24 August 2013

Oh hello, rain!

Today I woke up in the morning and it was raining, and I honestly loved it so much! As it is saturday I don't have to work and didn't have a rush getting out of bed, so I could just lay there and watch the rain.
We have had so much heat this summer, so that's why I appreciate rain even more now haha :)

Today we went to a chinese restaurant for my Grandmothers birthday, so this post is going to my an OOTD :) I honestly loved my outfit so much today haha, my disco leggings from Primark are just like my new favourite item at the moment, I think I will wear them to death this autumn! With them I wore a knitted jumper from H&M and my Vans. I also wore some rings from H&M, I love wearing multiple rings at the moment :)

Currently I am thinking about dying my hair dark blonde or brunette or something, because I am kinda getting bored of my blonde. I would re do the ombré though, I literally cannot live without it anymore haha. The only issue is just that I sometimes like my blonde but on some days I am just so sick of it. Also, I don't know whether a darker blonde actually suits me... ah I just can't decide haha :)

Hope you are all having a good day! :) x


  1. you have beautiful hair :)

  2. That looks like a super comfy outfit! Your hair is lovely the way it is~
    But I understand it's so easy to become super bored of it... Maybe start with high or low lights rather than making it entirely different. Or you could just pull a drastic move and dye it dark brown!
    So many decisions ;)

  3. hier in Wien is also rain :/

    p.s. 50€ giveaway on my blog!

  4. just discovered your blog, aboslutely love it! your outfit of the day posts are my fave, you dress so well! :) i recently did my first outfit of the day post and i had a lot of fun with it, i want to do more! new follower right here hehe x

    beauty about town ♡

  5. Beautiful pullover! And I really like your rings:)