28 August 2013

Studded Creepers

About a week ago I ordered some studded creepers from zalando, they're from a brand called Duffy. I have been wanting some for ages now but I never knew whether I should get them or not, but now I am so glad I did, because I genuinely love them!

I like, that they haven't got as many studs as some I have seen on Amazon which were slightly cheaper but they wouldn't deliver to Austria, so I actually haven't really had a choice.  The ones I ordered were about 48€, but I signed up for the newsletter so I got a 5€ voucher. 

Compared to the Original Underground creepers they were quite cheap, which you can clearly see in the quality. As I wanted to tie them up, one of them silver hooks already broke so I had to fix it with some glue (I am too lazy to send them back haha). I hope that this was the only issue, because I cannot be bothered to fix them again and I love them a lot so I want to be able to wear them without being scared that they'll break any second.

I know that creepers aren't everyones cup of tea, but I kind of feel in love with them and I also want to kind of stop caring about others opinions on what I wear because I just shouldn't bother haha :)


  1. i think they're lovely :-) xoxo

  2. They look really nice! Hopefully they last you a while!
    I'm not a big fan of those shoes, mostly because I know they'd look awful on me, but hey if you can pull them off they're great :D

  3. They are lovely ! Lovely blog btw :)


  4. They looks great!

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    Thanks x

  5. Love those creepers! You really don't have to listen to other people, just stay true to yourself and wear whatever the hell you want to wear! You have a great style :) x

  6. such a nice colour x

  7. i love creepers. yours look awesome. i got mine a few months ago in denmark and they are soooo comfy.


  8. Love them! xo