26 October 2013

Little Beauty Haul :)

After seeing Lily Pepples blogpost about the MAC Cranberry eyeshadow, I just felt like I totally had to get it, as the colour is just stunning. Getting this colour wasn't the easiest, I had to go to 3 Mac shops until I found one that had this colour in stock! I also wanted to get myself a Pro Palette for four eyeshadows, but the first shop I went in just had the one for 2, so I got this one, then I decided to go to another MAC shop which had the 4 palette, so I got this one as well.

After going into several Mac stores, I also went into a drugstore to get a new liquid eyeliner because I finally want to learn to wing my eyeline & I finally found Babylips. 

 As you can see, this eyeliner has a really tiny point, so I will hopefully be able to do a winged eyeline with this :) So far, I really like this product & it was just about 3.50€ :)

 Obviously, as this is such a hyped product I had to try it, but I must admit I am kind of disappointed in it. I don't really like the flavour, I think it is way too sweet, it really tastes like these fruit sugar sticks, if you know what I mean haha. It moisturises my lips for a bit, but not over a longer period of time, the lipbalm was only 2.45€.
 This is by far my favourite product I have bought that day. I absolutely love the colour of that eyeshadow & it also is one that I don't usually wear, because I mainly go for nudes. I wasn't too sure weather this would suit me well, as this is a pinkish colour and my hair is kind of gingery, but if I don't put on a lot, it just looks amazing, I think. I will have an OOTD post coming in the next couple of days where I will also show you what this eyeshadow looks like on my eyes :)

Have a lovely evening & if you are Austrian, enjoy the rest of your bank holiday :) xx


  1. The eyeshadow has a nice pigment! It's perfect for this season as well!
    I have the peach kiss babylips and I tend to wear it beneath matte lipstick when I want it to be a bit more shimmery and it works pretty well, but that's about all the use it gets from me!
    Good luck with the eyeliner! :)


  2. that things look great! I heard many people saying Baby Lips is great but I've never bought it :) And MAC cranberry eyeshadow is soo nich, but we don't have MAC in Slovakia :X
    Have a nice day :)

  3. I love this! I love reading haul posts, looks like you bought some amazing goodies - I posted a haul on my blog yesterday too!

    curlandpearls | bloglovin'

  4. I need Cranberry so much! It's such a beautiful colour, I love your new layout! xx

  5. I love how you take your photos with the background all blurry! That MAC eyeshadow is a beautiful colour, I have seen it come up a lot on blogs recently! Really need to get one! :D

  6. Ich muss mir auch mal einen Eyeliner zulegen, aber ich glaub ich bin da zu ungeschickt. Und den LIpstick muss ich auch unbedingt mal testen, damit ich mitreden kann :D

    Lg Sanbrini von mais.oui
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  7. MAC Cranberry sieht soooo toll aus :3

    Liebste Grüße
    ^-^ ekiem

  8. Haha, well obviously I got confused...usually comment links are at the bottom of the page so I totally left my comment for this post on the next one. Ah well!

    xx -b.