3 July 2013

Wishlist England :)

As I am going to England with Icanwearmyconverse in 19 days, I made a wishlist of things I would like to buy there. I designed this wishlist on Polyvore.

1. Skater Skirt I have been wanting a skater skirt since I went to Paris in February, but I just couldn't find the perfect one. I would like to have either a denim or grey one.
2. Oversized T-Shirt I have been loving oversized T-Shirts recently, maybe because I am not too happy with my figure, but also because I think they're great for warmer days.
3. High waisted shorts I own one pair of high waisted shorts which I bought in Pull&Bear last summer and I am absolutely in love with them and I wear them a lot, so I thought a second pair would be great :)
4. Acid washed Jeans Currently I jut have 1 pair of jeans which I genuinely like wearing, my light ones from Miss Selfridge. They fit amazingly and just look perfect too, so I want to look in that store for some Acid Washed Jeans as I love the look of them!
5. Plain Top with leather application Since I have seen a video of Zoe on YT where she is wearing an oversized T-Shirt with leather applications, I really want one like that, too! I just love how it makes a plain top a lot more interesting. (That picture on my wishlist is the closest I could get to an example)

1. Satchel I think Satchels in bright colours are a great accessory for monochrome outfits, especiall in summer.
2. Beanie Even though it's still rather warm outside; autumn will come faster than we wish, so I would love to have a grey beanie.
3. Burgundy sneakers I haven't bought a pair of normal sneakers in over a year now and I think for autumn burgundy sneakers would be amazing If I wear black or grey clothes.
4. Rings I love little used golden rings so much! I think they just give a really nice detail to every outfit, so I definitely want to get myself some.

1. Barry M Nail varnish I have never owned a Barry M nail varnish, but I have heard so much good stuff about them, so I really want to try one!
2. Sleek Contour Kit I don't actually own anything to contour my face yet, and I think this kit would be great to start with contouring (I don't want to purchase expensive contourers like the benefit one If I don't know whether I actually like contouring)
3. Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick I have bought two of them in Slovakia already and I absolutely love them! They are well pigmented and stay long as well, I love them!
4. Real Techniques Brush For my contouring Kit I also need to get a brush, and I thought about getting myself one from Real Techniques. They are not as expensive as MAC, but apparently they are really good!
5. Sleek Matte Eyeshadow Palette I have never had matte eyeshadows before, so that's why I'd like to own a palette like the one from Sleek.

A couple of days ago I uploaded my first video on YouTube, it would be great If you could give me some feedback!

Have you got certain items you want to own for summer? :)


  1. love the sweater, the hat and the purse...Have fun in England. :)


  2. Hey! I just got back from my England trip and yes, real technique brushes are something you you need! I got the expert face brush which is great for foundation and powder! The MUA eyeshadow pallets are also surprisingly good and super cheap! Hope you'll have a great time (i did ;) ) xxx

  3. i also really want a satchel, but in a brown colour, so it looks more vintage! i LOOVE your blog haha!