14 October 2013

colours of autumn

As the weather yesterday was beautiful - it was quite warm and sunny - I decided to go for a long walk with my dog in the middle of the fields I basically live next to. I sometimes hate living on the outskirts of Vienna, but then, when I realise that I have such beautiful things in walking distance I kind of like it again :)

I wanted to take some pictures of my dog too, but he is scared of the sound of my camera I think haha. I have no idea why, but every time he hears it, he tries to escape :)

I hope you like the picture & I hope that you have all had a good Monday :) xx


  1. beautiful photos♥!!

  2. Beautiful!! :) I live on the outskirts of Vienna as well. Sometimes I find it really annoying having to travel so long to get to uni, but then again your are far away rom all the city noises and everything when you are at home.
    xoxo ♥

  3. Great pictures, absolutely stunning!
    Monica Harmony's Blog

  4. Amazing photos. I like autumn :)

  5. Beautiful Pictures! I have tagged you for My Blog-Award, I would be very happy if you would take part!



  6. Beautiful pictures, your dog is adorable! My dog is the same way every time I get out the camera she gets shy and refuses to look at it!!