27 July 2013

a sunny day in Brighton

Hey guys!
On Wednesday we went to Brighton to do some shopping and go to the Pier, in the morning it was rather cold and cloudy, but the later it got, the better the weather got.

As I am writing this post the weather is kinda bad again, it was really warm earlier, but from one second to the other it changed so much which was a shame, because we actually planned on going to Beachy Head, but as I don't really want to slip and fall down a cliff, we decided to just stay in McDonalds for a while, and then we headed home.

However, I have got some pictures I took in Brighton for you now, I hope you like them :)

I really enjoy walking down the lanes, you find so many different shops there, food as well as clothing, and you just must go there when you visit Brighton! :)

On the Lanes we went into a milkshake shop called Shake-Away, and i really, really recommend their shakes! There is a menu with all kind of sweets and flavours you can add to create a unique shake, and for such indecisive people like me, there are also some pre created constellations, I took a shake called Norah, it was with a chocolate muffin, a daim bar and Maltesers on the top.

Tomorrow I am heading to London for the day and I hope the weather changes until then, so I can take more pictures! :) x

26 July 2013

Vans on the wall

Hey guys! I have been in England for a couple of days now & as we went to London yesterday and walked for ages, we are having kind of a break today, so that's why I have got some time to blog & edit pictures :)

After going to Brighton on Wednesday we did a little photoshoot in the street next to our house.
I am wearing high waisted shorts & a beanie from New Look, a top from Vero Moda and Vans from Schuh.

I will put up a Brighton post very soon! :) Hope you're all good! x

21 July 2013

England calling!

I have waited for this to come for such a long time, which means I am beyond excited about going back to England tomorrow. On the one hand it feels like I haven't been there in ages (it's been like 9 months which is a lot for me to be honest :) ) but on the other hand it feels like I have just left yesterday.

Anyway, this also means, that I probably will not be blogging in this time & I also haven't prepared any posts (sorry, I am a terrible blogger haha). I will take my laptop with me, but I will primarily use it to put pictures & videos from my camera on it.

In England we want to go to London, Brighton, to the beach (dear sun, please stay!), meet up with friends, do some shopping, just the usual stuff really :) We (my hostsister and me) will also be vlogging, so I guess I will have A LOT to post afterwards, that's how I justify not posting at all for 2 weeks.
I hope you do understand that :)

So guys, I wish you a nice 2 weeks and enjoy the summer as much as you possibly can! :) 

See you soon x

17 July 2013

BBQ, lake,... ♥

In the past few days my social life finally decided to show up again! I had a BBQ at a friend's house which was lovely apart from the fact that we all got bitten by loads of mosquitos. I also had a BBQ at home & at my dad's house, so in the past couple of days I have kind of just eaten BBQ food haha :)

On monday I went to our little house at a lake, we went there by car which meant I had to drive like 40 minutes, the majority of it on a motorway. Most people enjoy driving on a motorway, but I am not too sure whether I do. Maybe I just need to do it more often to get comfortable with that. But I really enjoyed being at the lake! It may be a bit unbelievable considering it was like 38°C at some point in June already, but I haven't been swimming yet this year, so on Monday I could finally enjoy the water, even though it was a little windy and not the warmest of all days.

Yesterday I met up with two friends I haven't seen in too long. We used to go to school together, but since we don't anymore we kind of drifted away from each other which is quite sad, I hate drifting away from people. But I loved seeing them yesterday & it is great that a friendship can actually stay even though you don't see each other every day anymore.

However, I am now going to show you a couple of pictures from the past few days :)

The only sad thing is, that I am not the tiniest bit tanned yet. I don't know why my skin won't get darker anymore, I used to be so tanned when I was a child, and seeing pictures from other people's tan lines makes me really jealous haha.

Have a good evening! x

14 July 2013

Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone

This is the song we thought of when we saw the location where we took pictures. I don't really know what you call it, neither in German nor in English, it's just a kind of stone building?! Anyway, before that we also went to a beach next to the Danube, and as I haven't been on holidays in 4 years now, feeling sand was kind of a great feeling :) We were sitting in some beach chairs eating strawberries before we continued taking pictures in the park where we found this stone thing.
I am really sorry, but there's going to be a lot of pictures now, i just couldn't choose which ones to upload so I just took the majority of pictures I liked, I hope you don't mind :)

I know, especially the one on the grass is a little overexposed, but I don't think pictures always need to look perfect to be good memories :) 

Hope you are all having a great weekend x

12 July 2013

Rimmel Haul!

 Every time I go to Slovakia I get myself a couple of things from Rimmel, because it is just a lot cheaper than in Austria, a Kate Moss Lipstick in Austria costs about 7€ whilst in Slovakia it is 2.35€, so even buying a ticket to go there & a lipstick is cheaper than a lipstick in Austria. Also, I think I can justify buying more lipsticks when I am abroad, than when I am at home, I don't know why, that's just how I feel haha. 

From the lipstick section I chose three Kate Moss lipsticks. I picked up a purple one, a kind of berry red and a red coral ish lipstick. Especially the last one is in my opinion perfect for summer! I have no clue when and how I will wear the purple one, but I just thought the colour was really interesting so I got this one, too. What I love most about the Rimmel Lipstick is the pigmentation, and I think they last quite long, too. On the train to Bratislava I watched Fleur's video in which she mentioned the Rimmel Apocalips lipstick/gloss, so I wanted to give it a try, too. I am not sure how much it was, but I believe it was about 5€.

I have never really been a Rimmel Nail polish fan, because I own 2 of them which I genuinely don't like, so I haven't bought one in about 8 months or so, but I have heard of so many people's good opinions about them, so I just gave them a chance again. And I must admit I really like them! Firstly they are very cheap & secondly the colours are just amazing! I am wearing either of them at the moment, the orange one on my hands & the coral one on my feet. The orange one took a bit longer to dry than the coral one, but the coral one is from the 60 seconds series, so I guess that's just somehow logical :) 

I am genuinely happy with all my purchases and I think I will get a lot of wear out of them (apart from the purple lipstick though ;D ) 

What do you own from Rimmel & would you recommend the products you own?

Please also make sure you have watched my newest YouTube Videos, I would really appreciate it, If you could leave a comment and tell me what you think about it <3

10 July 2013

Ahoj Bratislava!

Yesterday I went to Bratislava to visit Ivana again. As usual, we took a lot of pictures & in this post I want to show you the first part of them. Also, we decided to film a Haul in a park which I will put in this post as well :)

After I arrived, we got on the bus and went to town, we went to McCafé to get a strawberry drink, then we went into some shops. Afterwards we were walking over a bridge to get to a beach. I haven't felt sand under my feet in years, this was so lovely! As the beach was close to a shopping centre called Aupark, we decided to go there. I bought some things & most of them were bargains, as it is summer sale now which I loooove :) Those things you can see in the video below.

My skirt / shorts (it's like a mixture haha) was from Miss Selfridge, my T-shirt from Pull and Bear.

I hope you are all having lovely holidays / school day / day at work :) xx

3 July 2013

Wishlist England :)

As I am going to England with Icanwearmyconverse in 19 days, I made a wishlist of things I would like to buy there. I designed this wishlist on Polyvore.

1. Skater Skirt I have been wanting a skater skirt since I went to Paris in February, but I just couldn't find the perfect one. I would like to have either a denim or grey one.
2. Oversized T-Shirt I have been loving oversized T-Shirts recently, maybe because I am not too happy with my figure, but also because I think they're great for warmer days.
3. High waisted shorts I own one pair of high waisted shorts which I bought in Pull&Bear last summer and I am absolutely in love with them and I wear them a lot, so I thought a second pair would be great :)
4. Acid washed Jeans Currently I jut have 1 pair of jeans which I genuinely like wearing, my light ones from Miss Selfridge. They fit amazingly and just look perfect too, so I want to look in that store for some Acid Washed Jeans as I love the look of them!
5. Plain Top with leather application Since I have seen a video of Zoe on YT where she is wearing an oversized T-Shirt with leather applications, I really want one like that, too! I just love how it makes a plain top a lot more interesting. (That picture on my wishlist is the closest I could get to an example)

1. Satchel I think Satchels in bright colours are a great accessory for monochrome outfits, especiall in summer.
2. Beanie Even though it's still rather warm outside; autumn will come faster than we wish, so I would love to have a grey beanie.
3. Burgundy sneakers I haven't bought a pair of normal sneakers in over a year now and I think for autumn burgundy sneakers would be amazing If I wear black or grey clothes.
4. Rings I love little used golden rings so much! I think they just give a really nice detail to every outfit, so I definitely want to get myself some.

1. Barry M Nail varnish I have never owned a Barry M nail varnish, but I have heard so much good stuff about them, so I really want to try one!
2. Sleek Contour Kit I don't actually own anything to contour my face yet, and I think this kit would be great to start with contouring (I don't want to purchase expensive contourers like the benefit one If I don't know whether I actually like contouring)
3. Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick I have bought two of them in Slovakia already and I absolutely love them! They are well pigmented and stay long as well, I love them!
4. Real Techniques Brush For my contouring Kit I also need to get a brush, and I thought about getting myself one from Real Techniques. They are not as expensive as MAC, but apparently they are really good!
5. Sleek Matte Eyeshadow Palette I have never had matte eyeshadows before, so that's why I'd like to own a palette like the one from Sleek.

A couple of days ago I uploaded my first video on YouTube, it would be great If you could give me some feedback!

Have you got certain items you want to own for summer? :)