19 March 2013

My banana cake

A couple of days ago I remembered that cute little chocolate-banana tarte I ate in Paris & decided to bake something similar. I didn't have anything to make the proper small tartes, but we had a big baking thing (what do you call the thing you put the dough in to bake it?) which looks like a small tarte, so I used that. I didn't look up a recipe for the whole cake, I just needed to know how to make the dough, but the rest was some kind of improvisation (:

I already apologise for the bad lighting on the pictures, but I just tend to take pictures at night, because I have more time then, so don't hate me for that (:

To make the dough, you basically just have to mix all the ingredients, but in the recipe it said that it is recommended to make some kind of whole in the already mixed flour, butter, sugar & baking powder and then put the egg into that whole. I honestly don't have a clue why this would affect the dough, but maybe it does have a decent reason, haha (: You then have to bake it with 180°C for I think about 25 minutes it was, but you should better keep an eye on it, because it obviously depends on the baking thing you use and on your oven. If you put a metal or wooden stick in for a second and then put it out again and there are no crumbs on it, the dough is ready, but if there are you might want to bake it for another couple of minutes.

After taking it out and leaving it for about half an hour to let it cool down, you can then put nutella on the ground and add the banana afterwards.

This is what my cake looked like with melted chocolate put on the bananas. You might want to leave your cake in the fridge, so the chocolate gets hard and the bananas don't get bad :)

The cake tasted delicious, I genuinely loved it and I am sure I will make it again soon :) I hope you liked my recipe!


  1. you can make me one when you will come :D

  2. Ob ichs schaff wird sich zeigen ;)

  3. Oh, make me one too :D I love bananas and in combination with chocolate... yummy :)

  4. deine fotos sind sehr schön! aber ich denke da solltest du nicht mit einem 1.8 mm oder 1,4 mm objektiv fotografieren, da sehr wenig scharf gestellt ist wirkt es nicht gut, weil man nicht viel vom kuchen erkennt :b
    lust bei meiner Blogvorstellung mitzumachen? :)

  5. Der Kuchen sieht einfach verdammt lecker aus! :*
    Ganz liebe Grüße aus Berlin,

    Jana & Vanessa

  6. Nor' sieht der gut aus! :] Schickst du mir ein Stückchen? :>

  7. omnomnom das schaut soo unglaublich lecker aus ! ich liebe ja bananen ♥

  8. Your cake must be delicious! I love everything with bananas♥
    You have nice blog :)


  9. Der schaut wahhnsinnig lecker aus! Leider esse ich im Moment nichts Süßes sonst würde ich den gleich mal nachbacken :)