5 August 2013

Streets of London

I'm sorry that it took me ages to write another post! I came back from England on Friday and I really just want to go back, haha :) It is far too hot in Vienna at the moment, the heat would be a lot more bearable if I had a pool! Today I had my first day at work & it wasn't as bad as I actually thought it was gonna be, also it is better to be in the office than at home, because my office is air conditioned :)

Anyway, I wanted to show you some pictures from when I went to London in the past 2 weeks :) I hope you like them!
Whilst walking from Victoria to Piccadilly (which did take a while to be honest) we stopped at Trafalgar Square for a bit to take some pictures, I love the view you get on Big Ben there :)

This one is a cute little street in Chelsea when we walked down Kings Road to find Brandy Melville, we literally walked for ages, as I chose the wrong underground station and we ended up right on the other side of Kings Road haha :)
 At Brick Lane Market I finally got to buy some Ice cream from an Ice cream Van, I have never had this before as here in Austria (or at least Vienna) we don't have things like that, and this van even sold Nobbly Bobbly which made me really happy :D
As we still kind of were tourists, we just had to go to Big Ben, it is my favourite sight of London :) I think the light was amazing when we took our pictures, I somehow love taking pictures against the sun.

Also, I have posted another video on my YouTube channel, my hostsister and me did the roommate Tag! I would be so happy If you could watch and maybe share, like, comment,... it :) THANK YOU <3


  1. Amazing photos. You look good :)

  2. beautiful photos! :) You´re really nice.

  3. really pretty photos! I love london!


  4. i went to london on monday (i live in the uk), and i have to admit is is amazing! i really want to go to university in london, i love the hustle and bustle