9 March 2013

BeSt³ in Vienna

Today I went to a fair called ‚BeSt³‘ in Vienna which is there to give students an overview about different schools, universities, internships,… I went there because I don’t know exactly what to do after I have graduated, so I thought it might help me. I am now in Year 11, so I am going to graduate next year. After graduating I would like to go to the USA for a year, as an Au – Pair, so looking for Universities or Colleges is not that urgent now. When you are an Au-Pair in the USA, you have to attend a University as well, but you just have to reach a very small amount of credits, apparently you are done with them after 2 weekend courses, so that’s not a lot, but I think if you take a course that sounds interesting you might want to take that, or a similar course in your home country as well. 

As that America plan is not that definite already, I still kind of want to have a ‘Plan B’, so I looked for some things that interest me. I took a lot of brochures and information from Photography Colleges and Fashion Schools, even though I think I wouldn’t be able to do anything with fashion as I simply have no experience with that. A career that seems interesting to me as well is the one of a flight attendant. I love flying and going away, so that might be the perfect profession for me, even though I can imagine it to be really tough and exhausting. The only thing I wouldn’t like that much about that, is that I don’t have to study, because that’s what I would love to do. I just really want to experience that student life, even though it probably isn’t as exciting as I think it is. 

I now got a lot of information about different schools, colleges and universities and it is going to take me ages to read through all of that. (I probably won’t even read half of it, haha)

 Love the amount of free sweets you get at fairs, haha :)

Got a lot of stuff to read through now, I guess (:

 I even found the EF brochure me and Ivana are in at the fair :)

Have you already made plans for your future? 

Have a good evening! :)


  1. Hab mir heute bei Ikea die selbe Decke gekauft, fällt mir grad auf,... ;-)

    Blogging Queen: Also ich fand's ganz gut... hab das an nem Wochenende locker-zügig durchlesen können. Ist halt eher leichtes Klatsch-Tratsch-Thema und nix tiefgründiges. Allerdings hat das mit Bloggen ansich eher wenig zu tun. Ist ein Liebesroman. Aber fand ich ganz nett zum Zwischendurch lesen. :-)

  2. Also ich hatte vor meiner Matura den gleichen Plan wie du. Au Pair, Fotografie oder Werbestudium oder Flugbegleiterin. Ich hab mich für Au Pair in Irland entschlossen und währenddessen entschieden was ich machen will. So ein Auslandsjahr macht auf jeden Fall Sinn! :)