23 June 2015

Leave your mark - a mentorship by Aliza Licht

It was a hot day, I was tanning (or at least trying to), I had a bowl of fruit and everything seemed pretty much perfect, except one thing: I had no book to keep me entertained. Reading blogs in the sun  is, according to my experience, not an option unless I wanted to set up my own little sauna by putting a towel over my head so I could see the screen. And so it began, the hours long search for a good book on Amazon. Another romantic - dramatic novel that makes 5 minutes feel like an hour? Just the though of another fictional love story made me yawn and I was already tempted to give up on my mission until I stumbled across this one book with that gorgeous mint green cover. And when I saw that the book was about Fashion PR, I was sold. Immediately. 

'Leave your mark' by Aliza Licht, also known as the DKNY PR Girl, is a mentorship for everyone wanting to get an insight into the Fashion industry or even change their career. In 4 parts and 19 chapters, Aliza covers topics ranging from writing cover letters to dealing with peculiar co-workers and catches the reader with her honest, but extremely motivating voice. At times I nervously gulped imagining myself in scenarios she's been through like getting accused of trying to promote herself or having to sort through thousands of pairs of shoes within a few days. But I guess that's what you have to go through to get far in your career, and honestly, I weirdly can't wait to go through the same one day (fingers crossed). 

A few pages in, I already felt that Aliza was the perfect mentor and I knew that she would be able to teach me a lot. And she has. I have only just finished my first year of Uni studying Fashion PR, but this book has encouraged me to go above and beyond to land amazing internships and put 110% into every work I do. I had several aha! moments (Please tell me that I'm not the only one who didn't know about thank you e-mails after job interviews?!) which I will always refer back to. 

To me, Aliza Licht has become a very inspirational person (I'm SO sad that I wasn't in the country during her book signings!) and I will carry her career advice along the way and treasure it like an expensive handbag (that I hopefully will one day own). Leave your mark was that book I was sad about having to put at my bedside table at night, but excited to continue reading in the morning. And that kinda says a lot. 

If you are seeking valuable advice from someone who knows what she's talking about, I urge you to check out 'Leave your mark', you will not be disappointed. 

Conny xx

19 June 2015

the return of the denim skirt

While lace was a trend I immediately loved, the denim skirts I wasn't too sure about at first; maybe because they remind me of weirdly dressed language teachers at school or outfits I wore when I was 9, it just wasn't something I saw myself wearing again, ever. But then the button down skirts appeared on several blogs and I just fell in love with them. They are such a nice way to bring denim into the summer and so great to style with white, flowy tops. 

I spotted this dark blue button down denim skirt at Stradivarius and just had to have it. It has the perfect A-Line shape which just gives you so much freedom to move as oppose to the ones I used to wear as a child, that were more narrow.

To dress a denim skirt up, I would choose a pair of black pointy pumps and a dark jacket/blazer, to dress it down and make it more casual I would pair it with some sandals and maybe a kimono.

My Outfit
Denim Skirt: Stradivarius
White Top: Stradivarius
Black Pumps: H&M

What do you think about denim skirts coming back into fashion? Did you wear them as a child and will you give them a go again? 

Conny xx

14 June 2015

Lace + Stripes

When it comes to summer trends, Lace is probably my favourite; whether it is incorporated in dresses, t-shirts or shorts, combined with another simple piece it just makes a cute, summery outfit. Yesterday I went to Bratislava for a day and considering it has been about 30°C for two weeks now, I needed an airy outfit, so I chose some striped shorts, a white lace blouse and a pair of brown sandals. I must admit, the sandals were incredibly painful and the shirt way too hot, but what don't you do for blog photos :) 

Shirt: Vila via Peek & Cloppenburg / black or similar
Shorts: Miss Selfridge / similar
Sandals: H&M
Sunglasses: H&M
Bag: Brandy Melville

What is your favourite outfit combination on hot summer days? 

Conny xx

11 June 2015

Homemade Apple Granola

A while ago I  had a stroll around a  local Whole Foods shop and spotted some apple granola which I immediately thought would taste absolutely delicious, but the price of it put me off a little bit so I didn't buy it. So as I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of money for something I can just do myself for much cheaper, I got some granola ingredients and got baking.

For the Granola I used:
- about four mugs of oats
- chia seeds
- goji berries 
- grated hazelnuts
- melted coconut butter and some honey to unify the dry ingredients

Then I put them in the preheated at 160°C oven and baked them for about 20 minutes. If you're unsure about when to take them out, carefully take a small spoon and try some. Once I felt like it was crunchy enough, I put it in a glass container to cool down. 

For the dried apples:
- three red apples to make two full trays
- soak in lemon/water mixture for 30 minutes to avoid browning 
- bake at 95°C for about two hours, turn around after one hour

When everything is done, just cut the apples in smaller pieces and add them to your ready granola mixture! I can imagine it tasting really nice with added cinnamon, but I currently don't have any at home.

Let me know what you think about this recipe, although I don't bake very often, I really enjoyed making this as it is super easy and tastes delicious!

Conny xx

4 June 2015

Airport Maybelline Haul

Airport times are the most boring - as I usually only am there to fly home, I am always on my own and absolutely nothing to do apart from eating a snack at prêt-à-manger and having a brief stroll through boots. And so I did last Sunday; after the disappointment of not finding a single open coffee shop at Southampton Central at 7am on a Sunday, I devoured my yoghurt with berries at prêt and then headed to Boots

After entering I immediately spotted a sign that told me about the '3 for 2 across all Maybelline make up' offer and decided to pick something up. First thing I needed was a Mascara, my old one was definitely near to its death, so I was in urgent need of a replacement, and although I had Benefits Rollerlash in my mind, I can genuinely not justify spending that amount of money, so I went for a more affordable, but definitely not less capable option; the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express - 100% black. I feel like this was the mascara beauty bloggers raved about years and years ago (I may be wrong?) but I have never owned one in that yellow packaging. When I first applied it I was immediately astonished by how separating it is! I have a very little amount of eyelashes but as it is not a plastic wand (it's the more hairy one to sound super professional), it just makes them look fuller and longer which is definitely something I appreciate. The lasting power is great, too. We currently have quite warm temperatures, and after a day of tanning in 30°C, my Mascara was still on my lashes which I was very pleased about!

Enough Mascara rambling, onto the Colour Tattoo. In my May Favourites I talk about a matte colour tattoo (which was my first one) which I really loved, so I decided to give another shade a try. This one is a shimmery, gold colour - Eternal Gold - and after seeing Zoe's spring make up tutorial I just felt like I needed a similar shade for my lids. The lasting power is again, really great and you can achieve a simple eye make up look very quickly. Great for those days where '5 more minutes' accidentally turned into half an hour.

And last and maybe actually least, is the Brow Satin. I am very unsatisfied with my brows; If they are not tinted they are practically invisible and just a pain to work with, so I'm always on the hunt for products to make my morning life quicker and easier; and hoped to find a saviour in Brow Satin. Whilst I was very pleased with my other two purchases, this powdery pencil disappointed me. It only gives away very little colour so it takes absolute ages, definitely the wrong product for a strong brow game. Also, it is rather warm than cool toned, and I am not a fan of having redish eyebrows. I picked up the shade Dark Blonde, but wouldn't recommend it if you are on the hunt for a convenient, quick eyebrow product. I'll go back to my trusts Kiko powder palette. 

So, my teeny tiny haul turned into a massive rambling, and I congratulate you if you've made it to the end! I'm just gonna self promote and let you know that I had a video going up the other day & would be very pleased if you could watch/like/comment :) Apart form that I hope you have a lovely day! :)

Conny xx

29 May 2015

Culottes - love or loathe?

If there is one summer trend that I have seen people love and loathe, it is the culottes. If you have not seen them before, they're basically wide leg trousers that resemble a midi skirt and I personally love them! If I was like 4 inches taller I'd be stocking up on them, but I personally feel a little bit too short for them, when I tried a pair they looked ridiculous on my legs. 

I imagine them paired with a crop top and some cute sandals; this outfit would be perfect for hot days out shopping or simply going for a coffee with friends, and could easily be paired with a leather or denim jacket to transfer to chilly evenings. When I tried them on I thought the thin material would, even though your legs would be pretty much covered, keep you cool on hot days and feel refreshing if some wind hits you.

Especially the middle ones have caught my eye immediately as they pattern and choice of colour just reflects summer and sun so well, I can imagine my (4 inch taller) self wearing these with big black sunglasses, pointed pumps, a black or white flowy top (would need to hit the gym more often for crop tops) and some rings stacked on both hands. 

I know it is a very controversial trend, but I'd love to hear what you think about those trousers and how you would wear them! 

Conny xx

28 May 2015

Back to Brighton

Brighton has been one of my favourite places since I spent three weeks there 5 years ago (crazy how time flies, I remember it as if it was yesterday!) and back then I just fell in love with the city; its vibe, its diversity and seafront. As someone who didn't grow up in a country that has access to a beach, I always get very excited to see the sea and smell the salty air. When I lived in Eastbourne I took regular trips to Brighton, but sadly Southampton is a little further away, so I don't get to go back as often as I would like to. However, yesterday I decided to go back to and visit this gorgeous place. 

It was a lovely, sunny day which made walking down the lanes to the seafront very enjoyable. I didn't stay by the seafront for very long as I am genuinely paranoid because of those masses of seagulls, they honestly terrify me, so I took some snaps, ate my lunch and then headed back to a seagull free zone. Brighton has so much to offer, from old second hand book shops to independent stores that sell Scandinavian homeware; I just never get bored in that place. Although I was swooning over several items (especially those coffee table magazines in magazine brighton) I didn't buy anything as I now have to save my pennies for an upcoming New York trip (eek!). 

I hope I can go to Brighton again more often, as I genuinely enjoy strolling down the lanes and finding places that I have not seen before. 

Conny xx