30 June 2013

... and then I got PhotoBooth

A couple of days ago I could realise a dream I have had for years! A store re-opened and had amazing deals, such as MacBook's. I have been wanted one literally for ages, so I went and got one. My mum kindly lent me the money as I am working in August, so then I can give it back to her.
My old laptop which was a Sony was probably the slowest laptop in this whole world and it drove me insane, so I am very glad about my new one. As you might know MacBook's always come with a software called PhotoBooth, and this literally keeps me occupied for hours! I just find it so funny to try out those effects and make some weird pictures haha :) I always wanted to use Photo Booth on someones else's MacBooks, so I am glad to have my own now.

In this post I just wanted to show you a few pictures I took. Also, If you are wondering why this is such a colourful picture; today I found an amazing artist on deviantart.com, the graphics are stunning!

As my 9 week long holidays have now started, I will have a lot more time to spend with my blog, I am actually planning on doing a new layout, I just kind of need to have a proper think about what I want it to look like and stuff :)

Another thing is that I have just uploaded my first YouTube video ever, and I know that there are so many people doing that now, but I just kind of wanted to do this for months already and now I got over myself and just did it. It would be amazing If you could check it out and leave me a comment with some feedback! Thank you :) x


  1. love it Conny!! :)) so good you have finally your macbook! :D you have to show it to me when I will come to Austria!! and the video is amazing as well! :))

  2. Haha, ja Photo Booth liebe ich auch über alles <3 Das macht total süchtig ^^

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Mein Blog ♥