30 May 2013

My MAC and KIKO purchases

Yesterday I had a driving lesson again and had a 2 hour gap between my maths tutor lesson and driving, so I had a little look around the shopping centre where my driving school is placed. As I was there, I realised that I read on another blog, that they opened a KIKO store there, so I got very excited and went to look for it. When I was in the store I spotted so many nice things, especially nail polishes and just wanted everything. I also spotted an eyebrow kit and decided to get it myself instead of some nail polishes, because an eyebrow kit is what I needed more. 
I got the lighter coloured kit, because my eyebrows are very very light & even the lightest colour makes a huge difference on my brows. 

After KIKO, I went to Douglas, because I have been wanting a MAC eyeshadow for ages, so I went there to look for a shade I liked, I knew I wanted like a brownish colour, because that's what I usually wear :) After swatching a couple of colours, I decided to get the colour Tempting which is a lustre. 

I was actually going to do some swatches, but the light outside is terrible today, so I would have had to edit them a lot, so the swatches would have been adulterated.

I hope you are having a good day & better weather than we do. (I feel like its November being all cuddled up in a blanket on my sofa haha)


PS: CathyCouture has recently presented my blog on hers, which made me really happy, make sure to have a look on her blog, too! :)

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27 May 2013

lomolove ♥

Hey guys :) I have just been looking through my pictures on my laptop & found a folder with all my developed (I still have some undeveloped ones as well) lomography photos and thought I wanted to share them with you.

I think Lomography is a great way to capture spontaneous moments & generally unplanned things. Of course I have also taken planned photos, as I just wanted to capture specific things with my Lomography camera even though nothing special has happened there :)

For my confirmation 2 years ago my dad gave me a 4 pack of different lomography cameras including the coloursplash, fisheye, one that takes several pictures at once & the holga. I have not yet developed any film of the one with the several pictures, because developing is just so expensive, but I guess I should do soon before it's too late. Also I honestly have no clue how my Holga works as it has a different film in it, which is a shame, because I think Holga pictures look amazing!

Anyway, I picked out some pictures that I liked to show you!

 eastbourne beach 

 vienna 'riesenrad'

 lake in carinthia

Have you tried Lomography before? :)

25 May 2013

blue jeans, blue hair

So today I felt like dip dying the ends of my hair - not  permanently of course, just a simple DIY method which I will show you on my blog soon :)
I decided to colour them blue and went outside to take pictures, because thats like the reason for dying my hair blue haha :)

The weather wasn't too nice and it was really cloudy, but I think that didn't really matter as I added my pictures anyway :) Most of those pictures are no-smile ones, I actually never put up any where I am not smiling, because I think not smiling just doesn't suit me :) But I am just going to stop writing now, here are the pictures...

crochet top - tally weijl, shorts - hollister, and a jeans vest my mum gave to me :)

This is what my dip dye looks like, I actually really like it :)
This is also the first time I have been taking pictures with my natural hair as I am not the biggest fan of my waves, but I thought for the stuff I am wearing and the dip dye, wavy hair would just be more appropriate :) 

Would you ever dip dye your hair? And if, what colour would you prefer?  

24 May 2013

Drugstore Haul :)

Hey guys :)

Yesterday I went into DM to get some bits I needed, they're nothing special, just the usual products really :)

I bought some scented nail polish remover from essence, shaving stuff, a moisturising face lotion, a conditioner from wella, eye make up remover liquid & pads and the Maybelline FITme concealer in shade 15.

I was really happy when I spotted this concealer, because I think it suits my skin tone quite well and I think it has nice coverage which I think is really important. I was thinking about getting the Garnier BB cream as well, but I just wasn't sure if it's worth buying? I would have to wear it with my foundation anyway, because the BB cream itself is too dark for my skin.

Do you use a BB cream? Which one would you recommend? :)

19 May 2013

My first wedding

Hey guys! As you can tell by the title, I have been on my 1st wedding yesterday! I didn't really know the couple that was getting married, but however :) The wedding took place in a small village in Lower Austria, so we stayed overnight in an amazing hotel; I have hardly ever been in such a big hotel room I think haha :)

So yesterday at about 2pm the wedding started. As I have never been on a wedding before that was a little exciting for me :) The groom even started to cry when they their vow to each other, that was so sweet. After being in church, we went back to the hotel where the ceremony took place. First we got little things to eat like wraps and bread, later there was a big buffet with a variety of food and of course the wedding cake :)

I loved that they had a Polaroid camera and those accessories made out of wood, all that Polaroids are now collected in an album for the couple, love that idea :)

Today we went into a some kind of animal park where they had animals like donkeys, deers, lynx, goats,... That goat on the picture above was such a little poser haha, loved it! :)

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, and I hope those of you (like me haha) are still enjoying their long weekend :) xx

14 May 2013

What do you think about ...

Since I have seen the amazing Ellie Goulding live, I am debating whether to get myself a pair of creepers, because I liked them so much on her. I know, Creepers aren't everyone's cup of tea, and that's the reason why I am so unsure about getting them. I'm actually quite confident with what I am wearing, because I just think that there is no reason why others should judge the way I dress, (that sounds like I dress extremely weirdly, but I mean like patterned jeans or aztec leggins, etc.) but I just know that so many people really dislike creepers so that makes me kind of insecure with wearing them.

I was looking through a couple of online stores and picked my favourites. 

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

My favourites are number 1 & 4, I also love number 2, but I think they look a bit beachy. It would be lovely if you could tell me your opinion & your favourite, I am so unsure whether to get some & which? :)


11 May 2013


an afternoon full of boredom (whilst I should be studying french) usually ends up in me taking me pictures of myself, here's the result!

I must admit; I actually really like them, they're different to my usual pictures :)
I got inspiration from a picture I spotted on weheartit.com, so it's not my own idea. It was quite tricky drawing an eye with my liquid eyeliner, as I am not that talented in drawing, but I think that looks quite decent :)

What do you think about those pictures? :)

10 May 2013

That christmas feeling ♡

I am not talking about the weather - but 2 days ago the Woman Box my mum ordered finally arrived! It is a box you get if you buy the abo of a magazine called Woman (which most of you won't know as it's Austrian)

I was so happy when I opened the box, I just love surprises like tha, I think ordering the Glossybox would be perfect for me :)

The box includes:
- Maybelline Jade SuperStay 14H Lippenstift
- Kérastase Elixir Ultime
- VICHY Aqua Thermalia
- L’Oréal Paris Elvital Extreme Repair Mini-Kuren
- SHISEIDO Benefiance WR24 Day Emulsion
- Marc Jacobs 'Eau so fresh'
- Roger & Gallet Duschgel
- Etienne Aigner Debut

Of course that's all sample sizes :)

That Marc Jacobs 'Eau so fresh' is definitely my favourite product of the box! I am absolutely in love with the design & the smell, it's a quite sweet, flowery smell and for me perfect for spring :)

Do you own any of these products? Have you ordered any boxes like the Glossybox? :)

I also wanted to say a massive thank you to all of you - I was amazed by the amount of comments my last post got, I never thought this was even possible on my blog, I couldn't stop smiling when I read all your lovely comments, you're the best :)

Also; hello to my new followers, I can't believe I have reached over 30 already! I just wanted to kindly ask you though, If you could maybe give me a follow on bloglovin' as I think that GFC will be removed at some point in summer(?)


4 May 2013

Little room upgrade ♥

Hey guys :)

Today I went to Ikea with my mum and my brothers and I spotted this lovely flower pot & instantly fell in love with it. I also instantly knew it would be perfect to store my make up brushes (I just have about 5, but yeah haha) as I never actually have flowers in my room, I'm not really good in keeping flowers alive for longer than 2 days ;D
Before I had this flower pot I stored my brushes in a transparent flower pot, but this one from Ikea looks a lot nicer, and it was just 6€ which I think is an alright price :)

Yesterday I took my driving test again & again I failed. I actually feel really embarassed writing this here, because you all must think I'm a complete idiot, as most people probably manange to pass their driving test at their 2nd attempt... I'm actually so fed up with this whole driving thing already & I just don't want to spend money on it anymore. Taking the test over and over again just makes me more nervous to be honest and I think my nervousity also has a big impact on my driving which is not really an advantage. However, I'm gonna stop complaining now, it won't change the situation anyway haha (:

As this post was actually meant to be about my little room upgrade, I just wanted to ask you; How do you store your make up brushes? :)

dreamthelifeaway  is currently choosing blogs to presents, I think she'd be happy if many of you signed up! :)

1 May 2013

A day in Bad Ischl

Yesterday after school, half of my class and me went to Upper Austria because in the evening we were allowed to dance in a show. It took us a bit more than 3 hours to go there I think, but bus journeys are always a lot of fun I think! :) 
When we arrived there we were in a rush, because we still had to rehearse, get dressed, do our make up etc. but we managed to do that all :)
Sadly there weren't many people watching the play even though I think it was a quite good one, we even had a quite famous Austrian actress in it, so I was a bit surprised that just such a little amount of people was interested in it. However I think it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it!

Today we had a couple of hours to spend in Bad Ischl so we had a little look around the town and sat in a bakery for a bit, in the end we went on a carriage that took us on a ride around the town which was lovely :)

It was so nice to get away from Vienna, even though it was just for like a day, but seeing mountains and little villages is always kinda exciting when you live in such a big city haha :)