7 February 2013

♥ C'était Paris ♥

Hello ♥ From Sunday until Wednesday I have been in Paris with my mum. I have never been there before, but I love it now! I have been planning that trip for weeks, I looked up shops I wanted to visit and of course all the sights I needed to see. And even though we just went there for four days, we actually saw a lot! I didn't expect the Eiffeltower to be that big, we went around the corner and suddenly there was this massive 'building'. I think it looks gorgeous, and even more gorgeous at night. Also the view from the top platform was stunning. After seeing the Eiffel tower on the first day, we went to Montmatre which is a lovely area I think. On a hill there you will also find Sacre Coeur. 

 The Eiffel Tower all sparkly at night 

 Sacre Coeur

 Cute Elefants in front of L'insitute du monde Arabe

 Champs Elysées

 A massive mirror ball at Parc de Villette


A very helpful map :)

I also went shopping a bit, but I will show you my stuff in a seperate post :)


  1. Ohh, Paris ! Ich würde da auch gern mal hin .
    Deine Eindrücke sind traumhaft, danke für´s Teilhaben lassen.
    schick dir liebe Grüße,Melanie

  2. Ach ja ! Jetzt hab ich ganz vergessen dir zu sagen wo es die Macarons gibt :)
    ich hab sie am Naschmarkt in der Konditorei Oberlaa gekauft !

    Liebe Grüße, Melanie

  3. I've been in Paris, and it's magical place (: .. nice pics <3