19 February 2013

Collective Haul

Hellooo :) Today I've got a little haul for you, still a couple of bits I got in Paris and a few things in bought back home already. It's mostly about cosmetical things, because lately I am kinda addicted to buy cosmetical stuff, which is quite bad, because I just keep spending money on it. However, that's what I bought.

 This Nude Palette is new from Catrice and it was about 5€. I actually really like it and I love the Nude colours, I am not a person that actually wears colours like blue etc. :) Then I bought a lipstick from the BIPA brand, in the shade 'shell'. I think it looks kinda like a purple-redish? I have worn it to a party the other day, over my red lipgloss from Nivea and I actually really liked that combination :) 
 I bought these pigments in the KIKO store in Paris. I have heard of KIKO it several times from Madeleine on Youtube, so I also wanted to try it, and when I saw the store in Paris I wanted to buy something, so I decided to get some pigments as I have never had some before. They are in a goldish shade, which I really like. 

 I got this MAC Make up in the MAC store in Paris and I love it so much! It is my first ever MAC product and I am so happy with it :) It was 32€ I think, which in my opinion isn't too bad considering my L'oréal make up was 19€ and it just lasted for about 3 months, and that one is certainly gonna last longer. It is in the shade 01, which is a quite light one, as my skin is very light. Another reason why I love it that much is that it is a very light shade and I have always found it so hard to find a matching shade for my pale skin, and even the lightest shade has always been too dark. So I LOVE this foundation :)

That BIPA nail polish is one with a metallic special effect, but I must admit, I am actually not happy with it at all. I have seen one from Topshop before and there you can actually see the metallic effect, but this one just looked like and ordinary colour. It wasn't that expensive so it's not such a big deal anyway. The other Nail polish I got is from essence and in a purple shade. It looks darker on here than it does in reality. The package of the nail polish looks a bit lilac which is the colour I actually wanted, but it turned out to be a bit more grey than I thought it would be, I still like it though. 
Then I got myself the Elnett Heat Protection, which is supposed to keep my hair straight for 3 days. I love that spray, because it actually did keep my hair straight. I don't know if it would do for 3 days, because I wash my hair every other day, but in that time my hair was straight. So I recommend that to everyone who has got frizzy / wavey hair as me :)

 This necklace is from New Look in Paris and I love it. I have worn it quite a few times recently and I love to combine it with like light clothes, I think that looks really nice :)

 The last thing I want to show you is my bikini also from New Look in Paris. I don't think I have ever bought a bikini before spring or summer, I'm always quite late with that, because I never find a nice one. I like this one because of the golden embellishment and the olive green colour. I find it so hard to get a bikini that actually fits to my hair, so the olive green is going to look quite nice I think :)

So that was what I have recently bought and I hope you liked my stuff! :)


  1. Great products, love the necklace!

  2. These colors are gorgeous. Fabulous find love!
    If you could give me your thoughts on my latest post that would rock! If you want to follow that would be even better!

  3. Hi !

    Das Mac super ist , kann ich nur bestätigen !
    Ich hab von mac Concealer, Make Up , BB Creme, und diverse Lidschatten und bin sehr zufrieden damit !

    Die farben sind super schön, und stehen dir bestimmt ausgezeichnet !

    Liebe Grüße, Melanie