16 April 2013

sun, sun ,sun

At the moment I am sitting in the sun on our balcony writing this blogpost :) I think blogging is just soo much nicer outside, than in my room! As you my have read, I had my practical driving test yesterday, which I sadly didn't pass :( It has made me really upset yesterday, also because now I have to pay about 500 quid for more driving lessons and the fee for 2 exams, which is not that great... I was so nervous whilst I was driving, so the car died twice (which has never happened in the lesson I had a couple of hours before my exam) and I used the 2nd gear instead of the 1st to make a curve, and the parking didn't go too well either. That sounds like I am a terrible driver, but I have not made one of those mistakes in my driving lesson before the exam, so that annoyed me so much, because I know, that I made these mistakes because of my nervousness. 

However, today I am in a better mood again, being in a bad mood is not going to help me anyway :) 

I have loving the warmth recently, on sunday I have spent about 6 hours on our balcony, which was sooo nice, although I didn't get tanned :( I already thought about using fake tan, but I don't want to look orangey or something, so I am a bit scared of that. Well, we'll see :)

Do you get to enjoy the sun as well where you live?

PS: I apologise If the picture on the top looks weirdly edited, but as I am sitting in the sun, and that sun is shining right onto my screen, I can't really see what the edit looks like, haha :)


  1. Dont worry about failing your driving test, I failed mine twice :( and I upset too, but it made me such a better driver getting those extra lesson in. I failed for speeding on my first test and stopped a little two far out on a red light on my second test. Did you know the majority of people dont pass on there first try anyway :) just try and get in another test as soon as you can and be really calm and forget there is an examiner beside you, thats what I did on my third attempt, plus i find women examiners are more lenient and will pass you even if you make a few more errors than you should have.
    Good luck with your next exam :)

  2. dont worry! my mum had to do her driving test six times before she passed :) i'm loving the sun at the moment. its quite funny how the weather effects your day. I've been so happier because the sun is out. Hope you do well on your next driving test :) xxxxx


  3. The sun makes everything seem so much happier doesn't it? Just found your blog I'm your newest follower. :') x Olwyn


  4. Ooh, youre so beautiful! I love that hair!
    We are two girls from Finnland and we just found your blog, its amazing! :)