30 June 2013

... and then I got PhotoBooth

A couple of days ago I could realise a dream I have had for years! A store re-opened and had amazing deals, such as MacBook's. I have been wanted one literally for ages, so I went and got one. My mum kindly lent me the money as I am working in August, so then I can give it back to her.
My old laptop which was a Sony was probably the slowest laptop in this whole world and it drove me insane, so I am very glad about my new one. As you might know MacBook's always come with a software called PhotoBooth, and this literally keeps me occupied for hours! I just find it so funny to try out those effects and make some weird pictures haha :) I always wanted to use Photo Booth on someones else's MacBooks, so I am glad to have my own now.

In this post I just wanted to show you a few pictures I took. Also, If you are wondering why this is such a colourful picture; today I found an amazing artist on deviantart.com, the graphics are stunning!

As my 9 week long holidays have now started, I will have a lot more time to spend with my blog, I am actually planning on doing a new layout, I just kind of need to have a proper think about what I want it to look like and stuff :)

Another thing is that I have just uploaded my first YouTube video ever, and I know that there are so many people doing that now, but I just kind of wanted to do this for months already and now I got over myself and just did it. It would be amazing If you could check it out and leave me a comment with some feedback! Thank you :) x

22 June 2013

my creepers!

A while ago I told you that I wanted to buy creepers. I was going to buy the floral ones from Asos, but then they were sold out in my size, just my luck really ;D
I then started to look for a different pair & found a website called boohoo.com, they had some creepers in different colours from which I chose lilac. It is not a strong lilac, it looks kind of grey-ish already and I really like that! My creepers were 30€ including shipping which I found was really good!

I have not worn them yet, because I am not quite sure how people are going to react. I think most people don't like creepers, so I guess many people would find it weird that I wear them. I know I shouldn't care that much about others peoples opinion, but I just kind of do, and I think I'm not alone with that :)

I don't want to let this sound like you must tell me that they look amazing, no, I always want your honest opinion :)

I know, the middle me looks like an editing mistake, but my hand was actually in that position haha :)

18 June 2013

Our last summer

I have just been listening to Mamma Mia (hence the title), and this Musical just makes me so happy, not like I'm in a bad mood at the moment, but the songs, especially Honey, Honey which is my favourite, are just so lovely :) I think I need to watch the DVD again soon.

On sunday I went to a Heuriger, which you can basically describe as an austrian or even viennese restaurant, where you go to get the food you want yourself & they weigh it and you pay for how much you took. They also don't sell beverages like Coke etc. there, but drinks like spritzer :) I ate a baked courgette and a cucumber salad which was delicious :) Afterwards we went on a walk, because the view there is simply amazing!

Normally, I am not the biggest fan of my city, but this view is just stunning! :)

16 June 2013

bbq outfit ♥

Yesterday I went to a birthday barbecue of a friend of mine :) I haven't had a barbecue since last year, so I was really looking forward to that.
I sadly don't have any pictures of the barbecue, because we weren't sure if we wanted to go out afterwards (we didn't in the end) so I didn't want to risk bringing my camera and having to take it to a club :)
However, before the barbecue I took some pictures of my outfit. I wore a lose shirt from Vero Moda, which is perfect for hot summer days, then I wore some black shorts from Primark :) (I am very in to black and white and unicoloured stuff at the moment haha)
Both of those things are items that I have bought recently, I might do a little collective Haul soon :) 

Also I am very sorry for neglecting my blog recently, but as I am not the greatest student, I had to give my best for the last exams, so I don't fail, and luckily I didn't so in autumn I will finally be in Year 12 which is the final year in Austria :) My holidays start in 2 weeks, so hopefully I will do a lot more for my blog then! :)

I hope you are enjoying this very hot day (I am almost dying in the heat haha) and I hope you have had a lovely weekend! :) xx

PS: I also want to remind you that GFC is going to be gone very soon, so if you would still like to be following me, you can do this on bloglovin :) 

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9 June 2013

Sun, sun, fun

Hey guys! :) Yesterday my hostsister Ivana came to Vienna because she took part in an EF meeting for the futurt exchange students. Afterwards we met eachother and first went to Starbucks. As usual, I was drinking an amazing Iced Chai Tea Latte, I am literally in love with this drink and I haven't ordered anything else at Starbucks for about two years now, I think :)

After sitting there for a while chatting, we went to H&M, F21 and American Apparel. I just got myself a pair of ombré sunglasses in F21, because I need to save my money for England :)
As it was Saturday our shops already closed at 6pm (yeah Vienna is that weird), so we went to look for a place to take pictures. 

First we ended up in Resselpark, but we didn't get to take many nice pictures there, as the light was not the best & there were a lot of people walking by.

Then we made our way to Belvedere & found a cute little street were we then got better pictures taken which I will show you in this blog as well as the Belvedere pictures.

I wore a quite simple outfit with shorts from Primark, a T-Shirt from Primark and a Bandeau Top from New Look. My mustache bag was from Primark as well, and for €2.50 it was a real bargain I think!

1 June 2013

Last week on a field

First of all, I got some really really good news :) I passed my drivers licence yesterday! Some of you might have read about my drivers licence before & may know that this was my 3rd attempt already, thats why I was even happier to have passed! The moment where the examiner ticked 'Passed' I just started smiling and haven't yet finished haha :)

Last sunday we went to a little village in lower austria where we kind of have a little house and we just spend a couple of hours with cleaning, gardening, etc... It was a shame that the weather was really cold and windy so we couldn't go swimming into the lake, but I hope I will get a chance to do that this summer :) However, the bad weather couldn't stop me from getting some random pictures taken, so here they are.

Also, I cannot believe that it is June already! This time last year, we started to say goodbye to some of our friends who went home earlier than me already, and I can't believe I have not seen most of them in a year now, this is just so unreal! Time just flies so quickly!

I hope you are all having a nice Saturday and a good start into June! :)
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