27 July 2013

a sunny day in Brighton

Hey guys!
On Wednesday we went to Brighton to do some shopping and go to the Pier, in the morning it was rather cold and cloudy, but the later it got, the better the weather got.

As I am writing this post the weather is kinda bad again, it was really warm earlier, but from one second to the other it changed so much which was a shame, because we actually planned on going to Beachy Head, but as I don't really want to slip and fall down a cliff, we decided to just stay in McDonalds for a while, and then we headed home.

However, I have got some pictures I took in Brighton for you now, I hope you like them :)

I really enjoy walking down the lanes, you find so many different shops there, food as well as clothing, and you just must go there when you visit Brighton! :)

On the Lanes we went into a milkshake shop called Shake-Away, and i really, really recommend their shakes! There is a menu with all kind of sweets and flavours you can add to create a unique shake, and for such indecisive people like me, there are also some pre created constellations, I took a shake called Norah, it was with a chocolate muffin, a daim bar and Maltesers on the top.

Tomorrow I am heading to London for the day and I hope the weather changes until then, so I can take more pictures! :) x


  1. amazing photos! :)

  2. Have a good time! I like these photos :)

  3. amazing pics, have fun in London, :)


  4. i can tell from the pictures that this is brighto haha! i love shakeaway!