5 April 2013

I passed my theory! :)

Yessss! :D Yesterday I had my theoretical driving test and I was soo unbelievably nervous, even though I actually knew every question (of 1500) by heart :) It was such a relieving moment when I got the paper that told me that I passed, I was so happy! I got 98% in the specific questions and 96% in the general questions, and I think that was quite good :D
Today I went to book my practical driving test which I will have in 10 days, so I hope it is not going to rain or snow ;D

Last weekend I decided to take a couple of pictures with my new H&M dress (which I couldn't wear yet due to the horrible weather :( ) I am in love with the colour coral, so I just had to get this dress, the only thing I don't really like about it, that it is really invisible when you wear it, I don't know how I am gonna solve this problem yet, but I certainly don't want anybody to see my underwear haha (:

Also, I wanted to say thank you for 20 followers! I know, most people will think that that's not a lot, but I am just so grateful for every single reader, so yeah, thank you so much

Tomorrow I am going to Bratislava to visit my lovely hostsister, so I am probably going to post pictures on sunday! :)

Have a lovely weekend

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