29 November 2013

garage moments

I really liked my outfit today, which consisted of a velvet skirt from Primark, which I adore, a crop top from Stradivarius, a cardigan from River Island and my Chelsea Boots from Zara. My attempt of taking pictures in our flat failed miserably, as it gets dark at about 4pm and that's just when I get home most of the time, so I needed to think of another way of getting my pictures done & realised that the garage has quite good lightning! I actually love the location as well, it gives the pictures some kind of edge, if you know what I mean :)

I wish you all a lovely weekend & a nice 1st advent sunday! :) xx

28 November 2013

❅ Christmas Decoration ❅

Hey guys! :)

I have been decorating my room really christmassy lately, so I just wanted to show you which little details I added to make my room look festive :) I have also made a little video about it, if you want to check it out HERE I would love to hear your opinion on it! :)

Have a good evening! :) xx

25 November 2013

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Hey guys! I am so sorry for my absence, I have literally waited to be able to take pictures with natural light, but as the days went on I realised that I won't get this until like march, so I guess I'll have to deal with horrible light. 
Today it has been snowing for the first time this A/W and I wasn't really pleased with that. I like snow as long as I am inside having a cuppa, watching a movie,... but when I am outside it's just dreadful :(

Anyway, I have recently bought the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation because I ran out of my Matchmaster. I asked on twitter which one you guys would recommend, and I think someone recommended this one. Pro Longwear is a good option for me, because I do not want to and sometimes I can't, touch up my make up during the day, so I needed something that stays on as long as possible.

So far I am really happy with this foundation. I am a NC 15, which means natural cool as I apparently have yellow undertones in my skin. I believe NC 15 is the lightest you can get in this range (I might be wrong though), and it matches well with my skin. 

If you use this foundation you have to make sure that you blend it quite quickly, as this sets in your skin very soon. I did realise, that it is harder to blend than my Matchmaster foundation. 
I would describe the coverage as medium, I do find that it covers better than the Matchmaster one, and it also stays on longer, so it is exactly what I was looking for. What I also love about it, is that it doesn't emphasise my dry areas that much.

The only thing that I find kind of irritating, is that it feels kind of sticky on your face. You can reduce this by applying powder, but in my opinion this effect is still there. I don't know why this is, but it is definitely something I had to get used to. 
This is what it looks like after wearing it for about 9 hours. Some read areas are shining through, but I think all in all it still looks quite good! 

I hope you are all well :) xx

15 November 2013

Cosy Autumn OOTD

Hey guys! Tonight I am going to be going to a little 'festival' which is called Leopoldi. It takes place in lower Austria and includes a fair and a lot of mulled wine :) I have never been there before, so I can't tell you a lot about it :)

As this is outside, I picked some warm clothes to wear, because I don't want to be freezing :)

(please ignore my poorly straightened hair haha)

I am wearing some red jeans from New Looked, a grey knitted jumper from H&M and my tartan scarf from S.Oliver. I will be wearing some boots & a jacket of course, but I am not entirely sure which one, yet :)

I have also just uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel! I would appreciate it a lot if you could spare a little time to watch it & comment aaaaaand so on :) Sweater Weather Tag 

Have a lovely evening xxx

12 November 2013

november walk

So the weather in the past couple of days has been absolutely perfect! One day we even had like 20°C which is kind of crazy considering it is mid november already. I hope this weather will stay for a long time, although someone has told me that it is supposed to snow very soon :(

Anyway, as the weather was so nice, I took the opportunity to get some outfit pictures taken right before heading to a little restaurant for lunch.

I am wearing my tartan scarf from Zara, my skirt from Primark, a coat form Gerry Weber and a jumper from Vero Moda. Most of these things are new, so I might to like a collective Haul at some point, if anyone would be interested in that :) 

Have a lovely evening :) xx

10 November 2013

New MAC Make Up :)

So a little while ago I read on Annas Blog that she went to a Designer Outlet where she bought some Make Up for a cheaper price than in the normal stores, so I kinda felt the need to go there and check this shop out. I already spent so much money in the other shops, so I couldn't really spend a lot in the cosmetics shop, which was kind of a shame, but I still bought two make up items from Mac :)

 Something I have been looking for, was a darker lipstick for the winter season, so I picked up a Pro Longwear lipstick in the colour Extended Play. I have worn this lipstick today and I am so impressed by it! I went out for lunch, so I ate and drank and had tea when I got home and my lipstick is still on! Not as strong as a couple of hours earlier, but it didn't stain the glass or my teeth which I am very happy about! :) So these were 17 well spent Euros :)

Then I also spotted a blush in the colour Harmony, which I really liked because it was matte. They didn't have an excellent range of colours, I couldn't really find a rosey colour I liked, so I decided to go for a darker one which I will use to contour my cheeks. I also looked at some Smashbox blushes (I think?) but they were SO shimmery, it would look like there was a party going on in my face haha. So I  am still looking for a natural looking blush and If any of you have one to recommend, feel free to do so :)

I hope you are all having a lovely evening (I am currently listening to Christmas songs, I can't wait for Christmas!) xx

7 November 2013

Autumn Fashion Favourites! :)

I have just uploaded a new video about my Autumn Fashion Favourites! :) I also included clips where I am wearing them, because I played around with iMovie a little haha :)

I would love to hear or see your current fashion favourites, so please leave me a comment on YouTube!
YouTube has also just changed their page again, I have no idea how to like comments anymore :( YouTube changes are so annoying haha! :)

I hope you guys enjoy this video! :) Have a good night! xx

5 November 2013

the ombré coat.

Today I finally got to wear my Ombré coat which I bought about a year ago but never really found the perfect outfit to wear with it, as it is to tight to wear jumpers or cardigans underneath, but it's also not appropriate for warmer days.

I decided to not wear a Cardigan today though (not the greatest decision considering the low temperature) but I wore two T-Shirts as the top one was sheer :)

I am absolutely in love with this coat, it just looks so lovely on! I can't remember where I got it from though, I would tell you if I did :) 

Also, I do apologise for not using the right light settings on my camera, but I was in quite a rush in the morning, so that's why they aren't the greatest quality ever, please forgive me :) Hope you've had a lovely day <3 xx

3 November 2013

Maybelline Fit Me - Shine Free Foundation

 So a few days ago I received a little pack and was really surprised that I did, because I couldn't remember ordering something that fit in such a small envelope. When I opened it, I spotted the new Maybelline Fit Me - Shine Free Foundation Stick. I have applied to be a tester of this foundation & they obviously chose me (this is not a sponsored thing, literally everyone could take part there!) which made me really happy, because I like trying out new things :) Getting sent a foundation is also great for me, because I absolutely hate going into a drug store to buy a foundation, as there seems to be nothing available that matches my fair skin, so I always procrastinate that bit. (I also just have one foundation apart from that new one now!)

The foundation has a gel bit outside & a powdery core, which is supposed to make your skin matter. 

Right after I got it I obviously wanted to test it out straight away. It feels really smooth when you apply it onto your skin. For blending it I found that my Real Techniques stippling brush works best, I blend this foundation doing circular motions. What I love about this foundation, is that I think it matches my skin tone quite well (I got the colour 120 classic Ivory) and it doesn't look cakey at all.

I wore this foundation on saturday when I worked for 9 hours and I must admit, that it didn't keep my skin matte for the entire day, but I honestly didn't expect that it would do so, because obviously I am sweating etc. What I loved about it though, was that it felt like I had no foundation on at all, it just felt really light on my skin! I would describe the coverage as medium, as it covered most of my redness, but  not my spots or other blemishes I have, but my favourite concealer which is from the Fit me range, too, fixed this perfectly :)
On these photos I am wearing the foundation without any powder or concealer on top. You can obv. still see my freckles & my blemishes, but this can be minimised by adding some concealer :)

All in all, I think this foundation is great if you don't want to cover up your face entirely. I wouldn't recommend it, if you have super oily skin, unless you don't mind touching up your make up during the day (which I obviously couldn't do as I was working).

The foundation currently costs 11,99€ or& £8.99

Have a looooovely sunday evening :) xxx