30 March 2013

Muesli in a glass

Good morning everyone! :) Today my dog woke me up at 7.10 am already, but there was no way I would get up that early, so I made him wait another hour and got up at about 8.10 am and took him for a walk. Whilst I was walking I though about what I wanted to eat for breakfast and got the idea of making musli in a glass again. I have made it a couple of weeks ago already, but I haven't taken proper pictures of it, so I did that today.

I have also made myself a glass of orange juice, I just love that in the morning! I think with that amount of fruits I have eaten this morning, I have covered up the 5-a-day already haha :) You might have realised it because of that little drawing on the picture, but my musli was actually smiling, I found that so cute :D

These are the ingredients I used, but of course it's up to you, you can also add bananas, coconut sprinkles,... Preparing musli in a glass might be a bit more time consuming than merely pouring it in a bowl, but I think it is definitely worh it :)

Have a good day! xx


  1. Hey du hast auf meinen Blog gewonnen :) Check mal deine Mails :) <3

  2. Das sieht sehr lecker aus :) einen sehr schönen Blog hast du da, du machst sehr tolle Fotos :)
    Hab dich gleich mal verfolgt :)

  3. yummi, sieht super lecker aus, werd ich die nächsten tage auf jeden fall ausprobieren:) liebste grüße♥

  4. I miss being woken up by my dog :)
    Such a yummy looking treat, maybe I'll try it out! xx

  5. Such pretty pictures! And a clever way of spicing up breakfast time!


  6. Oh my, that looks so cute and freaking tasty!




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  7. Der Joghurt sieht unten wegen des Müslis aus, als würde er lächeln :D