21 July 2013

England calling!

I have waited for this to come for such a long time, which means I am beyond excited about going back to England tomorrow. On the one hand it feels like I haven't been there in ages (it's been like 9 months which is a lot for me to be honest :) ) but on the other hand it feels like I have just left yesterday.

Anyway, this also means, that I probably will not be blogging in this time & I also haven't prepared any posts (sorry, I am a terrible blogger haha). I will take my laptop with me, but I will primarily use it to put pictures & videos from my camera on it.

In England we want to go to London, Brighton, to the beach (dear sun, please stay!), meet up with friends, do some shopping, just the usual stuff really :) We (my hostsister and me) will also be vlogging, so I guess I will have A LOT to post afterwards, that's how I justify not posting at all for 2 weeks.
I hope you do understand that :)

So guys, I wish you a nice 2 weeks and enjoy the summer as much as you possibly can! :) 

See you soon x


  1. Viel SpaƟ in England!! :)

  2. the weather here is gorgeous at the moment! you've come at the right time :) xoxox