31 December 2012

Is it spring yet?

Getting up in the morning with the sun shining through your window is just so much easier! If I didn't know it was the 31st today I would have thought it is spring already :) I just decided to walk my dog and take a couple of pictures. I guess I should also start getting ready soon for tonights party! Hope you will all have an amazing evening :)

30 December 2012


As tomorrow it is the last day of 2012 I really wanted to do a brief review of that year. For me it has been pretty amazing, as I spent 6 months of it in England. I will do the review month by month so it is a bit clearer :)

 Looking back at my pictures there was nothing special going on in January. Of course there was New Years Eve, which was actually still in 2011, but I haven't got any pictures of that anyway. I chose a picture from our shootings in the garden, a picture where we were having lunch at Cosmos and one from the beach.


Compared to January February was a lot more exciting. We had a Carnival Party that was great fun, and the highlight of the month; I went to Edinburgh, Scotlands capital city. The city is gorgeous and definitely worth visiting! It has a lot of historical and old buildings that give it that 'gosthy' athmosphere. I also put a picture of snow on the collage, because in England snow is definitely something rare I think :)


I also went abroad in march - to Bruges in Belgium. We went through the Eurotunnel under the sea, so that was very exciting even though you didn't realise you actually were under water. The only bad side on that trip was that we ate SO much chocolate, I don't think I have ever eaten that much on one day before, but oh well, that's what you gotta do in Bruges :) Apart from that nothing major happened, except the usual things like going to the beach & to parks :) And in Gildredge park a friend of mine took one of my favourite pictures ever of me and my hostsister, I just find it cute :)

  A highlight in April was definitely my parents visiting me, I showed them Brighton and we went up to London. The pictures with my dad are all made with his camera that's why I don't have any. 


May was our last full month in England and therefore we had to live every moment of it. We went to the beach a lot, had a Goodbye barbecue, and our leavers meal. May was amazing yet sad regarding it was our last month.


The month where we left, the 14th of June was definitely the saddest day of my life. I had to say goodbye to my second home, second family and to friends from all over Europe. It was so hard to realise that that life will suddenly end. To see the positive sides of june - I went up to Liverpool with a friend from Germany and we had a good bye party that was a lot of fun.

July & August

I have mixed up the pictures a little bit when I edited them, that's why I put July and August together. We had summer holidays then and it was hot. I went on holidays with my family, visited my hostsister Ivana in Slovakia and she and another friend from Slovakia came to Vienna.

September & October

As nothing special was happening in September, I put September and October together. October was quite exciting as I went to England again with Ivana and Serena. It has been so so good to be back and it seemed as we have never left. I wish we could have just stayed again.

November & December
November & December are together as well, as I don't have enough pictures to make them seperately. After a year I went Ice skating again which was fun, then of course Christmas which was nice and I visited Ivana in Bratislava :)

That was my 2012 review. It has definitely been a special year with many lovely people I had to say goodbye to but another lot of lovely people I got to know. I am thankful for all the experiences I have made this year and will certainly remember this year as a good one :)