6 March 2013

Here comes the sun :)))

I cannot believe it was about 16°C today! It was so lovely to go out and not start shivering straight away. I hope that the temperature will keep increasing, I just can't wait until it's like 25°C :) But today I have heard that next week we are gonna have like -2°C again which is horrible, I just hate winter so much! Lets just all hope the meteorologists are wrong haha :)

I still have a couple of pictures from Saturday to show you, which I will do now.

The mint blue T-shirt is from Vero Moda, I just love mint blue, I think that's gonna be like my favourite summer-colour to wear :)

The roseish coloured T-Shirt is from Forever21, I love that colour as well, I am generally a bit in love with that pastel colours I think haha :)

After our shopping trip we treated ourselves to some Macarons from Oberlaa. We bought 7 for 6€ I think, but I am not sure anymore to be honest. Of course they are much cheaper than the Macarons from Ladurée, but I think them ones are delicious as well :)

xxx Conny


  1. wundervolle bilder <3
    Ich mache gerade ein Gewinnspiel, vielleicht hast du ja Lust mitzumachen.

  2. Hey! Ich mache zur Zeit ein Giveaway, zu gewinnen gibt es das Marc Jacobs Daisy Parfum (75ml). Hast du nicht Lust mitzumachen? Viel Glück ♥