23 April 2013


 source: Kurier

Today when I sat in the tram and read a blogpost about the Lana del Rey concert in Vienna on Friday I remembered that I totally forgot to write a post about it, as I went there as well. For the past couple of days I had something in the back of my mind that told me that I still have to write a certain post, but I just wasn't able to remember which one, that's why it comes a bit late, but here you go :)

After school I went to my friends house so we could get ready together. I curled my hair and used fake lashes, I honestly don't know what I should think about fake lashes, I do think that they look really good at parties and concerts etc., but I just don't like the feeling of wearing them, and getting them in the right place and shape is a torture as well... However, we then walked through that little village in Lower Austria to get on the train, all dressed up :) Some people were looking at us weirdly, but that doesn't really bother me when I have a friend next to me to be honest, I think would make me feel really uncomfortable if I was on my own.

The rather bad thing was, that this was the only bad day in this week; it was raining and cold and we had to wait outside for at least over an hour, but luckily we did have an umbrella with us :)

When we were inside, soon the pre band which was from Scotland started playing, and at about 20.40 Lana del Rey entered the stage. Lana was wearing a blue skirt, a black blouse and a red rose in her hair, which I think looked really sweet, I generally think she is really pretty. 

People that have seen Lana del Rey performing before know that she comes across quite shy and insecure, but I am not going to judge her by that, because I'm kinda like that too haha :) 
What kinda surprised me was, that the concert was quite short, it finished at 10pm and Lana didn't even sing extra songs after the applause which I guess is quite unusual.

All in all I enjoyed the concert, even though it is not the typical jump around and dance event, but the vibe was still nice :)

What do you think about Lana del Rey?


  1. Klingt gut, ich wär auch gern dort gewesen :)

  2. Love Lana Del Rey she is such a goddess!