30 March 2013

Muesli in a glass

Good morning everyone! :) Today my dog woke me up at 7.10 am already, but there was no way I would get up that early, so I made him wait another hour and got up at about 8.10 am and took him for a walk. Whilst I was walking I though about what I wanted to eat for breakfast and got the idea of making musli in a glass again. I have made it a couple of weeks ago already, but I haven't taken proper pictures of it, so I did that today.

I have also made myself a glass of orange juice, I just love that in the morning! I think with that amount of fruits I have eaten this morning, I have covered up the 5-a-day already haha :) You might have realised it because of that little drawing on the picture, but my musli was actually smiling, I found that so cute :D

These are the ingredients I used, but of course it's up to you, you can also add bananas, coconut sprinkles,... Preparing musli in a glass might be a bit more time consuming than merely pouring it in a bowl, but I think it is definitely worh it :)

Have a good day! xx

22 March 2013

Coral bliss

2 days ago I went to Douglas, kinda spontaneously, and got myself my first MAC lipstick. I have looked at the colours on the internet before and had a couple of nice colours written down. I didn't look at my list in the shop then though, but everytime I looked at a colour I recognised the name of the lipstick, because it was one that was on my list already, so I actually went there and picked the colours (Vegas Volt, Coral Bliss) which I have actually looked at on the internet before. So yeah, but in the end I just took the coral bliss one, because I prefered that colour & didn't want to spend about 40€ at once (:

I love that colour, because it really fits to spring & sun (which is not there yet, but I hope it will be soon haha) and I have just been in love with it ever since I've seen it for the first time :) 

What do you think about the colour? Do you own a MAC lipstick?

PS.: controlofaddiction will be presenting a blog on her own blog soon, so take a look at her blog & sign up! :)

19 March 2013

My banana cake

A couple of days ago I remembered that cute little chocolate-banana tarte I ate in Paris & decided to bake something similar. I didn't have anything to make the proper small tartes, but we had a big baking thing (what do you call the thing you put the dough in to bake it?) which looks like a small tarte, so I used that. I didn't look up a recipe for the whole cake, I just needed to know how to make the dough, but the rest was some kind of improvisation (:

I already apologise for the bad lighting on the pictures, but I just tend to take pictures at night, because I have more time then, so don't hate me for that (:

To make the dough, you basically just have to mix all the ingredients, but in the recipe it said that it is recommended to make some kind of whole in the already mixed flour, butter, sugar & baking powder and then put the egg into that whole. I honestly don't have a clue why this would affect the dough, but maybe it does have a decent reason, haha (: You then have to bake it with 180°C for I think about 25 minutes it was, but you should better keep an eye on it, because it obviously depends on the baking thing you use and on your oven. If you put a metal or wooden stick in for a second and then put it out again and there are no crumbs on it, the dough is ready, but if there are you might want to bake it for another couple of minutes.

After taking it out and leaving it for about half an hour to let it cool down, you can then put nutella on the ground and add the banana afterwards.

This is what my cake looked like with melted chocolate put on the bananas. You might want to leave your cake in the fridge, so the chocolate gets hard and the bananas don't get bad :)

The cake tasted delicious, I genuinely loved it and I am sure I will make it again soon :) I hope you liked my recipe!

16 March 2013

Waffles for breakfast

Today I got up at 8.10 am (I know that's quite early considering it's Saturday, but if I sleep until like 10 am, I can't get anything done on that day) and was totally happy as the sun was shining again! Then I went for a walk with my dog and as soon as I got home again, I made myself breakfast. I love breakfast so much, it's like my favourite meal of the day and it especially is amazing on weekends when I have got lots of time in the morning to prepare a lovely meal. So today I was in the mood of making myself some waffles. After baking them (I will put the recipe down below) I put apricot jam & nutella on them and added all the fruits I could find. I was a bit disappointed we didn't have any strawberries at home, because they're like my favourite kind of fruits, but oh well, that couldn't ruin my breakfast. Whilst the waffles were baking, I decided to make myself some orange juice as well, I love freshly made orange juice, it just tastes sooo nice! 

This is the recipe I have used, I wanted to use as little sugar as possible, because I wasn't sure if it would work without sugar, it would taste fine for sure, but I am not sure about the consistence, so if you know if it works completely without sugar, please tell me :)  This recipe is made for 2 big waffles containing of 5 smaller pieces, so actually for 10 small pieces if that makes sense. (It is fine for one person)

This is what my waffles looked like in the end, they were sooo delicious!

I can't wait to finally be able to eat outside on our balcony again, I was actually so tempted to do that today, but 4°C are still a little too cold, haha :)

I hoped you liked that post and I didn't make you too hungry (I guess I did though :) )

Have a lovely afternoon! xx

14 March 2013

Where's spring gone?

Okay, I was a bit shocked this morning when I woke up and it was snowing loads! Exactly a week ago we sat together in a park, with no jackets on and today we had to be covered up in coats, scarfs and hats? If you read my posts regularely, you will have realised that I absolutely hate snow, I just cannot stand it. I find it disgusting to go out in a snow storm, I can't even look up , I don't where I am going because I have to look down on the floor and doing my hair in the morning is pointless as well.

Today I went to the cinema with my class to watch Les Misérables in English. I actually liked the movie, but it was quite long. I think all the actors and actresses did a good job, I even heard that they sang live when they filmed it? Like they didn't record the songs in advance.
After that, we went into a coffee shop and spent about 2 1/2 hours there, because we simply didn't want to go out in the snow. But it was nice to just sit there and talk anyway :)

10 March 2013

My favourite salads ♡

Today I would like to show you a selection of salads I have made recently. I love eating salads for dinner, because they are very light and I don't need a big dinner anyway. Before that whole blogging thing I rarely ate salad, because my mum was always the one who made it and she just always makes the same salads, so I got bored of them easily. But whilst reading blogs I got so much inspiration and ideas, so making salads has now kind of become a passion. I now never get bored of salads anymore, because I literally put everything I find (and that fits to a salad) into it. I will show you the ingredients under each picture and maybe they'll give you some kind of inspiration as well :) 

This is a salad I enjoy eating for lunch, because of the chicken. If I ate a salad without chicken for lunch I think I would be hungry again very soon, which would be bad.  For this salad I have used lettuce, field salad, cucumbers, chicken and feta. Then I squeezed a lemon over it to add some more flavour to it.

For this salad I have made couscous and roasted courgettes first. Whilst they were cooking I prepared my salad for which I used strawberries (is that weird? haha), field salad, lettuce, cucumbers and feta. Afterwards I put a lemon on it again. Thinking about it now it probably is a bit weird to eat feta with strawberries, but I just cannot remove feta from my salads, it is a must haha :)

This is not a normal salad which I would eat for lunch or dinner, but as a dessert. I used strawberries, clementines, bananas and blueberries, but actually you can use whatever fruit you like for that :)

This is a simple mixed salad I had as a starter for lunch today, I just used cucumbers, field salad, lettuce, feta, sweetcorn and a carrot. As a dressing I used pumpkinseed oil which I just loooove, it is amazing! I think it is from Austria, so you might not be able to get it if you live in another country, but if you are able to, then try it, it's great :)

So, I hope you liked that post and maybe I could give you some ideas of how to prepare your salads :)

PS: Nicki from Inlovewithtwoguys is doing an amazing giveaway at the moment! I genuinely love her blog and I would recommend you to look at her blog as well! :)

9 March 2013

BeSt³ in Vienna

Today I went to a fair called ‚BeSt³‘ in Vienna which is there to give students an overview about different schools, universities, internships,… I went there because I don’t know exactly what to do after I have graduated, so I thought it might help me. I am now in Year 11, so I am going to graduate next year. After graduating I would like to go to the USA for a year, as an Au – Pair, so looking for Universities or Colleges is not that urgent now. When you are an Au-Pair in the USA, you have to attend a University as well, but you just have to reach a very small amount of credits, apparently you are done with them after 2 weekend courses, so that’s not a lot, but I think if you take a course that sounds interesting you might want to take that, or a similar course in your home country as well. 

As that America plan is not that definite already, I still kind of want to have a ‘Plan B’, so I looked for some things that interest me. I took a lot of brochures and information from Photography Colleges and Fashion Schools, even though I think I wouldn’t be able to do anything with fashion as I simply have no experience with that. A career that seems interesting to me as well is the one of a flight attendant. I love flying and going away, so that might be the perfect profession for me, even though I can imagine it to be really tough and exhausting. The only thing I wouldn’t like that much about that, is that I don’t have to study, because that’s what I would love to do. I just really want to experience that student life, even though it probably isn’t as exciting as I think it is. 

I now got a lot of information about different schools, colleges and universities and it is going to take me ages to read through all of that. (I probably won’t even read half of it, haha)

 Love the amount of free sweets you get at fairs, haha :)

Got a lot of stuff to read through now, I guess (:

 I even found the EF brochure me and Ivana are in at the fair :)

Have you already made plans for your future? 

Have a good evening! :)

8 March 2013

Yesterday's outfit

I actually wanted to show you my outfit yesterday, but it was so nice outside, so we went to Starbucks after school, so I got home at like 7. Then I had to finish off some school stuff etc. and afterwards I watched Germany's next Topmodel, so I haven't even turned on my laptop and therefore couldn't post anything. Yesterday we also went to film some bits of our music video in a park, which we are doing in arts. We are even going to record a song in a studio, so that's going to be fun :) (Literally fun actually, we are recording Some Nights)

Today I was hoping to get warm weather again, yet it's quite cold now, it is even supposed to snow again! (I think I've said that already haven't I?)

Yesterdays outfit: I wore my new mint blue jeggings from Vero Moda for 16.95€ and I looooove them! I think they look gorgeous and I totally adore that colour! Then I wore a simple plain top from F21 I think and a lace top with studs from Pull&Bear. I actually loved that combination, it looked so springish haha :)

I know that picture is kinda blurry, but I still somehow wanted it in that post :)

Have a good day! xx

6 March 2013

Here comes the sun :)))

I cannot believe it was about 16°C today! It was so lovely to go out and not start shivering straight away. I hope that the temperature will keep increasing, I just can't wait until it's like 25°C :) But today I have heard that next week we are gonna have like -2°C again which is horrible, I just hate winter so much! Lets just all hope the meteorologists are wrong haha :)

I still have a couple of pictures from Saturday to show you, which I will do now.

The mint blue T-shirt is from Vero Moda, I just love mint blue, I think that's gonna be like my favourite summer-colour to wear :)

The roseish coloured T-Shirt is from Forever21, I love that colour as well, I am generally a bit in love with that pastel colours I think haha :)

After our shopping trip we treated ourselves to some Macarons from Oberlaa. We bought 7 for 6€ I think, but I am not sure anymore to be honest. Of course they are much cheaper than the Macarons from Ladurée, but I think them ones are delicious as well :)

xxx Conny

3 March 2013

spring is here ☼

winter SPRING ✔
Finally the snow is gone and the sun is here instead! Yesterday I woke up at 10 to 7 and my mood instantly was perfect, as the sun was shining right into my window, I cannot imagine something more beautiful! Even though 6.50 is early for a Saturday I wasn't tired at all and happily got up. Then I got ready and at about 8.30 I went to the main train station to pick up Ivana who was visiting me :) We then went to the City & afterwards to Gerasdorf to the G3 Shopping Centre. Actually we wanted to go to Primark (which we also did) and buy something (I found something nice for once) but the amount of people was unreal! I don't know why people would wait in such a long queue, like seriously it was worse than the Oxford Street one. So we decided to buy nothing and go to other stores instead. I bough something in Forever 21 (in the City though, not at G3), Overknees at H&M and some lovely pieces in Vero Moda. Of course I am going to show you them in another post :) To finish off our shopping trip we got ourselves some frozen yoghurt which was the perfect start for spring. After that we got on the bus and went to the Donauinsel (danube island) to take some pictures which I will show you now.

T-Shirt - Vero Moda, Leggins - Pull&Bear, Shoes - Vans

I hope you have all had an amazing weekend ❤

1 March 2013

Selfmade Smoothie

Hello :) Today I finished at 12.45 already, so I was at home quite early and decided to make myself a smoothie, I probably haven't had one since summer where I basically drank one every day. And now as it is march (but still cold outside :( ) I kinda was in the mood of making a smoothie to remind me of summer haha (: I just really want it to be spring already, like 20°C and stuff, I am just so tired of winter already and everytime I see snow I just feel like I am going to take my hairdryer and melt it all. And I simply cannot see my winter clothes anymore, I start to find them so ugly already, because they always look the same, always that woolen jumpers & cardigans, the same scarfs my god I just can't see it anymore. So, after letting out my feelings for winter, I am gonna show you my smoothie :)

These are the fruits I used, blueberries, a banana and a couple of strawberries. Later I also added strawberry yoghurt and crated coconuts to it, I just didn't take a picture of that.  After cutting the fruits I put them into our blender (with the yoghurt and the crated coconut) and let it mix until it was smooth. Then I just poured it all in a glass and had my wonderful smoothie :)

What I especially liked about it was that slight flavour of coconuts, it just made the whole thing a bit more special :)
Have you made smoothies yourself before? (:

Have a good evening! xx