19 January 2013

❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀

Its been snowing loads lately! Not sure if I like it though. It looks lovely from the inside with a cup of tea wrapped up in my duvet, but I am not a big fan of it when I am outside. The worst thing for me is when I have to leave my house at about 7am and a massive snowstorm is blowing directly into my face, its disgusting haha. Today it wasn't snowing when I went out, but the snow was still there, so that was fine :) What I am so grateful for are the  Vans I got for Christmas. I would have never thought that they are gonna be that warm and waterproof! I genuinely love them and I am so happy I got them :)

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15 January 2013

Ombré hair

Yesterday in the morning I took some pictures of my Ombré hair quickly. I didn't have time to like set up any lighting or something as I had to leave for school, but as it was my long day I didn't want to take them in the evening. However, thats my Ombré hair :)

12 January 2013

todays purchases

I finally got it! Today I bought Elie Saab 'Le Parfum' which I actually wanted since October where I have smelled it for the first time. As I got voucher from Marionnaud for Christmas I went to get it myself today, and I just paid about €10, normally it would be about €46. So yeah, I am quite happy at the moment. Then I also went to Douglas and got myself a new Foundation Brush, because my old one wasn't good at all. I also didn't pay for that, because I had a voucher as well :)

4 January 2013


Hello :)

I haven't got anything special to tell or show you today, but I took some Outfit pictures (I actually don't like them at all, but whatever) where I am wearing my high waisted shorts that I bought in Bratislava and my Aztec tights.

Later I am off to the hairdressers to Ombré dye my hair, I am so excited, I hope its gonna look alright :)

1 January 2013


I just wanted to show you what i wore for yesterdays NYE Party :)
Hope you all had a good time and a nice start of 2013!

jumpsuit pull&bear bracelet topshop