10 March 2013

My favourite salads ♡

Today I would like to show you a selection of salads I have made recently. I love eating salads for dinner, because they are very light and I don't need a big dinner anyway. Before that whole blogging thing I rarely ate salad, because my mum was always the one who made it and she just always makes the same salads, so I got bored of them easily. But whilst reading blogs I got so much inspiration and ideas, so making salads has now kind of become a passion. I now never get bored of salads anymore, because I literally put everything I find (and that fits to a salad) into it. I will show you the ingredients under each picture and maybe they'll give you some kind of inspiration as well :) 

This is a salad I enjoy eating for lunch, because of the chicken. If I ate a salad without chicken for lunch I think I would be hungry again very soon, which would be bad.  For this salad I have used lettuce, field salad, cucumbers, chicken and feta. Then I squeezed a lemon over it to add some more flavour to it.

For this salad I have made couscous and roasted courgettes first. Whilst they were cooking I prepared my salad for which I used strawberries (is that weird? haha), field salad, lettuce, cucumbers and feta. Afterwards I put a lemon on it again. Thinking about it now it probably is a bit weird to eat feta with strawberries, but I just cannot remove feta from my salads, it is a must haha :)

This is not a normal salad which I would eat for lunch or dinner, but as a dessert. I used strawberries, clementines, bananas and blueberries, but actually you can use whatever fruit you like for that :)

This is a simple mixed salad I had as a starter for lunch today, I just used cucumbers, field salad, lettuce, feta, sweetcorn and a carrot. As a dressing I used pumpkinseed oil which I just loooove, it is amazing! I think it is from Austria, so you might not be able to get it if you live in another country, but if you are able to, then try it, it's great :)

So, I hope you liked that post and maybe I could give you some ideas of how to prepare your salads :)

PS: Nicki from Inlovewithtwoguys is doing an amazing giveaway at the moment! I genuinely love her blog and I would recommend you to look at her blog as well! :)


  1. so yummyyy! you made me hungry :D

  2. ah it was amazing!! :D and thanx for other tips :)) i will try it but have to buy feta :D

  3. Hey, ich hab deinen Blog gerade über die Kommentare auf dem Blog von Puppenzimmer gefunden :) und ich wollte nur sagen: deine Fotos gefallen mir richtig gut :)