16 March 2013

Waffles for breakfast

Today I got up at 8.10 am (I know that's quite early considering it's Saturday, but if I sleep until like 10 am, I can't get anything done on that day) and was totally happy as the sun was shining again! Then I went for a walk with my dog and as soon as I got home again, I made myself breakfast. I love breakfast so much, it's like my favourite meal of the day and it especially is amazing on weekends when I have got lots of time in the morning to prepare a lovely meal. So today I was in the mood of making myself some waffles. After baking them (I will put the recipe down below) I put apricot jam & nutella on them and added all the fruits I could find. I was a bit disappointed we didn't have any strawberries at home, because they're like my favourite kind of fruits, but oh well, that couldn't ruin my breakfast. Whilst the waffles were baking, I decided to make myself some orange juice as well, I love freshly made orange juice, it just tastes sooo nice! 

This is the recipe I have used, I wanted to use as little sugar as possible, because I wasn't sure if it would work without sugar, it would taste fine for sure, but I am not sure about the consistence, so if you know if it works completely without sugar, please tell me :)  This recipe is made for 2 big waffles containing of 5 smaller pieces, so actually for 10 small pieces if that makes sense. (It is fine for one person)

This is what my waffles looked like in the end, they were sooo delicious!

I can't wait to finally be able to eat outside on our balcony again, I was actually so tempted to do that today, but 4°C are still a little too cold, haha :)

I hoped you liked that post and I didn't make you too hungry (I guess I did though :) )

Have a lovely afternoon! xx


  1. Heyy Conny danke für dein liebes Kommentar!

    So ein leckeres Frühstück hätte ich auch gern mal wieder !!

  2. Wow, how yummy look that! Amazing and healthy too, a lil bit :)
    Have a nice sunday.
    Love. P-

  3. Oh Gott was ein leckerer Anlick. Echt ne Qual wenn man grad versucht nen bisschen Bauchspeck loszuwerden :D Hätte ich gern mitgefrühstückt xD

  4. I am really positive about it

  5. Schöner Blog und tolles Rezept! Da krieg ich gerade total Lust drauf. :)

  6. Conny, ich wünsche dir erstmal viel viel Glück für das Gewinnspiel.
    Ich hoffe du konntest deinen Schrank noch grade rechtzeitig vor einer explosion bewahren ;) und hast jetzt wieder einen überblick über deine schönen stücke.
    Hab einen schönen Montag, meine Liebe.
    Liebste Grüße.

  7. Oh my these look fabulous! I think I'd prefer a chocolate topping!

    Megan xxx

  8. Sieht unglaublich lecker aus! esse sie am liebsten mit Nutella und Erdbeeren ;D

  9. die sehen ja köstlich aus, vor allem mit den früchten, yum!
    die hintergründe habe ich von der scrapbookwerkstatt, in meiner sidebar ist ein link mit rabattcode :)

  10. oh lecker!
    Love Lois xxx