28 September 2013

B&B Haul!

Hey guys! I hope you have all had a more relaxing day than me, I have had work for 6 hours and my back hurts so badly now haha :)

Anyway, as soon as I came home I edited my Barcelona & Bratislava Haul to show you guys :) Yesterday I just took pictures of the items themselves, but I find it quite boring to merely upload pictures of clothes, I don't know, but then it looks like an online shop haha. So I just took pictures of me  wearing them, so you can also see what they look like on :)

I bought a couple of crop tops which are now going to be my motivation to lose a few kilos until spring, so I can actually wear them haha.
 I literally fell in love with this wet look skirt when I saw it in Barcelona. It is a skater style skirt and it feels a bit like disco pants I'd say. I have tried so many skater skirts before but I found that all of them were too wide on the bottom, so I didn't really like them, so I am quite glad I found this one :)
 This floral top was in the clearing section of Topshop (why are the things there never reduced, that would make much more sense!) and it is a petite top, but it surprisingly fit me anyway, and I think it looks really cute with this Brandy Melville skirt. (summer please come again, I want to wear this outfit!)


22 September 2013

the flower wreath.

Today I went for a walk with my family and took the opportunity to take a few pictures. I have had my first day at work yesterday and it was quite exhausting. All my colleagues and the staff are nice though, so I like it there :)

After work I picked up some pieces from Primark which I have been looking at about 2 weeks ago already and I just couldn't get them off my mind, so they had to be part of my wardrobe :) I think the dress is great for winter because you can easily wear it with tights and a cardigan as I did, I also wore my new boots from Stradivarius with it. All of the items, apart from the boots are from Primark

By the way, I am now taking part in a kind of competition which I have recently seen in a magazine. If you want to take the time and sign up to vote for me, I would really appreciate that, but I do also understand if that is too much effort for you haha :) If you want to support me though, go to THIS  link and where it says 'Suche' which means search, you just type floralchaos & then you click on the green field, a window will open where they want you to type you E-Mail address, your first & second name. Then the E-Mail needs to be confirmed so the vote can be counted. Thanks to everyone who eventually votes for my blog :)

I hope you have all had a great weekend! :) x

20 September 2013

Barcelona Trip

Hi guys! I am so sorry about my long absence, but I have been in Barcelona for a couple of days with my class. I am also going to show you a Barcelona & Bratislava Haul very soon!

I just took my 55mm lens with me, that why all the pictures are so close up & of some things like the Sagrada Familla I couldn't even take decent pictures, because it was too big haha.

Also I don't have any pictures of my self which is a shame, I would have needed Ivana there to take Outfit photos :)

Anyway, I hope you like my little random pictures x

 This is how Starbucks spelt my name, I sometimes seriously think they do it on purpose so many people put pictures of it on social networks. 

 These big dolls were always walking down the Ramblas. The Ramblas are generally a very lively street with lots of people and we even saw a group dancing there. On our first day we also saw a fashion show with bridal dresses which I thought was really cool :)

 This kind of looks like an analogue picture because I used the wrong settings haha, I still like it though :) 

 Had an amazing burger by the sea on our first day. 

 This is a house some people got really excited about, but I honestly have no idea why (it got mentioned  in a book I was meant to read, but didn't, maybe I would have found it exciting if I read it haha)

 Great dinner at Hard Rock Café on our last day, I had Mac and Cheese which I wanted to try for ages and finally had the chance to :)

The view from Park Güell which we visited on our last day.

I had a really nice time in Barcelona, though I wish we had a little more free time to do some shopping, I was so gutted that I just went to Sephora once for like 5 minutes and couldn't really look around :(


8 September 2013

It's a black and white kind of day

Yesterday I went to Bratislava with my family to do some shopping and sightseeing. When we arrived there at about 10am, we went straight to the castle as you have to walk up there which is not nice in the heat, so we did that before it got hot :)

After walking around on the hill a little and taking a few pictures, we went into the town and were going to have lunch at the Slovak Pub, but with my great sense of orientation I couldn't find it anymore haha, so we had to look for another restaurant. In the end I was really happy that I couldn't find it, though the restaurant we ended up in was about twice as expensive as the Slovak Pub, it was also twice as good. It was some South American restaurant I believe, as it was called RIO, and oh my god, the food was SO good. 10€ for a burger are a bit much, but I just can't explain how perfect it was, apart from the fact that the amount of chili they put in there was almost killing me. I am really sorry that I didn't take a picture of the food, but I just was too hungry to do that haha :)

After having lunch we had some frozen yoghurt at a shop called Kurt & then we went into Aupark to do some shopping, I will show you my purchases from both of my Bratislava trips in a post very soon :)

As it was supposed to get very hot I wore my Brandy Melville dress which I genuinely love & my Vans.

Oh, sorry about the black and white, it's not that I am to lazy to edit my pictures properly, because editing is actually something I really enjoy doing, it's just that I wasn't able to edit a picture properly tonight, they all look really dodgy because of the light & my skin always looked really red, no matter what I did :(

Also guys, yesterday I finally uploaded my England cosmetics Haul so it would be great if you could check that out & leave me a comment & share it around as I want as many people as possible to see it! :)

Thank you x 

1 September 2013

my summer according to phone pictures ☼

So today is the 1st of September which officially doesn't mean that summer is over yet, but as school starts tomorrow (which I am not majorly happy about) I kind of feel like summer is over now.

All in all I must say, even though it was boring at times, it was a quite good summer, and I am kind of sad, that it's over now.

How was your summer? What did you get up to?

| chilling at our lake house | vine yards | bonfire at my friends house | sunbathing in the garden |

 | It's the final countdown! | Off to Eastbourne | typical plane picture | Bailey's with the girls |

 | sunny Oxford street | Reunion on the beach | Brandy Melville | stunning view over Eastbourne

 | food at Cosmo's | love my onesie :) | make up purchases | going to the Pub |

 | Shake Away | clubbing | selfie with Big Ben | on the train from London |

| M&S cheesecake at Gatwick | view from work | me in my office | meeting Ivana in Bratislava |

So, I hope you guys like this little summary of my holidays. I got really sentimental looking through my phone pictures, I enjoyed England so much! 

I hope you guys had a lovely summer! xx