29 April 2013

a few spring impressions ... ♥

Even though today it is not as nice as it was the past couple of days (which I don't mind because it is like a break from all the heat we have had recently), I want to show you some spring photos I took yesterday :)

I just love spring soooo much & you get to take so many great pictures again, because the light outside is just lovely & light is something you do not get a lot in winter so that makes me really happy!

Do you enjoy spring as much as I do? :)

 PS: At the moment I am really unhappy with my blog layout, do any of you know if there is a website somewhere that gives you a couple of tips for layouting? I would really appreciate that :)  (I'm not asking you to find out about that now, just in case you know a page like that :) )

27 April 2013

Pancakes for breakfast

Today I was in the mood to prepare myself some proper breakfast again, so I thought of pancakes, I'm not normally great in making pancakes but today they went quite well.

 This is the basic recipe I use for my pancakes, you can also add sugar to it but it's not necessary as the Nutella will make it quite sweet anyway :) After preparing the basic dough, I also added some pieces of almonds and grated hazelnuts, that just gave the pancakes a more interesting flavour. There is no exact amount of how much nuts you should add, you best decide that yourself, but I wouldn't add too much of them, because it might change the consistence then.

First, you have to put the egg in a bowl and mix it thoroughly, then, in another bowl, you mix the flour and the milk so that there aren't any lumps of flour. I used a blender to do that, because doing i with a whisk would be too much effort and the result is not as thorough.

I hope you guys liked this little recipe, maybe you want to tell me how you like to eat your pancakes? :)

26 April 2013


Sorry for another concert post, but I just need to tell you about the Ellie Goulding concert yesterday in Vienna. It was amazing! We were waiting in front of the entrance from like 5pm (I think) so we got the chance to get into the first row, which was genuinely amazing! The concert was so different to Lana's last week, because their music is just so different, and I must admit I enjoyed Ellie a lot more, because jumping and singing during a concert is just much more what I like doing instead of merely standing there watching someone sing.

Ellie is such a lovely person too! Once, she didn't understand what a person in the crowed shouted towards her and she said 'Pardon', and I just found that so nice, with her british accent and just the way she said it was so lovely haha :) What I also love about Ellie is her style, she wore black leather shorts with a white crop top and creepers. I know creepers are not everyones cup of tea, but I actually really like them! I don't know if I would wear them myself, because they are quite unusual and special, but yeah, maybe one day (:

There were 2 singers playing before Ellie; Matthew Koma which you might know from 'Spectrum' and Charlie XCX from 'I love it'. I actually liked both of them :)

I think If Ellie ever comes to Vienna again, I am going to see her again, because I really really enjoyed her concert last night! :)

23 April 2013


 source: Kurier

Today when I sat in the tram and read a blogpost about the Lana del Rey concert in Vienna on Friday I remembered that I totally forgot to write a post about it, as I went there as well. For the past couple of days I had something in the back of my mind that told me that I still have to write a certain post, but I just wasn't able to remember which one, that's why it comes a bit late, but here you go :)

After school I went to my friends house so we could get ready together. I curled my hair and used fake lashes, I honestly don't know what I should think about fake lashes, I do think that they look really good at parties and concerts etc., but I just don't like the feeling of wearing them, and getting them in the right place and shape is a torture as well... However, we then walked through that little village in Lower Austria to get on the train, all dressed up :) Some people were looking at us weirdly, but that doesn't really bother me when I have a friend next to me to be honest, I think would make me feel really uncomfortable if I was on my own.

The rather bad thing was, that this was the only bad day in this week; it was raining and cold and we had to wait outside for at least over an hour, but luckily we did have an umbrella with us :)

When we were inside, soon the pre band which was from Scotland started playing, and at about 20.40 Lana del Rey entered the stage. Lana was wearing a blue skirt, a black blouse and a red rose in her hair, which I think looked really sweet, I generally think she is really pretty. 

People that have seen Lana del Rey performing before know that she comes across quite shy and insecure, but I am not going to judge her by that, because I'm kinda like that too haha :) 
What kinda surprised me was, that the concert was quite short, it finished at 10pm and Lana didn't even sing extra songs after the applause which I guess is quite unusual.

All in all I enjoyed the concert, even though it is not the typical jump around and dance event, but the vibe was still nice :)

What do you think about Lana del Rey?

17 April 2013

Let's go to the gym, gym

source: weheartit.com

Today I actually went to the gym after about 10 months! I used to go the gym in England for a couple of months about 2 - 3 times a week, but as soon as I came home to Austria again, I did nothing anymore. The only thing I sometimes did, was riding my bike, but I didn't do that regularely, so it didn't really affect my body. 

Now my brother has signed up in the gym though & he got 10 vouchers & a one month membership for free to give to somebody else, and as lucky as I am, I got it :) Today I went to the gym, called Holmes Place, for the first time and I absolutely love it! They have a lot of equipment to use, so you get to vary a lot, they also have a pool, which I think is definitely a bonus. What I also genuinely love about this gym, is the amazing view you get over Vienna. The gym is in a building called Millennium City, which has offices & a shopping centre in it, and in the 5th floor you find the gym. 

The membership for this gym is quite expensive though, as I student I would have to pay about 70€, my mum & dad would pay most of it, but I am not sure whether I really want to pay for it as well, as I am not a consequent person when it comes to doing something for a longer period of time. What I also dislike about the membership system is, that it is a 2 years one, so in case I want to go abroad after my graduation, I have no idea what I would do with the 2nd year of the membership, because obviously I am not going to pay it when I am not even going there anymore. So I really need to have a proper think about that whole thing...

Do you go to gym sometimes? Would you recommend a membership?

Conny xx

16 April 2013

sun, sun ,sun

At the moment I am sitting in the sun on our balcony writing this blogpost :) I think blogging is just soo much nicer outside, than in my room! As you my have read, I had my practical driving test yesterday, which I sadly didn't pass :( It has made me really upset yesterday, also because now I have to pay about 500 quid for more driving lessons and the fee for 2 exams, which is not that great... I was so nervous whilst I was driving, so the car died twice (which has never happened in the lesson I had a couple of hours before my exam) and I used the 2nd gear instead of the 1st to make a curve, and the parking didn't go too well either. That sounds like I am a terrible driver, but I have not made one of those mistakes in my driving lesson before the exam, so that annoyed me so much, because I know, that I made these mistakes because of my nervousness. 

However, today I am in a better mood again, being in a bad mood is not going to help me anyway :) 

I have loving the warmth recently, on sunday I have spent about 6 hours on our balcony, which was sooo nice, although I didn't get tanned :( I already thought about using fake tan, but I don't want to look orangey or something, so I am a bit scared of that. Well, we'll see :)

Do you get to enjoy the sun as well where you live?

PS: I apologise If the picture on the top looks weirdly edited, but as I am sitting in the sun, and that sun is shining right onto my screen, I can't really see what the edit looks like, haha :)

11 April 2013

And we're, I'm from Barcelona :)

Hello guys! :) Yesterday I have had one of my last driving lessons before my pratical driving test on Monday and it was absolutely horrible. I haven't been driving a VW for 8 months now (that's when my last driving lesson has been) so it took me a bit to get used to the car again. I actually made so many stupid mistakes which are really just ridiculous if I think about them now, I hope such stupid (yet big) mistakes won't happen in my exam on Monday, because I really do not have the money to firstly pay more driving lessons and secondly to pay the fee you have to pay if you don't pass, so please, wish me lots of luck haha :)

Today in school we were discussing whether we wanted to go to Florence, Barcelona or Lisbon in autumn. I would like to go to Barcelona or Lisbon, I don't think Florence isn't that exciting as it is more like a historical town I think, whereas Barcelona or Lisbon are like proper cities aaaand they are at the seaside which would be amazing too :)
Have you ever been to one of that places? Which one would you recommend? 

These are still some pictures we took in Bratislava the other day, thank you Ivana :)


9 April 2013

Rimmel & Schwarzkopf - New In

When I went to Bratislava on Saturday I realised, that they have got Rimmel products in DM which we don't, and I think that is a shame, because I can't really test them. I have had 2 Rimmel nail polishes before which I bought in England and I did not like them at all. I have seen a couple of other bloggers or youtubers recommending them, but I still just didn't like them, because they chipped off insanely fast and left my hand covered in colour when I removed them. Maybe I am going to give their nail polishes another chance, but I am not entirely sure yet. 
So on Saturday I thought lets try out Rimmel lipsticks  and I got myself 2 Kate Moss lipsticks which were 2,35€ each which I thought was a real bargain. What I love about them is the taste, sometimes lipsticks taste really chemical or haven't even got a taste, but these ones tasted kind of fruity I think :) I also love the colours, but those lipsticks are just so (!) pigmented, that I wouldn't wear them on a normal day I think. I don't think I would even wear them to go out to be honest, because they are just that bright. I think for people that like bright lipsticks and don't want to spend loads of money, Rimmel is a nice option, but for me they certainly are too much.

Then I bought something else which I have read (or heard?) about already; the Schwarzkopf got2be salt-spray, which is supposed to give you beachy waves. I love beachy waves, because they look really natural and they don't damage your hair as much as a curling iron does. I have used this product just once now, so it might be a little early to give you a decent review, but I will just tell you what I am thinking about it now, after using it for the first time. I put it on my hair after straightening it, because my natural hair is quite wavy and I don't think it would work If I just put it on my natural hair. I sprayed the salt spray from the middle parts to the bottom parts (on my ombré hair basically), because that's where I wanted the beachy waves. I must admit, I wasn't too impressed of the product, because the result was that only one streak on each side actually looked beachy, and the other parts did get a little bit of texture, but it wasn't that noticable. What I also noticed was, that my hair went really dry after I used this product, and it felt a bit dull. Maybe this product is still going to surprise me, but if it doesn't I am obviously not going to repurchase it.

I know, this reviews weren't too positiv, but it's just my opinion which I wanted to share with you :)

Have a lovely evening! x

7 April 2013

A day in Bratislava

Yesterday I went to Bratislava for the day to meet my hostsister again :) I arrived there at about 10am, then we had to walk to another bus stop, because we first got on the wrong one, so we were also exercising a little haha. Then we went to a shopping centre called Avion and I bought a couple of things which I will show you in another post :) In that shopping centre there was a little BIO shop where we had Falafel for lunch. I have never had Falafel before, but it was delicious! Afterwards we went to Aupark (which is a shopping centre too) and I also got a couple of things :) I didn't want to spend too much money though, as I rather want to save it for England in summer :) We then went to take pictures in the park, but it was so cold, so we couldn't stay for that long and then went to Ivanas house where I got Chai Latte and Pancakes :D At about 10pm I was at home again and went to bed because I was that tired (: I am now going to show you a couple of pictures we took yesterday, I hope you like them!

t-shirt & shorts pull&bear, knee highs h&m, cardigan river island

5 April 2013

I passed my theory! :)

Yessss! :D Yesterday I had my theoretical driving test and I was soo unbelievably nervous, even though I actually knew every question (of 1500) by heart :) It was such a relieving moment when I got the paper that told me that I passed, I was so happy! I got 98% in the specific questions and 96% in the general questions, and I think that was quite good :D
Today I went to book my practical driving test which I will have in 10 days, so I hope it is not going to rain or snow ;D

Last weekend I decided to take a couple of pictures with my new H&M dress (which I couldn't wear yet due to the horrible weather :( ) I am in love with the colour coral, so I just had to get this dress, the only thing I don't really like about it, that it is really invisible when you wear it, I don't know how I am gonna solve this problem yet, but I certainly don't want anybody to see my underwear haha (:

Also, I wanted to say thank you for 20 followers! I know, most people will think that that's not a lot, but I am just so grateful for every single reader, so yeah, thank you so much

Tomorrow I am going to Bratislava to visit my lovely hostsister, so I am probably going to post pictures on sunday! :)

Have a lovely weekend