my life, by heart and this clearly showed in my rather bad results. I didn't do these A-Levels to have them, all I wanted was to be able to move to England and go to University as there was no way I was willing to stay in Austria. My first choice, Southampton Solent, required me to have a 2.5 which obviously I didn't reach, but I was more than happy (and all the other positive adjectives) when I saw that my UCAS status changed from 'conditional' to 'accepted'.

The rest of the summer was boring and great at the same time, I went to London, to Turkey and had an internship that I really enjoyed, but these things are part of my summer round up, so I won't go in too much detail :) After I finished work in the end of August, I had 17 days to pack up my entire room, sell my furniture and organise the whole moving to uni thing, which was one of the most stressful experiences ever, but it all paid off in the end.

Since the 17th September I have now been living in Southampton and I absolutely love it. Whilst almost failing my A-Levels back in April & June, I never thought that I'd be able to move to England and study Fashion with PR, a course that I absolutely love. I was lucky enough to meet a bunch of people that I couldn't live without anymore and I am more than happy with everything as it is right now.

Besides all that school/uni stuff, I also got to attend my first proper Blogger events (special thanks to Anna Kummer who took me to my first event!) and got to know the people whose blogs I've been reading for a long time. In September I also got to meet my favourite YouTuber Colleen Ballinger which (I know I sound like a crazy fangirl) was pretty much one of the best things to ever happen, it was more than surreal to hug a person whose videos I watch on a daily basis on the Internet. After her amazing show in London, I also got to go to her Bath show and visit the probably most perfect little city ever.

Just like every year, this one had its good and bad moments, but I am so glad that everything that has happened, happened!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of this year, I genuinely love you all xx 

25 December 2014

Christmas in Austria

Hi everyone! First of all,  I do feel the need to apologise for not blogging in about 2 months, Uni has been really stressful lately and the poor light conditions don't make blogging any easier either. The fact that I haven't blogged in 2 months also almost made me forget my own blog name, it honestly took me few seconds to remember that it was 'floralchaos', which I by the way want to change as it's not something that I can 'identify' myself with anymore. 

There is a University update post among my drafts, but I'm not sure whether to publish it or not, let me know if anyone is interested in that please? :)

Anyway, onto the actual theme of that post, on the 17th I came back to Austria for Christmas and I wanted to share some pictures that I have taken since then, with you. If you live in central Europe you have probably realised that the weather conditions are everything except wintery, in fact last Thursday it was 16°C and today I saw some blooming trees which is very untypical for December. I was hoping to arrive in a snowy and cold Austria, so I could go snowboarding for a day, but I feel like I need to suppress my hopes until next winter. 

I honestly haven't done any very exciting things that I could tell you about since I've been back, my life tends to be more exciting in Southampton which is why I can't wait to go back next Saturday haha! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and you forgive me for my looooong absence! :) x