28 August 2013

Studded Creepers

About a week ago I ordered some studded creepers from zalando, they're from a brand called Duffy. I have been wanting some for ages now but I never knew whether I should get them or not, but now I am so glad I did, because I genuinely love them!

I like, that they haven't got as many studs as some I have seen on Amazon which were slightly cheaper but they wouldn't deliver to Austria, so I actually haven't really had a choice.  The ones I ordered were about 48€, but I signed up for the newsletter so I got a 5€ voucher. 

Compared to the Original Underground creepers they were quite cheap, which you can clearly see in the quality. As I wanted to tie them up, one of them silver hooks already broke so I had to fix it with some glue (I am too lazy to send them back haha). I hope that this was the only issue, because I cannot be bothered to fix them again and I love them a lot so I want to be able to wear them without being scared that they'll break any second.

I know that creepers aren't everyones cup of tea, but I kind of feel in love with them and I also want to kind of stop caring about others opinions on what I wear because I just shouldn't bother haha :)

25 August 2013

The perks of rainy days ☂

So the majority of today I spent laying in my bed with my MacBook watching YouTube videos (including Chai's new video in which I am in, I find my reaction so funny haha) and Friends with Benefits. And I honestly don't regret a second of my lazy day.
But apart from being lazy I also made some Brownies, which aren't as good as the ones from the bakery which I have for breakfast every weekend, but hey, at least they're self made!

I would put recipes, etc. on this blog as I think I promised some time ago, but to be honest this is just not I want to do, I just can't put joy in baking. Most girls my age enjoy baking a lot, but I just don't have the patience for it & I hate my cake as soon as it doesn't have any imperfections. Oh well.

So I hope you enjoy my black and white rainy day pictures, which do not include an OOTD as my outfit basically is a baggy shirt, comfy trousers and socks which currently are way too high up my foot (just imagine someone wearing socks with sandals, i'm like that right now, just without sandals)

Nothing beats a cuppa tea on a day like this!
 I cannot believe I haven't seen this movie before, I love it now! (can I look like Mila please?)
 This is probably the first candle I have ever lit in my room, I don't know but I am always scared that they will set the entire house on fire haha.

24 August 2013

Oh hello, rain!

Today I woke up in the morning and it was raining, and I honestly loved it so much! As it is saturday I don't have to work and didn't have a rush getting out of bed, so I could just lay there and watch the rain.
We have had so much heat this summer, so that's why I appreciate rain even more now haha :)

Today we went to a chinese restaurant for my Grandmothers birthday, so this post is going to my an OOTD :) I honestly loved my outfit so much today haha, my disco leggings from Primark are just like my new favourite item at the moment, I think I will wear them to death this autumn! With them I wore a knitted jumper from H&M and my Vans. I also wore some rings from H&M, I love wearing multiple rings at the moment :)

Currently I am thinking about dying my hair dark blonde or brunette or something, because I am kinda getting bored of my blonde. I would re do the ombré though, I literally cannot live without it anymore haha. The only issue is just that I sometimes like my blonde but on some days I am just so sick of it. Also, I don't know whether a darker blonde actually suits me... ah I just can't decide haha :)

Hope you are all having a good day! :) x

17 August 2013

Maxi Skirt Outfit

Hey guys!
On Thursday we went to a typical austrian restaurant to celebrate my brothers' and my birthday with our relatives. As this place is in the middle of gorgeous wine yards and fields I didn't want to miss the chance to take some pictures :)

I bought this summer skirt in England (I will post a Haul soon, the memory card it is on is just being a bit weird) and I absolutely love it! It looks so nice worn with crop tops, it just looks so nice in summer :)

15 August 2013

Sleek, MUA, Barry M,... HAUL

I have finally managed to take pictures of the Make Up stuff I have bought! It took me a little long because I am working now and when I come home the light is literally gone, so the pictures wouldn't look good and I don't want to put something on the blog I am not happy with :)

It has also taken me a little longer because I am not that familiar with that new picture edit software I got, it is driving me crazy sometimes!

Anyway, I hope you like what I bought & if you have one or some of those products, feel free to tell me your opinion on them!

 1. Sleek Palette 'Storm' I have heard so much about these palettes before & I simply couldn't wait to purchase them myself. This palette consists mainly of shimmery colours but also of 3 mattes (2 browns and a black) This palette is really pigmented which I love! The colours also stay on quite well, apart from when it's very hot, then they tend to gather in your crease quite easily.
2. MUA blushes in 'Lolly' and 'Bubblegum' The main reason for buying those blushes was the price, they literally were just a Pound each & I think the colour range and the pigmentation is great!
3. MUA Palette I normally don't really wear actual colours on my face, I prefer the nude look a lot more, but I got this palette anyway so I could experiment a little more with colours like that, and for experimenting I don't need to buy a more expensive palette.
4. Maybelline colour tattoo I really wanted to try this creamy eyeshadow because apparently it is really good! I still kind of have troubles with wearing it though as I don't really know how to blend this with other colours properly. Also, I kind of regret getting the colour 'Light in purple', because again, I actually just wear nudes. 
5. MUA eyeshadow Trio 'Chocolate Box' Again a product from MUA which was really cheap (about 3 Pounds I reckon) and I think this is really good! The pigmented of the colours is great and they stay for a quite long time!
6. Maybelline Master smoky pencil I haven't had a pencil eyeliner in ages so I kind of wanted one again, this one is actually meant to be used for smokey eyes but I am just not that great in doing smokey eyes so I use this for my lower waterline and I think it's great, the only issue is that my eyes tear all the time so this doesn't really stay for a long time.
7. Sleek Contour Kit I absolutely love this kit, especially the blush is such a gorgeous colour, it is a shimmery rose colour and it just looks really natural I think. The contour colour and the highlighter are great too, I am so happy about this product :)
8. Bourjois chocolate bronzer I have never really had a bronzer before this & I absolutely love it! It smells delicious and makes me want to eat it straight away. It is a little shimmery, but not too much which I think is great.
9. Rimmel Eye primer I bought this primer because my eyelids are quite oily, so the eyeshadow creases quite easily. I must admit, I don't think this really helps, maybe it is because it has been really hot outside and I was sweating,... but so far I can't really recommend this. 
10. Beauty UK bronzer This is a really shimmery product! I don't think it gives away a lot of colour, but if you want to get shimmer on your face or your body then I think this is a good product.
11. Maybelline Mega Plush mascara I am in love with this one! The brush is thin at both ends but gets thicker in the middle, that why I think it is great for the bottom and the inner lashes, because the thin ends reaches them really well. I also think this gives a lot of volume to your lashes, I love this!
 12. Barry M Mango & blue confetti I have heard so many people raving about Barry M nail polishes, so I couldn't leave the UK without getting myself some. They have a great colour range which I like and many effect nail polishes. What I really don't like about them though, is that the brushes are so thin. Nail polishes like Essie, essence,... have the new, thicker brushes which make applying a lot easier, so I was kind of disappointed about that. Many people have said that when you use the Gelly nail polish, you just need to apply one layer, but I have to disagree with that, I did need 2 until it wasn't transparent anymore. The confetti nail polish is great though, it dries faster and I think it looks great, but the removing part is a little bit annoying as the confettis are still left after all the colour is gone so you need to invest a little more time in removing. 
13. Sleek 'Au naturel' This palette has more matte tones than the Storm palette, so i wanted to get this as well, as I have literally never had any matte eyeshadow before. The pigmentation of this is great, too I think Sleek do amazing palettes!
14. Rimmel Scandaleyes 'Rich Russet' This is also a product I kind of regret buying as I have no idea how to properly use it. I think the colour is great though, it has a kind of metallic finish. 
15. Rimmel 111 - Kiss of life I absolutely love Rimmel lipsticks! I think the colour range and the pigmentation are great & they aren't that expensive either (even though in England they are more expensive). I bought the colour 111 which is a lighter, orange toned red with a matte finish. I love this, even though to pull off a matte finish I have to sort out my lips somehow, they are insanely dry!
16. Revlon lipbutter 035 Candy apple This is also a bright, orange toned red, but it is very hydrating which is great for my lips.
17. Real Techniques brushes Okay, I did go a little bit crazy when I saw this & realised that they were on a buy 1 get 1 half price offer. The buffing brush, contour brush, foundation brush & the little detailer brush came in a set together, then I also bought the powder brush, the shading brush and the stippling brush. I absolutely love all of them & it makes applying make up so so much easier! Even though I did spend quite much money on them, I now have a brush collection which will last me very long. 

So, I know this was a very long post, but I didn't just want to list all of the products, I also wanted to share my opinion with you! As I said earlier, I would love to hear your opinions on these products, if you own one of them, or which one is your favourite of all of them.

Have a great day! x

9 August 2013

Let's go to the seaside

As Eastbourne is a little town by the seaside, we went to the beach as well and one day when it wasn't that hot, we just decided to take a walk along the seaside and take a couple of pictures.

I really like taking pictures on the beach because it is windy there most of the time so I think the pictures look a lot more natural :)

On these pictures I am wearing my jeans from Urban Outfitters, my top from Brick Lane Market, my Vans and my satchel from Topshop, I hope you guys like the pictures!

Also, I can't believe that I am turning 19 tomorrow! I don't know where the time has gone, it is about 2 years ago that I left to live in England for a year, and now I have already been back for over a year? It's like crazy, everything is going so fast! I am not going to continue going on about time now and stuff, because then that is going to get really deep haha :)

I wish you all a lovely weekend, I am so looking forward to getting up later than 5.45 am again, I am just not used to that anymore haha :) x

5 August 2013

Streets of London

I'm sorry that it took me ages to write another post! I came back from England on Friday and I really just want to go back, haha :) It is far too hot in Vienna at the moment, the heat would be a lot more bearable if I had a pool! Today I had my first day at work & it wasn't as bad as I actually thought it was gonna be, also it is better to be in the office than at home, because my office is air conditioned :)

Anyway, I wanted to show you some pictures from when I went to London in the past 2 weeks :) I hope you like them!
Whilst walking from Victoria to Piccadilly (which did take a while to be honest) we stopped at Trafalgar Square for a bit to take some pictures, I love the view you get on Big Ben there :)

This one is a cute little street in Chelsea when we walked down Kings Road to find Brandy Melville, we literally walked for ages, as I chose the wrong underground station and we ended up right on the other side of Kings Road haha :)
 At Brick Lane Market I finally got to buy some Ice cream from an Ice cream Van, I have never had this before as here in Austria (or at least Vienna) we don't have things like that, and this van even sold Nobbly Bobbly which made me really happy :D
As we still kind of were tourists, we just had to go to Big Ben, it is my favourite sight of London :) I think the light was amazing when we took our pictures, I somehow love taking pictures against the sun.

Also, I have posted another video on my YouTube channel, my hostsister and me did the roommate Tag! I would be so happy If you could watch and maybe share, like, comment,... it :) THANK YOU <3