23 April 2015

A weekend in Budapest

One of the greatest aspects of Vienna is that you can get to so many nice places in such little time, so besides heading to Bratislava over easter, my family and I also headed to Budapest for a weekend. To be honest I didn't know much about Budapest at all, I basically only knew that they had a gorgeous parliament by the danube. I love that Budapest has so many gorgeous buildings by the danube, it's something that we don't have in Vienna at all as our landmarks tend to be in the city centre.

When we arrived on the Friday, we checked into our hotel on the Margitsziget and then took a Taxi (they are so cheap there compared to England!) to the centre, although we never really knew what the actual centre of Budapest was. After taking a few snaps of the sunset and some pretty historical buildings, we started looking for a restaurant and found a really nice place that even had a piano player inside. The temperatures were pretty warm as well, so we could enjoy a mild spring evening with some great food at Budapest Bisztró which I can definitely recommend if you're ever there. 

On the second day we went on a hop on hop off bus because they're a great way to see all the sights in little time and get off at the ones you like the most. We stopped on the hill and had a look at the castle and the surrounding area where we stopped for lunch. I had the most amazing mix of vegetables and a chicken salad. Afterwards we walked down the hill and hopped back on the bus and headed to the City Park. By the end of the day we were all knackered so we treated ourselves to some delicious Pizzas and desserts. 

Our last day started with a boat tour on the danube that gave us a great sight on all the beautiful buildings. After one hour on a boat we had some lunch and then headed back to Margitsziget which is a lovely island. We took a little walk to digest our food, took some pictures under a gorgeous tree and ten got ready to leave Budapest.

Beside the fact that I probably ate my own bodyweight in Pizza and delicious lemonades, because food in Budapest is just too good, I absolutely loved the city and would recommend everyone to head there for a short weekend break! 

Let me know if you've been to Budapest before or what your favourite city for a mini break is!

Conny xx

19 April 2015

My little dream box

This month's My little box if probably one of my, if not my favourite box so far. I'm always surprised how they manage to choose and create such cute looking products! If you bought all the products of this months box separately, you would pay £61 so about £45 more than you would pay for the box, so you definitely get your money's worth. 

The products this month are:
1. Stamped with Love: a stamp with french & english phrases that would look cute on gift tags etc.
2. A 100 ml hair mask with walnut oil and shea butter that will hopefully stop my hair from feeling like a bunch of needles
3. Cowshed Wild Cow Body lotion with the refreshing scents of ginger (the most dominant in my opinion), lemon grass & shea butter
4. Red lip & cheek tint which I will probably only use on my lips as I never put on any blusher
5. Bonne Etoile necklace by Delphine Pariente which came in a cute little cloud

The only thing I didn't like this month was the magazine which was basically a huge piece of paper that you had to unfold; I much prefer the classic magazine they used to do, I hope this was just an exception! 

My favourite product this month was the stamp because it's such a cute idea and I have never had anything like that before, can't wait to put cute phrases all over my diary, cards, etc. now! 

Which product would you want to try the most? :)

Conny xx

12 April 2015

the first rays of sun

After this cold, long winter I couldn't wait to spend time in the sun again, so when I saw that the weather forecast predicted 22°C for Budapest where I spent the weekend, I was more than excited to pack summery clothes. An item I bought recently is a pale blue blouse from Zara, although I am usually not too keen on sheer items, with this one it was love at first sight. I love the colour and the boho style with the short fringe on the arm and the cute little embroideries. Alongside this top I wore my much loved but way too hot Miss Selfridge Jeans and my grey Vans which were perfect for walking around.

I absolutely loved spending time in the sun, it feels so good not to wear a heavy coat and chunky boots, but put on a pair of sunglasses instead. I'm pretty sure I even caught a slight tan, as I now have a white patch where I wore my watch, but I'm definitely not going to complain about that.

Now I'm sitting on my balcony, inhaling the scent of hyacinths and squinting because the sun is shining right into my eyes :) I'm SO happy summer's back ♥

What did you get up to in this lovely weather? 

Conny xx

5 April 2015

Zara leather jacket

Zara leather jacketZara leather jacketZara leather jacket
Before I went back home to Austria I decided that I needed a new jacket for spring because my hopes for warmer temperatures were a little bit too high and as soon as the calendar said 'Spring' I ditched my winter jacket for now and got a faux leather biker jacket from the TRF section in Zara. I have had a look around the stores beforehand just to make sure that I wouldn't find a prettier/more affordable one after I bought the Zara jacket. 

Until fairly recently I wasn't a huge fan of the leather jacket trend and I didn't actually have one either, but after trying one on I completely changed my mind and I now absolutely love the trend and am so happy that I bought a leather jacket for myself. 

In this outfit I wore it with a flowy skater skirt from Primark, a crop top from Topshop and my Zara Chelsea boots, but leather jackets pretty much go with most things and are so easy to style. 

Do you like leather jackets? What do you usually wear with them? 

Happy Easter Sunday
Conny xx

4 April 2015

urban house

Urban House, bratislavaUrban House, bratislavaUrban House, bratislava
After many months I finally managed to come back to Bratislava to meet up with Ivana. As the weather was terrible and it was freezing outside, we instantly decided to go to a coffee shop called Urban House in the old town to catch up. I instantly feel in love with the whole layout - a book shelf with books that are sorted by colour, cute little cacti on the tables and an overall industrial feel make it the perfect place to have a coffee, or in our case a chai latte with maple syrup. 

We then went to Aupark and had a brief look around the shops but didn't really buy much at all, we just picked up some cheesecake to have at home with a cup of tea. After looking through old pictures and reminiscing about our year in England, we then headed to the train station and experienced the craziest storm - a mix between hail, storm, thunder and lightning; typically April. 

I can't wait to come back to Bratislava in Summer when the temperatures are bearable and we can actually enjoy being outside again!

Conny xx

18 March 2015

Depop Haul

The other week I was convinced that as the sun tends to come out regularly now, I need a new pair of light jeans, to be fair I only have one anyway. But as a student that tries to budget I didn‘t want to splurge on a pair of Topshop Joni or Jamie Jeans, especially as the Euro is so low at the moment and it would just cost me even more than usual. So one night I thought I‘d re-download depop and have a little look and soon found a lovely denim jacket and a pair of lilac Jamie Jeans from Topshop, each for about £10. As I don‘t have a denim jacket and as mentioned above only one pair of light jeans, I decided to contact the sellers and buy the items. A couple of days ago I found these in the post office and couldn‘t wait to try them on. Both items sort of fit alright, the main reason why I hardly ever shop online is the risk of the items not fitting.

The Jeans fit really well, however they are way to long so I definitely need to get them shortened. The denim jacket is cropped which according to the seller it wasn‘t, but it doesn‘t really bother me, I still really like it and for £10 I am very happy with it :) I‘ll definitely look on depop more often now, as I am really happy with both items I found!

Have you ever purchased something from Depop or a similar app? If you have a Depop account, leave me your name in the comments so I can check your account out! (Mine‘s just @connywais)

Conny x

15 March 2015

My little Superbox

I always feel like squeaking of joy when I see the 'You have a parcel' e-mail around the 12th that month, because it means that the new 'my little box' is waiting for me in the office. I just about managed not to only think about the box during my 2 hour seminar until I could pick it up afterwards and was more than chuffed when I finally got to pick it up. 

After I took it out of the outer cardboard, I saw that this months box was called 'my little superbox' and it's all about superwomen. In the box itself I found a lip crayon in a orange toned red which is definitely my favourite and I think also most flattering for my skin tone in spring. The next item is by Kérastase; the cristaliste conditioner. If you have read my sunday night routine post, you might now that I absolutely love Kérastase but just wouldn't buy it myself. I cannot wait to try it when I run out of my current conditioner because I can predict that I will be obsessed with it. A product I was not as excited about is a hand cream by Caudalie, I have never had a Caudalie product before but I just never use hand creams, I just really dislike the feeling they leave on my hands. And at last the 'my little box' team included a t-shirt that has 'i believe i can fly' written on it. I'm very happy that it's grey as I just love this colour and it's one of the only colours that don't clash wish my hair. 

Again, I am really really happy with the box, the worth of the products definitely exceeds the amount I paid and I can't wait to try the products!

What did you think about this months box? 

Conny x