29 October 2013

I Love Autumn Tag - New Video! :)

Hey guys,
so after weeks, I decided to sit down and film a Video again, I have really missed doing this. I decided to film the I Love Autumn / Fall Tag as I think it is appropriate for this season :)

It would be great if you could like this video, give me your feedback & subscribe to my channel :)

Thank you <3


  1. Youre so cute :) I love this video and I also checked your video how you style maxi skirts in bratislava. I was like yaaaay I live there! :D Keep making videos, because youre amazing and you remind me brithish youtubers. :) -Bree

  2. The video was so cute! I think you should keep making them :)


  3. The video is nice! I love Autumn!!

  4. Hi girl! ^^ You sent me your link a while ago on twitter and I FINALLY got the time to check all the links out! Fell in love with your blog so I'm a new bloglovin' follower ^^ Would love it if you checked mine out too ^^ http://sweetsparklyserendipity.blogspot.be