25 May 2013

blue jeans, blue hair

So today I felt like dip dying the ends of my hair - not  permanently of course, just a simple DIY method which I will show you on my blog soon :)
I decided to colour them blue and went outside to take pictures, because thats like the reason for dying my hair blue haha :)

The weather wasn't too nice and it was really cloudy, but I think that didn't really matter as I added my pictures anyway :) Most of those pictures are no-smile ones, I actually never put up any where I am not smiling, because I think not smiling just doesn't suit me :) But I am just going to stop writing now, here are the pictures...

crochet top - tally weijl, shorts - hollister, and a jeans vest my mum gave to me :)

This is what my dip dye looks like, I actually really like it :)
This is also the first time I have been taking pictures with my natural hair as I am not the biggest fan of my waves, but I thought for the stuff I am wearing and the dip dye, wavy hair would just be more appropriate :) 

Would you ever dip dye your hair? And if, what colour would you prefer?  


  1. You are beautifuuul♥ and have really nice hair! :)

  2. Schöne Haare! Und dein Top sieht auch richtig super aus =)

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Mein Blog ♥

  3. Die Haare sehen toll aus! Sowas würde ich auch gerne mal testen, aber bei dunklen Haaren ist das leider schwierig ;)

    LG Andrea


  4. hair looks amazing! I've had the ends of my hair pink and them purple but took so long to get back to natural xx