26 April 2013


Sorry for another concert post, but I just need to tell you about the Ellie Goulding concert yesterday in Vienna. It was amazing! We were waiting in front of the entrance from like 5pm (I think) so we got the chance to get into the first row, which was genuinely amazing! The concert was so different to Lana's last week, because their music is just so different, and I must admit I enjoyed Ellie a lot more, because jumping and singing during a concert is just much more what I like doing instead of merely standing there watching someone sing.

Ellie is such a lovely person too! Once, she didn't understand what a person in the crowed shouted towards her and she said 'Pardon', and I just found that so nice, with her british accent and just the way she said it was so lovely haha :) What I also love about Ellie is her style, she wore black leather shorts with a white crop top and creepers. I know creepers are not everyones cup of tea, but I actually really like them! I don't know if I would wear them myself, because they are quite unusual and special, but yeah, maybe one day (:

There were 2 singers playing before Ellie; Matthew Koma which you might know from 'Spectrum' and Charlie XCX from 'I love it'. I actually liked both of them :)

I think If Ellie ever comes to Vienna again, I am going to see her again, because I really really enjoyed her concert last night! :)

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