24 May 2013

Drugstore Haul :)

Hey guys :)

Yesterday I went into DM to get some bits I needed, they're nothing special, just the usual products really :)

I bought some scented nail polish remover from essence, shaving stuff, a moisturising face lotion, a conditioner from wella, eye make up remover liquid & pads and the Maybelline FITme concealer in shade 15.

I was really happy when I spotted this concealer, because I think it suits my skin tone quite well and I think it has nice coverage which I think is really important. I was thinking about getting the Garnier BB cream as well, but I just wasn't sure if it's worth buying? I would have to wear it with my foundation anyway, because the BB cream itself is too dark for my skin.

Do you use a BB cream? Which one would you recommend? :)


  1. scented nail varnish remover sounds so cool! I used the rimmel bb cream in light and thats a nice shade for my skin as I am pale too! x


  2. unsere mathelehrerin ist einfach unfähig.. -.- :D
    Ja, ich muss mal sehen, was ich so hinkriege..

  3. I find the garnier BB cream too orangey for my skin, that's the only one i've tried! x