18 October 2013

Owl candle & Polka Dots

Yesterday I went to the shopping centre where I work on saturday's because it was Woman's Day (it's like the Glamour shopping days, just from an austrian magazine called 'Woman') and I thought I might find something that I could get cheaper with the vouchers. Well, I didn't haha.

Anyway, I have had my eyes on a jumper with some cute polka dots for a while & last week I also spotted a candle which I fell in love with, but couldn't buy, because I had to work already. So these two things are the only items I have actually purchased yesterday! (I'm quite proud, that I didn't have a splurge again :) )

12€, Primark 

3€, Primark

I love Primark candles, because they have a nice scent and are just so cheap! Also they have quite a few scents and colours, but just in the basic range, not in the special editions like the owls or cupcakes which they did in summer :) 

Have a good weekend :) xx


  1. That owl candle is so cute! ♥ I wish I could have gone shopping yesterday too, but unfortunately I had uni lectures to attend

  2. Owl, owl, owl ooooowlllll...they are everywhere. Well, only in a place where I am. But, owl aree cute! Yeah. On T - shirt, pullovers, neck, yeah, owls. It´s like a drug. One day you bought one owl T - shirt...and after one or two years your "skriňa" - cupboard looks inside like: "OMG, OWLS EVERYWHERE! Back! Back!" - Life is dangerous when you are owlmaniac. It´s everywhere. And? No, I´m normaly but...little bit paranoid.

    -END THIS PART, please -
    Yeah, sir.

    And? POLKA DOLS! Awwww!
    Looks amazing. It´s lovely. x))

    Yeah, That´s all.

  3. ohhh die eulen kerze ist soo süß :)

    xx Vivi

  4. the jumper looks lovely! Also you're almost at 100 followers well done you!

  5. danke für deinen lieben kommentar :)!
    also ich hab einen studentenkredit aufgenommen und sonst bin ich grad auf der suche nach einem minijob, das geld geht hier echt so schnell weg das man kaum hinter her gucken kann. vor allem für miete zahl ich unglaubliche summen! aber es war einfach immer mein traum und ich liebe es hier :) und ich hoffe das studium macht sich dann später mal bezahlt ;)!
    Aber ich hab mir auch echt die teuerste stadt ausgesucht haha willst du denn gerne allgemein in england studieren oder besonders in london?

    liebe grüße, vivi

  6. aww that owl candle is so so cutee! i love owls <3

  7. How cute is the candle! I like your sweater and beanie, looks really cosy.


  8. The candle looks so cute :) Thanks for sharing x

  9. I love your jumper! I actually had my eye on this x