8 March 2013

Yesterday's outfit

I actually wanted to show you my outfit yesterday, but it was so nice outside, so we went to Starbucks after school, so I got home at like 7. Then I had to finish off some school stuff etc. and afterwards I watched Germany's next Topmodel, so I haven't even turned on my laptop and therefore couldn't post anything. Yesterday we also went to film some bits of our music video in a park, which we are doing in arts. We are even going to record a song in a studio, so that's going to be fun :) (Literally fun actually, we are recording Some Nights)

Today I was hoping to get warm weather again, yet it's quite cold now, it is even supposed to snow again! (I think I've said that already haven't I?)

Yesterdays outfit: I wore my new mint blue jeggings from Vero Moda for 16.95€ and I looooove them! I think they look gorgeous and I totally adore that colour! Then I wore a simple plain top from F21 I think and a lace top with studs from Pull&Bear. I actually loved that combination, it looked so springish haha :)

I know that picture is kinda blurry, but I still somehow wanted it in that post :)

Have a good day! xx


  1. Nice outfit ;) :) Love your Shirt

  2. Das Outfit gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut.

  3. Ein wirklich schönes Outfit :)

    Ja, es gibt tatsächlich noch Menschen ohne iPhone :D

  4. Oh ich liebe Blumenmuster! :)

  5. Loving the lace top and those pastel pants! You are adorable girl!
    xo TJ