29 April 2013

a few spring impressions ... ♥

Even though today it is not as nice as it was the past couple of days (which I don't mind because it is like a break from all the heat we have had recently), I want to show you some spring photos I took yesterday :)

I just love spring soooo much & you get to take so many great pictures again, because the light outside is just lovely & light is something you do not get a lot in winter so that makes me really happy!

Do you enjoy spring as much as I do? :)

 PS: At the moment I am really unhappy with my blog layout, do any of you know if there is a website somewhere that gives you a couple of tips for layouting? I would really appreciate that :)  (I'm not asking you to find out about that now, just in case you know a page like that :) )


  1. All the heat you've had? All we have is rain, so mainly I'm just hoping that spring will actually start for good! I miss a bit of sun. ;-) x

  2. Lovely photos x


  3. beautiful photos and a very cute blog!! I am following :) xx