22 February 2013

Essence Nail Brush

A couple of days ago I went to a drugstore and found the essence 'Multi Brush effect' nail art brush. You should put 2 colours on a waterproof surface like foil (I used foil) and then dip the brush in both of them, I did not do it like that now! I used a self mixed nail colour (coral-ish) as a base and put my golden nail polish on the foil and dipped the brush in it. Then I brushed over every nail. The gold looks very subtle now, so it's also quite hard to see on the picture I took, but I think it looks like a nail design to go to the beach with, I don't it just kinda reminds me on summer, the sea and sun haha (:

I know you can't actually see my nail polish there, but never mind haha (:

PS: Please don't forget to clean that brush with nail polish remover afterwards! 

Have a good evening! xx

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