9 April 2013

Rimmel & Schwarzkopf - New In

When I went to Bratislava on Saturday I realised, that they have got Rimmel products in DM which we don't, and I think that is a shame, because I can't really test them. I have had 2 Rimmel nail polishes before which I bought in England and I did not like them at all. I have seen a couple of other bloggers or youtubers recommending them, but I still just didn't like them, because they chipped off insanely fast and left my hand covered in colour when I removed them. Maybe I am going to give their nail polishes another chance, but I am not entirely sure yet. 
So on Saturday I thought lets try out Rimmel lipsticks  and I got myself 2 Kate Moss lipsticks which were 2,35€ each which I thought was a real bargain. What I love about them is the taste, sometimes lipsticks taste really chemical or haven't even got a taste, but these ones tasted kind of fruity I think :) I also love the colours, but those lipsticks are just so (!) pigmented, that I wouldn't wear them on a normal day I think. I don't think I would even wear them to go out to be honest, because they are just that bright. I think for people that like bright lipsticks and don't want to spend loads of money, Rimmel is a nice option, but for me they certainly are too much.

Then I bought something else which I have read (or heard?) about already; the Schwarzkopf got2be salt-spray, which is supposed to give you beachy waves. I love beachy waves, because they look really natural and they don't damage your hair as much as a curling iron does. I have used this product just once now, so it might be a little early to give you a decent review, but I will just tell you what I am thinking about it now, after using it for the first time. I put it on my hair after straightening it, because my natural hair is quite wavy and I don't think it would work If I just put it on my natural hair. I sprayed the salt spray from the middle parts to the bottom parts (on my ombré hair basically), because that's where I wanted the beachy waves. I must admit, I wasn't too impressed of the product, because the result was that only one streak on each side actually looked beachy, and the other parts did get a little bit of texture, but it wasn't that noticable. What I also noticed was, that my hair went really dry after I used this product, and it felt a bit dull. Maybe this product is still going to surprise me, but if it doesn't I am obviously not going to repurchase it.

I know, this reviews weren't too positiv, but it's just my opinion which I wanted to share with you :)

Have a lovely evening! x


  1. Lippenstift no 12 gefällt mir richtig gut!

  2. Ohh..these colours are so beautiful!

  3. Jedes Mal wenn ich den Fernseher aufdrehe sehe ich die Werbung von den tollen Beach Waves und jedes mal frage ich mich - funktioniert das wirklich?! :D
    Ich kanns mir irgendwie nicht so recht vorstellen, aber vl kannst du ja besser darüber urteilen wenn du das Produkt noch ein paar Mal probierst :)
    Würde mich auf jeden Fall freuen, wenn du noch einmal Bescheid geben kannst ;)
    <3 Eva

  4. I want to try that texturing beach hair spray but now im indecisive. Maybe i will still give it a go anyway :) keep using it, it might work if you didnt straightened your hair before hand and used a de-frizz creme instead :)

  5. Yeah I think I might :) thanks for getting back to me ! Theres no harm in trying it out and if it doesn't work well at least I know for the future not to buy it again :)

  6. Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar!
    Es freut mich, dass du noch nicht mit negativen Kommentaren konfrontiert wurdest :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  7. Soo pretty lipsticks; love the summer-ish colours (: Though a bit sad about the salt spray - I love beachy waves as well, but wish that I could find the perfect saltwater spray so I didn't have to use my curling/ straightening irons.. ^^'