31 October 2013

Halloween Outfit and Make Up!

The thing I was probably looking forward the most about Halloween, was choosing an Outfit and doing my Make Up. I have watched several Tutorials & looked at inspirational pictures, but as usual, the proper Idea came a day before Halloween, I am just such a last minute person!

I created my look this morning to show you guys, because if I did it in the evening, this post and the video would have gone up after Halloween, so yeah :)

I would love to hear your thoughts! :) xx

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Have a fun Halloween, guys! :) xx

29 October 2013

I Love Autumn Tag - New Video! :)

Hey guys,
so after weeks, I decided to sit down and film a Video again, I have really missed doing this. I decided to film the I Love Autumn / Fall Tag as I think it is appropriate for this season :)

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Thank you <3

28 October 2013

MAC Cranberry + Outfit! :)

So, first of all, I want to say a massive THANK YOU, for over 100 followers, I literally had tears in my eyes when I saw, that, thank you guys :)

On saturday we went out for lunch because it was my Granddads birthday, and I tried my new Mac Cranberry eyeshadow for the first time, and I love it so much! I never thought, that I could wear this colour because of my gingery hair, but I think it doesn't look too bad :)

I am wearing a basic skirt from H&M which I haven't been wearing in about a year or so, but I think it's a great item, because you can dress it up or down, depending on where you want to wear it :) I chose to wear my lace top from Zara with it, because I think that made the skirt look more casual, as I didn't want to look too elegant :) 

I also just sat down & filmed a YouTube video again, as I kind of miss doing this, I will probably upload it today or tomorrow, depending on how fast I will be able to edit it :)

Have a lovely day :) xx

26 October 2013

Little Beauty Haul :)

After seeing Lily Pepples blogpost about the MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, I just felt like I totally had to get it, as the colour is just stunning. Getting this colour wasn't the easiest, I had to go to 3 Mac shops until I found one that had this colour in stock! I also wanted to get myself a Pro Palette for four eyeshadows, but the first shop I went in just had the one for 2, so I got this one, then I decided to go to another MAC shop which had the 4 palette, so I got this one as well.

After going into several Mac stores, I also went into a drugstore to get a new liquid eyeliner because I finally want to learn to wing my eyeline & I finally found Babylips. 

 As you can see, this eyeliner has a really tiny point, so I will hopefully be able to do a winged eyeline with this :) So far, I really like this product & it was just about 3.50€ :)

 Obviously, as this is such a hyped product I had to try it, but I must admit I am kind of disappointed in it. I don't really like the flavour, I think it is way too sweet, it really tastes like these fruit sugar sticks, if you know what I mean haha. It moisturises my lips for a bit, but not over a longer period of time, the lipbalm was only 2.45€.
 This is by far my favourite product I have bought that day. I absolutely love the colour of that eyeshadow & it also is one that I don't usually wear, because I mainly go for nudes. I wasn't too sure weather this would suit me well, as this is a pinkish colour and my hair is kind of gingery, but if I don't put on a lot, it just looks amazing, I think. I will have an OOTD post coming in the next couple of days where I will also show you what this eyeshadow looks like on my eyes :)

Have a lovely evening & if you are Austrian, enjoy the rest of your bank holiday :) xx

22 October 2013

New blog layout!

I was actually going to wait with this until I have reached 100 followers, but that's just not happening at the moment, so I couldn't wait to finally renew the layout of my blog.

It is a very simple and basic layout, but I honestly love it a lot! I always kind of base my layout on what colours I currently like and wear, that's why in Spring & Summer my layout was mint blue, I just loved wearing this colour then.

Now, as it has become colder again, I stick to darker and more monotonous colours, like black, grey or white, that's why I chose these colours for my layout.

I hope you don't find this layout boring or 'mainstream', it's just what I kind of felt like having at the moment, but still I am very happy to hear your comments on it! :)

Have a lovely evening x

18 October 2013

Owl candle & Polka Dots

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre where I work on saturday's because it was Woman's Day (it's like the Glamour shopping days, just from an austrian magazine called 'Woman') and I thought I might find something that I could get cheaper with the vouchers. Well, I didn't haha.

Anyway, I have had my eyes on a jumper with some cute polka dots for a while & last week I also spotted a candle which I fell in love with, but couldn't buy, because I had to work already. So these two things are the only items I have actually purchased yesterday! (I'm quite proud, that I didn't have a splurge again :) )

12€, Primark 

3€, Primark

I love Primark candles, because they have a nice scent and are just so cheap! Also they have quite a few scents and colours, but just in the basic range, not in the special editions like the owls or cupcakes which they did in summer :) 

Have a good weekend :) xx

14 October 2013

colours of autumn

As the weather yesterday was beautiful - it was quite warm and sunny - I decided to go for a long walk with my dog in the middle of the fields I basically live next to. I sometimes hate living on the outskirts of Vienna, but then, when I realise that I have such beautiful things in walking distance I kind of like it again :)

I wanted to take some pictures of my dog too, but he is scared of the sound of my camera I think haha. I have no idea why, but every time he hears it, he tries to escape :)

I hope you like the picture & I hope that you have all had a good Monday :) xx

11 October 2013

Out for Dinner - Outfit

Yesterday we went out for dinner to a restaurant nearby the Old Danube, so I took my camera to get some outfit pictures taken. The majority of the pictures was out of focus, and I have no idea why :( I think the pictures just got taken too quickly, so the camera didn't really focus... oh well. 

Also, I have now tried my new Mac brush for a couple of days and I love it! It is so soft and does a really good job blending the eyeshadow. I am not 100% satisfied with what my eyes look like, but that is just because I am genuinely not great in doing make up, I still need to practise a lot! 

Have a good weekend! :) xx

6 October 2013

School pictures then and now :)

So I have just seen a picture on Instagram of someones first & last school picture & I thought I'd do the same, just on blogger :)

In fact, this isn't my first school picture, it must be like me 1st or 2nd nursery picture & I just took a photo of the picture which is in my first friendship book (you know, where all your friends write their hobbies etc.) as I have no idea where the original is, hence the rather poor quality. 

2 days ago I received my last college picture & I don't actually know what to think of it. I think school photographers never manage to get a good picture, and also this picture looks very shiny I think :( Anyway, here you go, my 1st & last 'school' picture :)

Have a lovely sunday evening :) xx

4 October 2013

MAC 217 brush ♡

Hey guys! :) I haven't been that excited about a purchase I made in a long time! I have literally been wanting this brush for months, but I could never really justify spending that much money on a brush, but I now came to the conclusion that I absolutely love make up, so it wouldn't be wrong to make my little wish come true. 

In case you don't know , the Mac 217 is an eyeshadow blending brush which probably is in possession of almost every YouTuber and blogger. I have watched so many tutorials where the beauty gurus use this brush and I always loved what the outcome looked like so, maybe if I practise a lot, I will be able to create a nice look as well :) 

I have not used this brush yet, as I am writing this post right after taking the pictures, so I can't really tell you whether I like it or not, but I think the fact, that almost every Beauty Guru uses this brush is quite promising :)

What is your favourite make up brush? :)