23 February 2013

New design

Hello :)

Today in the morning my mum came in to my room and the first thing she said was 'Don't be shocked when you look out the window!' I immediately got up and look outside and, oh my god, I was shocked. Everything was white, literally everything! It must have been snowing about 20cm tonight, it's terrible. I think snow around Christmas is nice to watch and stuff, but in the end of February it's just horrible. I just cannot wait until spring, when I am able to wear shorts and T-Shirts and don't have to freeze constantly.

However, I have been motivated to do a spring themed layout now, recently I have been in love with mint blue things, so that's now the main colour of my new design. I Hope you like it, I do, at least a lot more than the old one which was rather boring.

I am going for a walk in a bit, so I might show you some pictures afterwards.

Have a good afternoon!


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