17 July 2013

BBQ, lake,... ♥

In the past few days my social life finally decided to show up again! I had a BBQ at a friend's house which was lovely apart from the fact that we all got bitten by loads of mosquitos. I also had a BBQ at home & at my dad's house, so in the past couple of days I have kind of just eaten BBQ food haha :)

On monday I went to our little house at a lake, we went there by car which meant I had to drive like 40 minutes, the majority of it on a motorway. Most people enjoy driving on a motorway, but I am not too sure whether I do. Maybe I just need to do it more often to get comfortable with that. But I really enjoyed being at the lake! It may be a bit unbelievable considering it was like 38°C at some point in June already, but I haven't been swimming yet this year, so on Monday I could finally enjoy the water, even though it was a little windy and not the warmest of all days.

Yesterday I met up with two friends I haven't seen in too long. We used to go to school together, but since we don't anymore we kind of drifted away from each other which is quite sad, I hate drifting away from people. But I loved seeing them yesterday & it is great that a friendship can actually stay even though you don't see each other every day anymore.

However, I am now going to show you a couple of pictures from the past few days :)

The only sad thing is, that I am not the tiniest bit tanned yet. I don't know why my skin won't get darker anymore, I used to be so tanned when I was a child, and seeing pictures from other people's tan lines makes me really jealous haha.

Have a good evening! x


  1. I feel your pain with not getting a tan, I'm the exact same. Lovely post :)

  2. You had to have a wonderful time. Very nice photos :)

  3. Cool pics :)