25 November 2013

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

Hey guys! I am so sorry for my absence, I have literally waited to be able to take pictures with natural light, but as the days went on I realised that I won't get this until like march, so I guess I'll have to deal with horrible light. 
Today it has been snowing for the first time this A/W and I wasn't really pleased with that. I like snow as long as I am inside having a cuppa, watching a movie,... but when I am outside it's just dreadful :(

Anyway, I have recently bought the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation because I ran out of my Matchmaster. I asked on twitter which one you guys would recommend, and I think someone recommended this one. Pro Longwear is a good option for me, because I do not want to and sometimes I can't, touch up my make up during the day, so I needed something that stays on as long as possible.

So far I am really happy with this foundation. I am a NC 15, which means natural cool as I apparently have yellow undertones in my skin. I believe NC 15 is the lightest you can get in this range (I might be wrong though), and it matches well with my skin. 

If you use this foundation you have to make sure that you blend it quite quickly, as this sets in your skin very soon. I did realise, that it is harder to blend than my Matchmaster foundation. 
I would describe the coverage as medium, I do find that it covers better than the Matchmaster one, and it also stays on longer, so it is exactly what I was looking for. What I also love about it, is that it doesn't emphasise my dry areas that much.

The only thing that I find kind of irritating, is that it feels kind of sticky on your face. You can reduce this by applying powder, but in my opinion this effect is still there. I don't know why this is, but it is definitely something I had to get used to. 
This is what it looks like after wearing it for about 9 hours. Some read areas are shining through, but I think all in all it still looks quite good! 

I hope you are all well :) xx

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