27 April 2013

Pancakes for breakfast

Today I was in the mood to prepare myself some proper breakfast again, so I thought of pancakes, I'm not normally great in making pancakes but today they went quite well.

 This is the basic recipe I use for my pancakes, you can also add sugar to it but it's not necessary as the Nutella will make it quite sweet anyway :) After preparing the basic dough, I also added some pieces of almonds and grated hazelnuts, that just gave the pancakes a more interesting flavour. There is no exact amount of how much nuts you should add, you best decide that yourself, but I wouldn't add too much of them, because it might change the consistence then.

First, you have to put the egg in a bowl and mix it thoroughly, then, in another bowl, you mix the flour and the milk so that there aren't any lumps of flour. I used a blender to do that, because doing i with a whisk would be too much effort and the result is not as thorough.

I hope you guys liked this little recipe, maybe you want to tell me how you like to eat your pancakes? :)


  1. zu erst; supersüßer Blog!:)
    Das Kleid hab ich im Kolesch gekauft:))

  2. Yum! This looks incredibly delicious!

  3. hmm so lecker! ich liebe pancakes! es macht sehr viel spaß deinen blog zu lesen! ohne spaß!
    wenn du zeit und lust hast, schau bei mir vorbei und wir könnten dem anderen folgen, was meinst du? :) ich würde mich über deinen kommi sehr freuen! :)

  4. Sieht wirklich toll aus! Das muss ich auch endlich mal ausprobieren...

  5. lecker!
    Love Lois xxx