26 February 2013

Hello :)

Today I just want to show you the pictures I took on Saturday when I went for a walk.
I am so happy, it's Wednesday tomorrow already, Tuesdays are just dragging so badly, I hate them, haha :) A couple of days ago I booked my theoretical driving test for the 4th of April, and I am so nervous already, because there's just so much to study for it and especially that technical stuff is just so boring. I always try to motivate myself by thinking how amazing it is going to be when I am able to be driving properly, but as soon as I open my software to study, the motivation magically leaves haha. So if you have any motivation tips for me, I am happy to try them! (:

23 February 2013

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

I just came back from a walk outside. It was freezing and I thought my feet were gonna fall of haha. I wore my wellies from Primark and I am so glad they didn't let any water through, because wet feet are probably the worst things in winter.

The song lyrics on my headline are from 'Let her go' from Passenger. I have just known that song for like 2 days now, I first heard it when I got ready for school in the morning, I love that song now, it's just so nice! And the lyrics are just so true :) So if you don't know it, you need to listen to it (:

Even though I actually hate snow already, I find it so nice to take pictures of and in it :) In this post I will you show you the Outfit ones and in another one you will see the random ones :) Hope you like them :)

 Coat - Review, Bag - Etam
 Jumper - Pull & Bear, Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Wellies - Primark

Have a good evening! :)

New design

Hello :)

Today in the morning my mum came in to my room and the first thing she said was 'Don't be shocked when you look out the window!' I immediately got up and look outside and, oh my god, I was shocked. Everything was white, literally everything! It must have been snowing about 20cm tonight, it's terrible. I think snow around Christmas is nice to watch and stuff, but in the end of February it's just horrible. I just cannot wait until spring, when I am able to wear shorts and T-Shirts and don't have to freeze constantly.

However, I have been motivated to do a spring themed layout now, recently I have been in love with mint blue things, so that's now the main colour of my new design. I Hope you like it, I do, at least a lot more than the old one which was rather boring.

I am going for a walk in a bit, so I might show you some pictures afterwards.

Have a good afternoon!


22 February 2013

Essence Nail Brush

A couple of days ago I went to a drugstore and found the essence 'Multi Brush effect' nail art brush. You should put 2 colours on a waterproof surface like foil (I used foil) and then dip the brush in both of them, I did not do it like that now! I used a self mixed nail colour (coral-ish) as a base and put my golden nail polish on the foil and dipped the brush in it. Then I brushed over every nail. The gold looks very subtle now, so it's also quite hard to see on the picture I took, but I think it looks like a nail design to go to the beach with, I don't it just kinda reminds me on summer, the sea and sun haha (:

I know you can't actually see my nail polish there, but never mind haha (:

PS: Please don't forget to clean that brush with nail polish remover afterwards! 

Have a good evening! xx

19 February 2013

Collective Haul

Hellooo :) Today I've got a little haul for you, still a couple of bits I got in Paris and a few things in bought back home already. It's mostly about cosmetical things, because lately I am kinda addicted to buy cosmetical stuff, which is quite bad, because I just keep spending money on it. However, that's what I bought.

 This Nude Palette is new from Catrice and it was about 5€. I actually really like it and I love the Nude colours, I am not a person that actually wears colours like blue etc. :) Then I bought a lipstick from the BIPA brand, in the shade 'shell'. I think it looks kinda like a purple-redish? I have worn it to a party the other day, over my red lipgloss from Nivea and I actually really liked that combination :) 
 I bought these pigments in the KIKO store in Paris. I have heard of KIKO it several times from Madeleine on Youtube, so I also wanted to try it, and when I saw the store in Paris I wanted to buy something, so I decided to get some pigments as I have never had some before. They are in a goldish shade, which I really like. 

 I got this MAC Make up in the MAC store in Paris and I love it so much! It is my first ever MAC product and I am so happy with it :) It was 32€ I think, which in my opinion isn't too bad considering my L'oréal make up was 19€ and it just lasted for about 3 months, and that one is certainly gonna last longer. It is in the shade 01, which is a quite light one, as my skin is very light. Another reason why I love it that much is that it is a very light shade and I have always found it so hard to find a matching shade for my pale skin, and even the lightest shade has always been too dark. So I LOVE this foundation :)

That BIPA nail polish is one with a metallic special effect, but I must admit, I am actually not happy with it at all. I have seen one from Topshop before and there you can actually see the metallic effect, but this one just looked like and ordinary colour. It wasn't that expensive so it's not such a big deal anyway. The other Nail polish I got is from essence and in a purple shade. It looks darker on here than it does in reality. The package of the nail polish looks a bit lilac which is the colour I actually wanted, but it turned out to be a bit more grey than I thought it would be, I still like it though. 
Then I got myself the Elnett Heat Protection, which is supposed to keep my hair straight for 3 days. I love that spray, because it actually did keep my hair straight. I don't know if it would do for 3 days, because I wash my hair every other day, but in that time my hair was straight. So I recommend that to everyone who has got frizzy / wavey hair as me :)

 This necklace is from New Look in Paris and I love it. I have worn it quite a few times recently and I love to combine it with like light clothes, I think that looks really nice :)

 The last thing I want to show you is my bikini also from New Look in Paris. I don't think I have ever bought a bikini before spring or summer, I'm always quite late with that, because I never find a nice one. I like this one because of the golden embellishment and the olive green colour. I find it so hard to get a bikini that actually fits to my hair, so the olive green is going to look quite nice I think :)

So that was what I have recently bought and I hope you liked my stuff! :)

13 February 2013

Inside it's spring

Hello :) Outside there are snow storms going on and I would love to be wrapped up in my duvet the whole day, but school is kind of destroying that. To brighten up our moods, we have a couple of flowers at home & I just was in the mood of taking pictures of them, haha. The flowerpots are from Ikea and I love them, I think they look so cute :)

Have a good evening! :)

12 February 2013

Paris - Video

Hello :) I have just uploaded a video from my trip to Paris last week. I know its not the best quality, but Windows Movie Maker messed it up so much! But oh well, better than nothing.

I hope the video is actually going to stay with the music I put on, because YouTube just said, that the song is copyrighted. I know a bit to little about that stuff, so I am just going to hope that it will stay. I already apologise if it does not :)

Have a good evening! :)

PS: I know I still have to do the 2nd new in part, but yesterday I had school until late afternoon, and today I fell asleep in the afternoon, and I don't like taking pictures with artificial light, so sorry about that :)

9 February 2013


Today I would like to show you the first part of the things I bought in Paris, I devided it into 2, because there are still a couple of bits in the laundry, so yeah :)
I was so happy to find New Look, Pull and Bear & Stradivarius in Paris, because I simply adore every single one of those shops. I didn't buy as much as I actually expected to, but however, those are a couple of the things I have purchased :)

 Leggings - Pull & Bear Skirt - Pull & Bear

 Cardigan - Pull & Bear

 Studded Bag - Etam

 Peplum tops - New Look

 Creme jumper - Pull & Bear, Mint jumper - Stradivarius

Skirt - New Look

I hope you liked what I bought, and I will post the 2nd part of my stuff soon!
Have a nice weekend :)

7 February 2013

♥ C'était Paris ♥

Hello ♥ From Sunday until Wednesday I have been in Paris with my mum. I have never been there before, but I love it now! I have been planning that trip for weeks, I looked up shops I wanted to visit and of course all the sights I needed to see. And even though we just went there for four days, we actually saw a lot! I didn't expect the Eiffeltower to be that big, we went around the corner and suddenly there was this massive 'building'. I think it looks gorgeous, and even more gorgeous at night. Also the view from the top platform was stunning. After seeing the Eiffel tower on the first day, we went to Montmatre which is a lovely area I think. On a hill there you will also find Sacre Coeur. 

 The Eiffel Tower all sparkly at night 

 Sacre Coeur

 Cute Elefants in front of L'insitute du monde Arabe

 Champs Elysées

 A massive mirror ball at Parc de Villette


A very helpful map :)

I also went shopping a bit, but I will show you my stuff in a seperate post :)