1 March 2013

Selfmade Smoothie

Hello :) Today I finished at 12.45 already, so I was at home quite early and decided to make myself a smoothie, I probably haven't had one since summer where I basically drank one every day. And now as it is march (but still cold outside :( ) I kinda was in the mood of making a smoothie to remind me of summer haha (: I just really want it to be spring already, like 20°C and stuff, I am just so tired of winter already and everytime I see snow I just feel like I am going to take my hairdryer and melt it all. And I simply cannot see my winter clothes anymore, I start to find them so ugly already, because they always look the same, always that woolen jumpers & cardigans, the same scarfs my god I just can't see it anymore. So, after letting out my feelings for winter, I am gonna show you my smoothie :)

These are the fruits I used, blueberries, a banana and a couple of strawberries. Later I also added strawberry yoghurt and crated coconuts to it, I just didn't take a picture of that.  After cutting the fruits I put them into our blender (with the yoghurt and the crated coconut) and let it mix until it was smooth. Then I just poured it all in a glass and had my wonderful smoothie :)

What I especially liked about it was that slight flavour of coconuts, it just made the whole thing a bit more special :)
Have you made smoothies yourself before? (:

Have a good evening! xx


  1. It looks delicious. I will definitely try this! I´m following you now, your blog is really nice. I found you through the "I can wear my converse" who wrote about you and I love her blog and follow a longer time already. So I´m happy for another tip of great blogger :)


  2. amazing pictures ;) i will be glad if you look at my blog ;)