23 February 2013

Only miss the sun when it starts to snow

I just came back from a walk outside. It was freezing and I thought my feet were gonna fall of haha. I wore my wellies from Primark and I am so glad they didn't let any water through, because wet feet are probably the worst things in winter.

The song lyrics on my headline are from 'Let her go' from Passenger. I have just known that song for like 2 days now, I first heard it when I got ready for school in the morning, I love that song now, it's just so nice! And the lyrics are just so true :) So if you don't know it, you need to listen to it (:

Even though I actually hate snow already, I find it so nice to take pictures of and in it :) In this post I will you show you the Outfit ones and in another one you will see the random ones :) Hope you like them :)

 Coat - Review, Bag - Etam
 Jumper - Pull & Bear, Jeans - Miss Selfridge
Wellies - Primark

Have a good evening! :)


  1. Love your gloves, and your dog is so cute!!


  2. Hübscher Pullover ♥ Das Schneeherz ist auch süß gemacht.
    Toller Blog insgesamt :-)

  3. Wie süß :)
    Das Schneeherz und der Hund auch :) Und dein Pulli gefällt mir wirklich gut, ich mag Pull&Bear sowieso voll gerne.
    Und ich finds ziemlich cool, dass du aus Österreich bist, hihi ;)

  4. cute pics and nice outfit (: i like your coat and bag (:

  5. Echt schöne Fotos, ich mag die Idee mit dem Schnee-Herz :)

  6. I love your bag and coat <3 <3