19 January 2013

❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀ ❄ ❀

Its been snowing loads lately! Not sure if I like it though. It looks lovely from the inside with a cup of tea wrapped up in my duvet, but I am not a big fan of it when I am outside. The worst thing for me is when I have to leave my house at about 7am and a massive snowstorm is blowing directly into my face, its disgusting haha. Today it wasn't snowing when I went out, but the snow was still there, so that was fine :) What I am so grateful for are the  Vans I got for Christmas. I would have never thought that they are gonna be that warm and waterproof! I genuinely love them and I am so happy I got them :)

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  1. Oh so schöne Bilder :) <3 Ich muss auch unbedingt nen Winterspaziergang mit Kamera machen. Gerade jetzt wo so richtig hoher Schnee liegt! :)

  2. Wunderschöne Eindrücke! Da erscheint der Schnee wirklich als was Schönes und nicht Nerviges =D