9 June 2013

Sun, sun, fun

Hey guys! :) Yesterday my hostsister Ivana came to Vienna because she took part in an EF meeting for the futurt exchange students. Afterwards we met eachother and first went to Starbucks. As usual, I was drinking an amazing Iced Chai Tea Latte, I am literally in love with this drink and I haven't ordered anything else at Starbucks for about two years now, I think :)

After sitting there for a while chatting, we went to H&M, F21 and American Apparel. I just got myself a pair of ombré sunglasses in F21, because I need to save my money for England :)
As it was Saturday our shops already closed at 6pm (yeah Vienna is that weird), so we went to look for a place to take pictures. 

First we ended up in Resselpark, but we didn't get to take many nice pictures there, as the light was not the best & there were a lot of people walking by.

Then we made our way to Belvedere & found a cute little street were we then got better pictures taken which I will show you in this blog as well as the Belvedere pictures.

I wore a quite simple outfit with shorts from Primark, a T-Shirt from Primark and a Bandeau Top from New Look. My mustache bag was from Primark as well, and for €2.50 it was a real bargain I think!


  1. Awh gorgeous! Love European architecture. And your hair is rad x

  2. Dankeschön, die schönen Bilder sehen nach einem tollen tag aus und besonders das letze zeigt wohl, wie viel Spaß hier hattet :)
    Lg Ronja

  3. Schöne Bilder! Hübsch seht ihr aus! =)

    Liebe Grüße,

    ♥ Mein Blog ♥

  4. Sehr, sehr schoene Bilder :) Sieht auf jeden Fall nach einem gelungenem Tag aus. Ueberigens beneide ich dich dafuer, dass du im wunderschoenen Wien lebst. Allein die Architektur ist atemberaubend und die Menschen super freundlich :) Mir gefaellts dort!



  5. I am obsessed with all of this.

  6. Ihr seid so hübch Mädels und dein Blog ist echt süß Conny! :)

  7. Dein Blog ist wirklich total süß! :) ♡

  8. Y'all are both gorgeous & I love your outfit! :)
    Hope you're having a Fierce & Fabulous Sunday!

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